Amazon Double Charging Credit Card or Debit Card for Orders: What to do if Amazon Double Charged You

Amazon Double Charging Credit Card or Debit Card for Orders
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A reader has alerted us that Amazon double charged their debit card for orders for which they had already been charged and had already paid! They found the duplicate Amazon charges when “I went to see what had caused my bank account to become overdrawn, and imagine my shock to see that Amazon had just charged me again for two orders for which I had already been charged and paid!” They went on to say that Amazon had immediately then refunded the charges, but that didn’t help the fact that their account had become overdrawn, triggering their overdraft protection, for which they are charged interest.

“And what if I didn’t have overdraft protection? Then the charges would have bounced and I would have been charged a $20 fee for overdrawing my account…twice!”

So far none of the Amazon Twitter accounts has acknowledged the issue, nor has a statement been issued by Amazon. But we have the screenshot showing proof.

Amazon Double Charging Credit Card or Debit Card for Orders

Despite the fact that Amazon refunded the charges automatically, that doesn’t address the fact that Amazon had double-charged for the orders (two different orders, both double-charged!) in the first place, nor does it address the fact that the two erroneous charges caused their customer’s bank account to become overdrawn. And here’s the kicker: as of the time of this writing Amazon has not even acknowledged what they did. Our reader has not received any acknowledgement at all of the situation from Amazon; no “oopsie”, let alone a “mea culpa” email from Amazon.

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“If I hadn’t happened to have logged into my bank account I would never have known it happened until I got the overdrawn notice from my bank!” said our reader.

Has this happened to you? And what should you do if it does?

What to Do if Amazon Double-Charges You for an Order

The first thing to do if you notice a duplicate charge in your bank account or on your credit card statement is look to see whether it was immediately refunded, as in our reader’s case. Either way you will want to contact Amazon [destination content has been removed at other end :~( ], using their live chat system. If you don’t see a refund, and if contacting Amazon does not get you an immediate refund, then the next step is to file a dispute with your bank.

If this has happened to you, please do let us know what the outcome was in a comment below. Did they automatically refund the erroneous double charge? Did it cause your account to overdraw or bounce something? What was Amazon’s response?

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35 thoughts on “Amazon Double Charging Credit Card or Debit Card for Orders: What to do if Amazon Double Charged You

  1. This also happened to me. This cannot be legal. I currently have two charges on my credit card statement, one is complete and the other one has been pending for over a week. This cannot be legal. I believe Amazon is gaining interest off the held funds.

  2. Hello,
    I am a new Controller for a restaurant and I noticed that there are double charges for music subscription, but I do not have the login as the previous person in my position was let go and deleted everything. I tried contacting Amazon but Since I did not have the login information they said they could not help me. Does anyone know how to fix this? If I put a stop payment on the amount, it will just get stopped if I start a new subscription. Help!!!

  3. I’m dealing with it right now. I ordered a pair of shoes, backpack and a mechanical pencil. The order was $111 broken into 2 parts. The shoes were 3rd party so they were charged separately but on the same order. The charge for the shoes was $58.30, the backpack and pencil which was Amazon Prime costed $53. There was 3 separate charges on my account from Amazon. One for $58.30, one for $52.92 and then another for $58.30. Amazon’s chat forced me to contact the 3rd party, to which they replied that they aren’t in control of payments, Amazon is. I called my bank and they said one of the charges is supposed to “fall off” on the 31st and if it dont, to call back and open a dispute. Regardless of whether I get the money back or not, I won’t be ordering from Amazon again. I’m a single dad of a 9 year old, I need that $58 for school shopping today.

  4. Same issue here :(

    I was double billed in June for $254.13, Amazon insited it was either my banks issue or an authorization and it would drop off. This was a ACH not a credit card so I didnt buy that it was some authorization. THen they told me that they could see a charge, cancellation and a second charge for the order so I should have seen the money refunded in my account. That never happened. Then they told me to talk to my bank who suggested I dispute the charge with them, so I did. Well this made the situtuation worse. The reversal pulled the mony back from Amazon (the only one they could see) and now they are saying I owe them $254.13, locked my account and sent me to collections. I tried disputing with TRS (collection company) but we will see if it works. This is total garbage that I have to chase down their backend process issues.

