Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43: Is Blogging a Dangerous Business?

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Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger whom Fox News called “one of the nation’s most influential commentators,” died this morning, “unexpectedly from natural causes”. But already there is a whisper campaign: was it really natural causes? Or was he killed for what he was about to reveal?

Breitbart was perhaps best known for his role in the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) video tape scandal, wherein Breitbart’s colleagues Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe posted as a prostitute and pimp “couple” and were secretly filmed receiving advice on hiding their prostitution activities and avoiding taxes.

Breitbart is also the blogger who broke the Anthony Weiner story, and was also in on the ground floor of Huffington Post.

Some say that Breitbart was on the verge of revealing something very embarrassing, at least, to the current administration, and so find the timing of a 43-year old having a heart attack suspicious.

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3 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43: Is Blogging a Dangerous Business?

  1. Joe –

    Sort of warped that Breitbart is the bad guy to you for railing against Kennedy over the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

    Breitbart maintained the videos were not about Sherrod, but rather about the NAACP and the audience reaction the entire time. That’s what he wrote about in his initial article – did you happen to read his original post? Here it is:

    As far as ACORN, do you support their responses when there is no editing?

  2. Some say we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but Breitbart himself did not believe that. Within hours of Ted Kennedy’s death, he savagely attacked the man, calling him a “villain,” a big ass mother [email protected]#$er”, a “duplicitous bastard,” and “a special pile of human excrement.”. And his video exposes were heavily edited to make people look worse (for example, the parts where ACORN employees called the cops on the “pimp” were edited out, and Shirley Sherrod lost her job because of a Breitbart video that completely reversed the meaning of her speech, which was about overcoming prejudice); trashing enemies was always more important to him than getting at the truth.

    I’m sorry for his kids, but his influence was toxic.

  3. Not to mention that he was at the Drudge Report in the early days. Plenty of folks had an ax to grind, and I sure do hope it was natural causes.

    Though either way I am uneasy about the story, since that’s too young for natural causes.

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