AIM Worm Says “damn this looks just like me lol”

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This is an update on the worm which is borne by AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). This is the worm which spreads itself by sending the target (that’s you) an instant message via AIM which says “damn this looks just like me lol”. According to some sources, the worm is also now being called “AOL.NewPeople.Google”.

The link which sends via AIM reads “”, but if you actually click on the link sent by the worm, it goes instead to “”, where the worm is downloaded to your drive, and starts the replication process all over again.

Remember, if you get this message, ignore it! And if it seems to be coming from someone you actually know, call them or send them email advising them that they may want to check their system, as they may well be harbouring the worm on their own computer.

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