Amazon Prime Instant Video Down for Hours

If you use Amazon Prime Instant Video through certain devices, such as the Roku, Apple TV, or other Internet-enabled device such as a DVR or DVD player, and if you couldn’t connect to Amazon Instant Video today, take comfort in the fact that countless others were in the same situation.


Those trying to watch their favorite movies or television programs were greeted with a connection error on their screen, telling them that their Roku or other device was unable to to establish a connection to Amazon, and advising them to call the Amazon Prime Instant Video customer support number at 877-442-1958.

Phone lines were jammed at Amazon Prime, with wait times of 15 minutes or more, as Amazon subscribers did exactly that, only to be told exactly what they already knew: that the service was down.

When we spoke to Amazon Instant Video support ourselves, they had no ETA for when the service would be back up, and could only tell us “sometime tonight”.

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