Choice of Mobile Phone Shows Just How Loose You Are

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Are you an iPhone or an Android person? Or do you use a Blackberry? This question goes much deeper than just showing which mobile operating system (OS) you prefer – according to a survey released this past Valentines Day by, it shows how loose you are – will you have sex on the first date?

According to the report by the dating site, Android phone owners are more likely to have sex on the first date. And while iPhone users came in second, Blackberry owners were the only group for which fewer than half reported that they would not have sex on the first date – but it was a slim margin, as 48% of Blackberry owners said that they would do the nasty after just one date.

And this points to something that seems to have been lost in all of the reporting about this survey – with Blackberry users being the most chaste (least unchaste?) with nearly half saying they would do it on a first date, let’s look at the other numbers. 57% of iPhone owners reported that they would do it on the first date, and a whopping 62% of all Android users said that they would have sex after one date. And 55% of all Android users said that they would have a one-night stand.

Perhaps the inference to be drawn from the results of this survey – if you can take it seriously at all – is that people with cell phones are loose, even by today’s standards.

All that said, rival dating site OK Cupid released a survey in 2010 that found that iPhone owners have more sex than do Android and Blackberry owners, which somehow doesn’t jive with’s report.

Given that Match was polling Match users, and OK Cupid was polling OKC users, we suspect that perhaps what that actually means is that OK Cupid users with iPhones may be having more sex than users.

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One thought on “Choice of Mobile Phone Shows Just How Loose You Are

  1. So a “good phone” means more sex? Beware that most Blackberry users are business or institutional. That may have skewed results a small bit.

    Gads! I am old! I thought sex was a long term relationship thing. At least 5 or 6 dates first!
    Maybe I am just a square. Should I repent and get rid of my “talk only” cell phone and carry quarters? ;-}’ Maybe! (I might meet a super girl in a pay phone booth. First… I need to find a phone booth!)

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