Cell Phone Extension Phones Wirelessly Connect Blue Tooth Extension Handsets to Your Cell Phone!

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This is just about the coolest thing that we’ve seen in a long time! This device consists of two bluetooth handsets, which you connect to your cell phone – just as you would any other bluetooth device – and you instantly have extension handsets for your cell phone! The technology, known as “cell fusion” phones, can ensure that you never miss a cell phone call in your house again!

Enthuses one reviewer, “I paired my wife’s cell phone and even when she never takes it out of her purse she doesn’t miss calls because it also rings the two cordless phones; one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.”

I first heard about these phones from my dear friend, Chuck Eglinton. He enthuses “Calls that ring to your cell phone *also* ring on all the desktop extension phones! For example, my wife’s cell phone may be in her purse and she may have it set to silent (vibrate) mode. However, when someone calls her cell phone, all the desk phones ring in our house and she can answer the incoming call on any desk phone, anywhere in the house. She can also use any of the desk phones to place outgoing calls through her cell phone – she just dials the desk phone like a normal phone then selects “Cell”.”

(Why is it that these men keep talking about how now their wives won’t miss a call when their cell phone is in their purse? I have no idea. Are missed calls because the cell phone is in the purse a big problem?)

You can read Chuck Eglinton’s full review of the bluetooth cell phone extensions here.

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One thought on “Cell Phone Extension Phones Wirelessly Connect Blue Tooth Extension Handsets to Your Cell Phone!

  1. I checked out the GE Fusion on several sites to compare prices and look at customer reviews. I must say I have never, ever read such horrific reviews of a product. Doesn’t work correctly, or stops working, poor customer support, are just some of them. The consensus seems to be that if you are lucky, it will work well and be quite useful, but you are not likely to be lucky.

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