  5. I had this happen to me on some lilies I ordered. I shipped them back because twenty of them were missing. When I checked my statement a refund was on the statement along with a double billing. When I chatted with an agent they wouldn’t acknowledge the double charge and I had to press them to remove the double charge. Finally they said they would remove the double charge but it will take days to find out if they really removed the charge. Time will tell whether the charge was actually removed. I am very ticked off.

  6. Thought it was just me, apparently this is an ongoing issue. I ordered earbuds from Amazon, got them and I like them, but I was double billed. After 2 sessions with chat, I was given the “this is not a charge, it is an authorization fee and will be refunded within 3 to 5 business days”. Well that was 2 weeks ago, and I spent an hour tonight with customer service who basically said they show no extra charges and the money is back in my account. NO it is not. I told the guy that I have been doing business with them for years and this is the first time it has happened to me, and I questioned why the authorization fee? he said it was not an authorization fee, to which I replied would you like to see the chat transcript? Silence after that. Got an email later that said they were going to send my issue to the investigations team, but I am not holding my breath. I am really glad it was only a small amount of money, and I will be talking to my bank tomorrow.

    1. This happened to me as well! I was on countless chats with Amazon explaining to them that I was double-charged for an order. Amazon told me that the first charge was just an “authorization charge” and that it did not go through and that only the 2nd charge went through. I continued to tell them that I already spoke to my bank, and I have a statement showing the duplicate charges and copies of the checks that Amazon both deposited (my purchase was via the Amazon website/ACH payment) . The chat just went in circles. I then called Amazon Business and the associate and his supervisor continued to tell me it was an “authorization charge” and I was only charged once. They then said that because it was “authorization charge” that the charge would disappear in 3-5 days. So in one hand per Amazon I wasn’t charged but in the same sentence I was charged, contradicting their whole story. Again, I told Amazon Business that I have scans of the actual checks and bank statement saying otherwise and showing the duplicate charge. Eventually the supervisor said for me to email my information and order info to Which I did and have had no response. I’ve emailed them twice more and still no response. Having seen all of the responses on this message, it’s coming across more and more that this is some fraud scheme by Amazon.

    2. This just happened to me. The customer service said I guarantee you will have your money back from your bank. I repeatedly told him no that this was not a pending transaction, it was taken from my account. I immediately called my bank and they said they did not such thing as an authorization fee. The bank started an investigation and credited my account the money. Today, noticed random charges! I haven’t even ordered anything!! Now Amazon has my account on hold because they sent me to collections saying I owe them money – collections is saying it is for the amount I was doubled charged. Something very wrong going on here and Amazon customer service keeps giving me a run around.

      1. I had the same thing happen to me. A duplicate charge the very next day. June 13th then again on June 14th, the same exact amount. Amazon claimed they did not charge my account twice but my bank investigated and YES Amazon indeed charged my bank account twice. My banked pulled the money back from Amazon that they attempted to steal and now Amazon has sent me to collections.

    3. This has happened to me with a virtual check on at least eight transactions. I tried to chat about it with Amazon and different agents continually took over the chat and I got nowhere. I then reported it to my bank. My bank refunded some of the charges and now Amazon has sent me to a third-party collection company. I cannot use my account until the charges are paid. They also tied up my Audible account because of this issue. This needs to become a lawsuit.

  7. Happened to me today as well. Purchased a graphic novel. Was charged and it went through. The item shipped that day. Got it yesterday and today it was charged again to my account a second time. Contacted a live person and they couldn’t help me then asked for a supervisor and talked to them. Resaulting in them saying it was my banks fault. It’s not my banks fault, they didn’t charge me twice. But anyways ,my bank is doing what they can and so, is my rep payee.

  8. I am in India using Amazon.IN A few weeks ago I got suspicious because I knew I had prepaid via VISA but the PREPAID section of the label on the packages had been torn off. Luckily, I had saved some of the boxes and was able to confirm they wanted me to pay again at the door which I did before I realized the pattern.

    I made up a chart of all order numbers and tracking numbers along with photos and contacted chat. Eventually I was refunded.

    They behaved a while, but started it again yesterday (I am furnishing an apartment). The item was 799 rupees PREPAID, but I was told I had to pay 2000 rupees. So I refused delivery. Today they delivered an item prepaid 329 rupees and told I had to pay 1199 rupees. Both packages obviously had just one item in them.

