Arrival of 2011 Causes iPhone Alarms to Stop Working Thanks to iPhone Alarm Bug – Here’s How to Fix that Broken iPhone Alarm

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iPhone users around the world are finding (some the hard way) that the change from 2010 to 2011 has caused the alarms on their iPhones to stop working. This primarily is affecting one-time alarms, not repeating alarms, but that doesn’t make it any the less frustrating, especially for those who relied on their alarms to get them up this morning for work, only to find that their iPhone alarm didn’t go off. Fortunately there is a workaround for your broken iPhone alarm.

Apple has acknowledged the glitch, but has yet to issue a patch. We suspect they won’t, as it turns out the bug will magically go away on Monday, January 3rd.

Says Apple, “We’re aware of an issue related to non repeating alarms set for January 1 or 2. Customers can set recurring alarms for those dates and all alarms will work properly beginning January 3.”

That said, if you need to set an alarm before Monday, the workaround is to set a repeating alarm for the time you want your one-off alarm to go off, and after it goes off, disable it.

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To do this, simply set your alarm as usual, but before saving it, hit “Repeat” and set a repeat interval.

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