An Internet Patrol Exclusive Poll: Automatic Chat Robots – Love them or Hate them?

automatic chatbot poll

Poll: How do you all feel about the new trend of having a customer support chat window open as soon as you land on a website?

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2 thoughts on “An Internet Patrol Exclusive Poll: Automatic Chat Robots – Love them or Hate them?

  1. Chat / bots could be, even should an option — for those that prefer it, but NOT the only access to support. I hate as much being relegated to only telephone access — when email would be a superior way to communicate info absent ambiguity in writing possibly including images. Telephones are especially insulting when answered by incompetent personnel in India or elsewhere — exposing the uncaring greed of those supplying supposed support. Micheal Lewis appears to mostly agree in his new PodCasts.

  2. Annoying AF. If I don’t ask for help, STFU. I hate it in person, and I especially hate it online (where I expect to be browsing by my lonesome, not being nagged by some sales droid).

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