    I reported it to Chat and told them I thought the Amazon office that served me was committing fraud. They said there was nothing they could do about it but I had to call a certain number for customers to get a refund. No audits of that office or anything. Just depend on the customer to complain.

  9. …and now for something not completely different but probably not unusual of amazonian. i placed an order of 5 items w/amaonian, they charged me on my credit card for the entire order ( $50 us bucks ). the next day i see a new charge on my credit card from amazonian for $15 us dollars. i called them and was told they had to pay 1 seller for this one item early ( of my entire order ) before the entire order shipped or delivered together, and this seller had to be paid first before the entire order shipped together…. but i had to pay an additional charge for that 1 item ( again ) to my credit card account ( of this entire order ( totaling $65 bucks at my end!? wtf? ))… of course i was told this is just a temporary charge and i would be credited the $15 dollars shortly…. wtf, is this is a new way to run a business??!? i am concerned though if in the future if i place a similar type of order for like $5k and then was hit ( unannounced the next ) with an addition $1.5k charge on my credit card.. Has this situation happened to anyone else in or out of amazonian??

    1. yes! it has happened to me multiple times! Also, I canceled Prime over and over again, and the kept charging me! I finally had to remove all payment methods from the account to get them to stop! I have started a dispute with Synchrony bank for my Amazon store card, but something tells me they won’t help. I am going to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  10. I have just noticed Amazon made an incorrect calculation of multiple items I ordered and overcharged me by 49.90. I believe one of the items was charged 2 extra times. I have no idea how to contact them for this specific issue, despite following the instructions in the customer service option.

    1. I have just realized their charges were actually correct; an oversight on my part. Sorry for posting this.

  11. Just discovered today that this happened to me, too. I noticed a DEPOSIT in my credit union checking account from Amazon. It took some searching, but I found that I was charged for an order on the day I placed the order, then again the NEXT DAY. The purchase was in late September, using a debit card. The reimbursement was on Dec 12th!
    If I hadn’t seen the deposit today, this might have gone unnoticed.

    Beware, everyone. From here on out, I’ll be watching my account like a hawk. Lesson learned!

  12. My advice file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you have the option set a spending limit on your credit card primarily used on Amazon. I got double dipped today from when Amazon took about $45 from me. Now I have to wait weeks for money I need sooner. I called Amazon and was told this is a Glitch. I wonder why this glitch does not give me extra funds and why it is not being fixed.

  13. This is ridiculous that Amazon keeps doing this double charging people it doesn’t matter if you’re getting your money back it takes at least 7 to 10 business days for the money to come back on your card for people who are low income or overdraft fees it’s ridiculous somebody should do something about this it’s happened to me more than I can count

  14. Just happened to me today. I had a gift card balance with amazon, but decided to make a purchase with the pay later feature through affirm. So amazon sets up the loan with Affirm, AND take the full amount from my gift card balance. Then tells me that I have to pay affirm and that my current gift card balance that’s reduced by the amount of the order is correct. So they frauduletenly double dipped.

    So I cancel the order and contacted affirm, which shows the order is canceled. But amazon refuses to refund the gift card balance for 48 hours. They can bugger right off with this nonsense. Little bastard online got an attitude with me then acted like I was being disrespectful of his little ass.

  15. They have done this to me multiple times. I use a debit card so every time they do an Authorization Charge the money is automatically taken off the card. Talking to customer service is a joke. “It’s just a hold charge we didn’t bill you.” Well yes you did. This amount on this day and again on this day and yes I called the bank and the bank has verified that the money has been sent to Amazon.

    Every time I have to call my bank and they have to despite the multiple charges and issue me a new debit card.

    Amazon really needs to get spanked for this behavior in court for fraud.

  16. Amazon definitely double bills on the tip amounts for Amazon Fresh groceries. Just checked my bank account and saw that amazon double billed the tip amount on multiply grocery orders. I was charged for the tip in the Amazon Fresh order, and then charged again as a separate charge. Talking to them in chat was useless. I will work with my bank now, and no more tips put on the card.

