Free American Flags in Honor of Flag Day from

You can get a free American Flag, in honour of Flag Day, from online flag retailer!

Here’s their announcement:

HUNTINGTON STATION, N.Y., June 13 /PRNewswire/ — will offer its website visitors free American Flags all day on Tuesday, June 14th in honor of Flag Day. The U.S. flags to be given away by measure 3 feet by 5 feet and generally retail on the website for $19.99, plus shipping and handling. Up to one million customers will get these flags for free and pay only for shipping and handling.


“The surge in patriotism we saw after 9/11 has waned, and the American flags that once adorned every home, car and business seem to have disappeared,” said President/CEO Jeffrey Reynolds. “Flag Day is a perfect time for us to honor the American flag and all it represents.

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Especially now, we at want to make sure that our veterans, our troops and their families see a flag flying on every home in America and understand the true depth of our gratitude for their sacrifices.” is the world’s largest retailer of U.S. flags and flagpoles, supplying American-made products to corporations, schools, military bases and consumers worldwide. is owned and operated by Precision Marketing Solutions, Inc., a privately-held corporation based in New York. Visitors can claim their free flags by visiting

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12 Replies to “Free American Flags in Honor of Flag Day from”

  1. Can i have a free American flag to me as i would fly it proudly outside my house and would proudly care for it as long as i own it thank you greatly

  2. hello.
    my son a military officer who has just graduated high school and completed basic training just left for guantanamo bay cuba today.I would luke to have a flad so i can put it in my yard. id like to have it as a memory that i have a son who is taking a chance on giving his life for everyones freedom…I am on disablity. so i really cannot afford to pirchase one. My father was a P.O.W in ww2…my brother in law spent 20 yrs in the army..His brother spent 20 yrs in the navy.and their nephew has spent 20 yrs in the marines and now is a U S Marshall in florida…so i have a military famy background…so i hope my son comes home safe. Thank you very much…i will give you my mauling adress when i receive an email from you aski g for it.

  3. i need to replace my flag it is torn and old but i am out of work. where can i get a free flag?

  4. We need a flag. Our VFW Post just received a building from the county and we NEED a flag.

  5. Good evening, Please send me the flag of the United States, I live in Belarus and I can not afford to buy it but would love to celebrate with you independence day

  6. The CEO of that site is a high profile master marketer, known for his community involvement and charity work. I’m sure he ain’t wasting his time with you. Keep dreaming, though.

  7. Yeah..the owner of a major US corp is “stalking” you over a keyword. How about the FBI? Are they stalking you too? Nut job.

  8. This guy is nuts. Literally. The owner of that site ( has been stalking me for 3 years now. Im serious, he follows me around the internet (Im a webmaster), emails harassing emails and calls my home leaving harassing messages (some posing as other people, but caller id doesnt lie).

    I was doing a search to see if hes stalking anyone else and this site came up under his name. Either way, hes crazy. The origional problem started because I outranked him for a keyword. Its been 3 years now and hes still at it! He needs a life! There, feel better – had to vent.

    BTW, nice blog! :)

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