Burgler Uses Victim’s Computer While in Home: You Won’t Believe What He Did Next!

Nicholas “Nick” Wig broke into James Woods’ home, and while there, he used Woods’ computer. To log into Facebook! And when he left Woods’ house, he left the computer logged in to his Facebook account!!

Woods, who lives in Dakota county, in Minnesota, with his son, told the police that the intruder also left a pile of wet jeans and shoes in his house (to which we can only say, “WTF?”).

When Woods got home, he was able to use Wig’s Facebook account (he goes by “Nick Dub” on Facebook) to track Wig down. Literally, because Woods found Wig, who he recognized from Wig’s Facebook profile, and who, as we have already established, is perhaps not the sharpest tool in the shed, walking around Woods’ neighborhood, wearing the watch that he had stolen from Woods!

Wig confessed to the crime shortly thereafter.

In an interview with ABC news, a Dakota County Attorney’s Office spokesperson explained “This is a first case in Dakota County in which a suspected burglar left his Facebook profile on the computer screen of the victim’s computer.”

But we’ll bet that it won’t be the last.

Remember, in the United States a suspect is innocent until proven guilty. But they can be proven stupid right from the outset.

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Burgler Uses Victim's Computer While in Home: You Won't Believe What He Did Next!
Article Name
Burgler Uses Victim's Computer While in Home: You Won't Believe What He Did Next!
Nick "Dub" Wig broke into James Wood's home, used Wood's computer to log into Facebook, and left it logged in to Facebook when he left Wood's house!

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