  17. Happen to me today too. I placed order using my Amazon credit card and they deducted the same from my Amazon gift balance too. Stayed on phone with customer service for an hour. They couldn’t see the charges on my Amazon gift balance activity but I could. I offer the screenshot and even give them my email and password so they can login and see exactly what I did. But after an hour with rep and supervisor finally got credit. But crazy that there system did not reflect what I can see on my Amazon account.Smh

  18. I just got off the phone after almost losing it with one of their agents. I placed an order using a gift card which was charged and then my bank account was charged also. I have to call the bank to make sure I don’t get overdraft charges for this. I have no idea why they would accept payment for a gift card and then charge my bank as well. The agent kept saying that my bank was chosen as a payment option as well, there is no way to unclick that unless you remove all the information. Maddening.

  19. Amazon put my account on hold and is expecting me to pay them. I made an order for a family member using their card and it was charged multiple times for the same items. Amazon customer service claims they didn’t see any additional charges. I took screen shots of the orders from account and pictures of the items as they came showing that in fact that there we two of each item being delivered. We informed my relatives bank institution and now Amazon isn’t letting me use their services anymore until I pay the costs because the orders were made from my account.

  20. I was doubled charged on amazon in Canada. I received the product but charged twice although the invoice shows only one.

  21. Just happened to me today for $81 Amazon did not help and told me to contact my bank about it. My bank is not open at a time that I am able to call until tomorrow so I am going to have an overdraft fee of $35 also added on top of that for today and if its not fixed I will continue to be charged a $35 overdraft fee until I get my paycheck in 5 days

  22. I noticed today that both my Amazon and Venmo are charging me for the same item! I then found out that they are Co companies soo now I have to go through both accounts to see how many times I have been double billed!! I couldn’t figure out why my accounts were so high now the research begins, can’t believe this crap!!!

  23. Happened to me today (7/9/22), thankfully for a small amount of $25.15. The link above only puts me in contact with the vendor and they wrote this below:

    Jul 9, 2022 7:42 AM
    I was charged twice for this product.
    Jul 9, 2022 10:51 AM
    Amazon processes all financial transactions, they do not give this info to sellers for your protection.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to get a refund at this point.

  24. this happened to me also after 2hrs computer chat Amazon chat said they would refund 3to5 days its Wednesday so that probably means next week sometime so me and 100s. of thousands of people are giving Amazon a loan for a week share holders should be happy

  25. This same thing has happened to me today, and for an order totalling $688. It is an unethical business practice, because banks withhold those funds for anything upto 10 business days. Extremely embarrassing to have my card declined unexpectedly at a store, due to Amazon’s authorisation charges. And why on earth should I have to wait 10 business days for my funds to be returned? This unethical business practice will be affecting consumer’s credit ratings. Add to that hours of wasted time, waiting on hold to talk to banks who do diddly squat about it.

  26. This happened to me as well however they never refunded my money, they won’t even acknowledge that they did it, even after offering to send them my bank statement. Their only solution is for me to dispute it with my bank, unfortunately is was a debit card which means I will have to shut my card down until they get me a new one “says my bank” UGH

  27. Amazon
    Your Account
    Message From Customer Service
    Hello Candice,

    This is Amit from Amazon customer service. it was pleasure assisting you today.

    We only charged you once for your order Portable Washing Machine, Kuppet 10lbs Compact Mini Washer, Wash&Spin Twin Tub Durable Design to Wash All your Laundry or Swim Suit for Apartments, Do.

    When you place an order, we contact your bank for a purchase authorization to verify your [card / checking account] but don’t actually charge you until the order ships. Some banks may hold funds in your account for these authorizations even if the order is canceled. Orders from our Marketplace sellers may be charged at the time of purchase.

    You’ll need to contact your bank for assistance. They can tell you why funds on your account may be unavailable and clarify how long they hold payment authorizations for online orders.

    We value your business with us and we are looking forward to serve you more in future.

    If we can be of further assistance, please contact us using the link:​

    [Link deleted]

    -US : 1-888-280-4331​​

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

    Best regards,

  28. This happened to me today. Couldnt get ahold of a real person, only a stupid bot. Basically said the first charge is a hold and then when it ships they charge your account and the hold charge will disappear. Luckily i had enough money but i strongly disagree with this business practice for the fact it could seriously effect someones finances.

    1. Did you have to contact your bank or did it automatically resolve itself because it was a hold?

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