Apple Sued for Colluding with Mafia in Bugging Man’s iPods

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From our “Now I’ve heard it all” department, Gregory McKenna (misreported in many articles as “George McKenna”) is suing, among others, the St. Louis County Police Department, the FBI, and Apple Computers for allegedly allowing the Mafia to bug his iPods (along with his house, his cars, and more) and allowing them to play sinister songs with hidden messages to him on his iPods.

The Mafia proceeded to transmit extortion threats and audible harrassment to the iPod.

According to the 124 page complaint filed by McKenna (on his own, without a lawyer), McKenna interviewed with BossModels of NYC to be a model, and after the interview, upon returning to his home in Missouri, he found three Mafia guys waiting for him, who threatened him, saying “we’re going to kill you if you don’t model for us in New York.”

[Ed. note: We haven’t been able to find a photo of McKenna, but he must be really hot!]

The complaint goes on to say that McKenna then dialed 911, but the St. Louis Police Department, after arriving on the scene, “wrongfully refused to arrest the perpetrators and left the scene of the crime,” and that as a result of their refusal to arrest the Mafia guys, “the 3 male Mafia members were allowed to stalk, make extortion threats, attempt rape, and kidnap Plaintiff.”

This despite McKenna letting the St. Louis PD and the FBI know a total of 53 times that not only had he witnessed “several rapes committed by the Mafia,” but that, because of the ‘failure’ of the St. Louis PD and the FBI to act on his complaints, the Mafia was able to continue to stalk, extort, and torture McKenna by means of bugs “planted in his home, vehicle, residence, workplace, church, and other places that he publicly frequents.”

Not only that, says McKenna, but every single vehicle he rode in was also bugged by the Mafia – even vehicles in which he was only a passenger. McKenna explains in his lawsuit that he noticed a loud noise (allegedly made by the bugging aparatus) “persisting from the rear passenger side in vehicles that carried him only when he was a passenger, such as in the cars of his brother Chris in Chicago, sister Clare in Los Angeles, parents George and Sandra in St. Louis, and friend Billy Duran in St. Louis.”

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Now, lest the casual observer think that it’s McKenna’s own family and friends who are colluding with the Mafia, read on…

In February of 2005, McKenna says, he purchased an iPod on eBay. McKenna says that after listening to the iPod, he “discovered that APPLE INC. allegedly manufactured it with an illegal receiver as the Mafia proceeded to transmit extortion threats and audible harrassment” to the iPod.

For reasons that are known only to Plaintiff McKenna, despite this experience, a year later, in April of 2006, he “opened a new iPod Mini that was purchased at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, California. After Plaintiff opened its sealed container, Plaintiff discovered that it was bugged with an illegal receiver when Mafia members proceeded to generate death threats and harassment to it.”

After this it just gets weird.

McKenna goes on to say that he “obtained additional evidence of Defendant APPLE INC. manufacturing, distributing, and selling illegally bugged iPods and other electronic equipment when on or around January 25, 2008 Plaintiff recorded Mafia members generating death threats to his iPod Mini. The threats stated “I’m about to kill him” in unison with a song. The recordings of death threats and other evidence prove that APPLE INC. conspired with the Mafia and other Defendants to manufacture, distribute, and sell illegally bugged iPods and other electronic equipment to Plaintiff to perpetuate the stalking, extortion, and torture.”


Still no explanation though as to why the Mafia so badly wants McKenna to model for BossModels.

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