Apple Announces that Apple Watch will Remind You to Breathe

Last week at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that its new WatchOS 3 would include an app to remind you to breathe. Yes, really.

Called, appropriately, Breathe, the app is part of the Apple watch integration with the Apple health and wellness apps such as Health and Activity.

The intention of the Breathe app is not to actually remind people who might otherwise stop breathing to take a breath, but rather to help reduce stress by reminding the user to take a moment for some deep breathing relaxation exercises every so often. By default that ‘every so often’ is every four hours, although that can be customized to other intervals.

Then, at the appointed time (interval), your watch will prompt you to go through a breathing session.

apple watch breathe inhale


apple watch breathe exhale


The watch will both tap your wrist to prompt you when to inhale and exhale, and also display an image like the above, to guide you to breathe, and to slow your breathing down (the display and the taps both get slower over the course of the breaths, to guide you to take ever slower and deeper breaths). The tapping, using the watch’s haptic feature, is particularly nice for people who want to close their eyes while doing deep breathing.

Again, this is an addition to the Apple Watch’s already impressive collection of various ways it can both encourage and track your efforts to get and stay fit. (Did you know that you can use your Apple Watch as a pedometer without having to have your iPhone with you?)

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