Anti-Spam Products for Windows Garner Rave Reviews

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Windows users suffering from spam-overloaded inboxes can breathe a little easier thanks to next generation anti-spam products which are easier to use, more effective, and more tightly tuned to stop spam while preserving good email.

PC World this week released the results of its extensive survey and testing of nine anti-spam products for Windows, with Audiotrieve’s InBoxer, CloudMark’s SpamNet, and Aladdin Systems’ SpamCatcher coming out as the clear frontrunners.

While SpamCatcher was considered the simplest to install and operate, according to PC World, InBoxer “beat down more spam than any other product…while maintaining an acceptably low rate of false positives.” Only the fact that InBoxer works only with Outlook, and only Outlook 2000-2003, at that, kept it from earning PC World’s “Best Buy” award. That award was instead awarded to CloudMark’s SpamNet, which PC World found was 98.1% accurate at stopping spam messages, with only a 1.6% false positive rating.

The full text of the review, with links to all nine products tested, can be found here.

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