Another Exploding Cell Phone Battery Kills Another Man

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Exploding cell phones are not an urban legend. In fact, another exploding cellphone battery has killed another man (yes really). The incident, which happened over the weekend in China, is the second time in a bit over a year that a cell phone battery has exploded and killed someone. The last time that a cell phone battery exploded and killed someone, the force of the blast broke their ribs.

This time the victim, a clerk at a Lenovo store in the Yuexiu District of Guangzhou, died instantly after the exploding battery severed a main artery in the young man’s neck. According to witnesses, the phone was in his left shirt pocket – in fact in both cases, the cell phone was being carried in a shirt pocket.

Dozens of cases of exploding cell phones and batteries have been reported, many causing very serious injury (and, as seen here, sometimes death). Only a few months ago, emergency dispatchers in Utah had their own 911 emergency when one of their employees phones suddenly “grew red hot”, burned a hole in her jacket pocket, and exploded. According to the victim, “I saw smoke coming out of my jacket. I pulled it away from my body, but by then the phone had burned through. After it started to fall, I heard what sounded like a balloon popping.”

In another case, a Wyoming college student was hospitalized with severe burns after her cell phone exploded and caught her bed on fire.

While it is not known whether in this week’s case the cell phone battery was the manufacturer’s original battery, or an after-market copy, in most cases where a cell phone battery explodes or catches fire, it is an after-market copy.

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