Cellery Diet Gives Windows Computers Worms

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Security and anti-virus company Sophos is reporting that there is a new worm out this week which targets Windows users (don’t they all?)

Dubbed “Cellery”, due to the text which appears on its splash screen, the worm offers its victims genuine entertainment in the form of an actual, playable game similar to Tetris. It even plays some midi music for your listening enjoyment.

Of course, while you are engrossed in guiding the falling blocks to their final resting places (“Look at the pretty colours!”), the worm is unleashed in the background and is quietly changing your Windows computer’s settings to make sure that it is started up again when your computer starts up, and it is searching for any networked drives or computers onto which to replicate itself.

Protection is already available in the newest anti-virus software updates, so be sure to run your updates!

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