At Last the Burning Question Answered: What Was Blake Robbins’ “Improper Behavior in His Home” that the School Spied on His Webcam? WebCamGate Hint: Mike and Ike Know

One of the burning questions of the entire “school spying on a student in his own home through the webcam in the school-provided laptop” fiasco – which was followed closely by the “school accuses student Blake Robbins of improper behavior in his own home based on photos taken through the webcam” debacle – is just what was the improper behavior with which they confronted Blake? Read on… (Hint: It has to do with his friends, Mike and Ike.) P.S. Folks in the area are already calling this “WebCamGate”.

As you’ll recall when we first broke this story, student Blake Robbins was hauled in before the assistant principal at his Lower Merion School District school in Pennsylvania, and confronted with images of, the school said, Robbins engaged in “improper behavior”. Images which, the subsequent lawsuit alleges, had been taken by the school via the webcam embedded in his school-supplied laptop while Robbins was at home in the privacy of his own bedroom.

The burning question since this news first broke has been “just what the hell was Blake Robbins doing in those images?”

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What could be so bad – so heinous – as to cause the school district to blow their cover and admit that they were spying on students in order to confront Robbins?

What sorts of things might you catch a teenaged boy doing, alone, in the privacy of his bedroom?

The answer is not for the faint of heart.


Nor for the weak of stomach.

Are you ready?

Blake Robbins was eating Mike and Ike candies.

That’s right. This entire fiasco came about because someone saw a picture of Blake Robbins sitting in his bedroom eating candy.

Mike and Ikes

Now, we are the first ones to say that kids shouldn’t be eating the cr*p that goes into candy like this (have you seen the ingredients? The first two ingredients are sugar and corn syrup, and they contain not one, not two, but five different artificial colours (red #3, red #40, yellow #5, yellow #6, and blue #1)).

But really, there’s just no way that the school district can come out looking good in this one.

Click here to watch a news clip of the Robbins’ attorney telling the news that the picture was of his client eating Mike and Ike candy.

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One Reply to “At Last the Burning Question Answered: What Was Blake Robbins’ “Improper Behavior in His Home” that the School Spied on His Webcam? WebCamGate Hint: Mike and Ike Know”

  1. i herewith withdraw my comment, #6 to the preceding report on this subect. it seem the schoolboy in question was committing the heinous crime of eating candy without prior permission from the relevant authorities. this sort of behavior cannot, of course, be allowed and he must be severely dealt with to insure it does not happen again.

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