Another Fatality Due to Texting While Driving

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Just a couple of months ago the deadly MetroLink train crash, which killed at least 25 people in California, was held to be due to the engineer texting on his cell phone while driving the train. Now a high ranking British official is being charged with the death of another motorist, when the car he was driving – while texting – collided with another, killing the other driver.

Lord Ahmed, who is a Labour peer in the House of Lords, was involved in the accident last Christmas. He placed an emergency call from his phone to summon help, and his cell phone carrier later discovered that a text message was sent from the same phone just before the fatal accident occurred.

Despite these two very high profile instances of texting while driving being fatal, the practice continues to be on the rise. Last year the American Automobile Assocation (AAA) released a study in which 46% of teens admitted to texting while driving, and in a survey conducted this year by Osterman Research, fully 77% of those surveyed admited to texting while driving.

Think about this the next time you get in a car, because if true this means that 3 out of every 4 drivers that you encounter on the road will be texting at some point while they are driving.

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2 thoughts on “Another Fatality Due to Texting While Driving

  1. antonio,
    i strongly agree! i’ve been running a cell phone in my car since back when they had the transceiver in the trunk with the working head by the driver’s seat. i went to “hands free” from the start, with all my frequently called numbers on memory. i’m used to handling two way radio while driving so “talking” is not a problem but “texting” while driving is completely idiotic, quod erat demonstrandum.

  2. Another one! Is it not clear to these people that texting while driving is dangerous beyond rational thought?

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