Atlanta Woman Susan Bennett Identified as Voice of Siri

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If you ever wondered “Who is Siri?” (or, more properly, “Who is the voice of Siri?” as of course Siri is Apple’s voice of the iPhone, well, you’re in luck. Because just this morning, Susan Bennett of Atlanta has outed herself as the voice of Siri.

Oh, Apple won’t confirm it, but voice experts have examined and compared and pontificated, and they agree, Susan Bennett is Siri. And, news reports say that “legal authorities” on Bennett’s behalf confirm it.

Susan Bennet, Voice of Siri

A graduate of Brown University, Brown is the member of a band, and has toured as a backup singer with the likes of Burt Bacharach and Roy Orbison.

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But it is her strictly-voice work which led Bennett to end up becoming the voice in our pockets, and with whom Raj on the Big Bang Theory fell in love. Bennett has done voiceover work for more than twenty years, for the likes of McDonald’s, Fisher Price, Macy’s, and Home Depot, to name but a few.

Raj falls in love with Siri

Bennett didn’t know at the time that she auditioned and got the job that it was for Apple, let alone to be Siri. She was hired for the project by a software company called ScanSoft, and spent four hours a day, every day, during July 2005, never knowing what her voice was being used for.

Says Bennett of how ubiquitous her voice has become, “I’m used to hearing my voice in the airport but this real thing you can interact with in your hand took some time for me to get used to.”

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