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ThinkGeek is offering a free t-shirt with any $10.00 purchase, this weekend only. Now, Aunty knows that your favourite source of information about the Internet and all its nasties is Aunty herself, but there are other worthy reads out there. In fact, Aunty herself has reviewed the fantastic Spam Kings, and the absolutely wonderful Spam Wars. This weekend you can pick up either of these books, or many others, and get a free t-shirt to boot!

And if books aren’t your thing, ThinkGeek has just about anything computer-related your little heart could desire. And even a few that it may not. How about an illuminated mousepad. That too flashy and out front for you? Then maybe a nice pair of illuminated USB cables instead.

Still, Aunty herself is fond of books, and in addition to the two recommended here by Aunty, you can pick up “The Spam Letters”, “Hacking, the Art of Exploitation”, or “Steal This Computer Book” (tagline: “Is your computer safe from computer viruses and malicious hackers? No matter how secure you think your computer is, it’s still vulnerable to a variety of attacks that can ruin your files or hoodwink you out of thousands of dollars.”)

So pick up a good read this weekend (or something else), and get yourself a free t-shirt! The ThinkGeek offer is only good this weekend, and then only good while supplies last. Here’s the link to the free t-shirt offer.

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