Internet Domain Manager ICANN Approves New Porno Domain .XXX, Others Boycott

It’s been a long time in coming, but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which is responsible for creation, approval, and overseeing of Internet domains (primarily the TLD space) has set in motion the final approval of the .XXX domain (also being referred to, at least in email, as the “dot-ex-ex-ex” domain, so as to avoid spam filters). Only adult entertainment industry sites, with adult-themed content, may use .XXX domains. But not everybody loves it – in fact that free speech foundation, The Free Speech Coalition, lead by Executive Director Diane Duke, is boycotting the .XXX domain, even though, as Dianne Duke seems to overlook, there is no suggestion that anybody will be required to use the .XXX domain.

Adult Website Users Who are Lied to by Underage Minors Have No Recourse, Says Federal Court

A Federal court has ruled that an adult user of an adults-only website (in this case Sex has no recourse against the site after having been tricked by an underaged user into believing that she was an adult when they had sex. The case against SexSearch .com by “John Doe” was brought after Doe learned the hard way that the woman with whom he was having sex was not 18, as she had claimed, but only 14.

Supreme Court Says Advertising Child Pornography with No Real Children or Even With No Children at All Still Punishable Under Law

In a decision that could have far-reaching ramifications for thousands of Internet advertisers and businesses, the Supreme Court of the United States this week affirmed a law which criminalizes advertising pornography as involving children even if the children don’t actually exist (such as are CGI), are not actually minors (such as very young looking adults playing the part of underaged children) or, in fact, even if there are no children in the images at all!

Adult Friend Finder Slapped by FTC for Explicit Pop Ups

Adult FriendFinder has been roasted by the FTC for forcing explicit ads – in the form of graphic pop-ups for Adult Freind Finder, advertising the Adult Friendfinder network – on people who were not only not looking for Adultfriend Finder, but who weren’t looking for an adult finder service at all – such as children. Adult Friend Finders has reached a settlement with the FTC, under which Adult FriendFinders – and Adult FriendFinder affiliates – must cease and desist from displaying explicit ads unless the user is actively seeking out that sort of content, or has…er..explicitly consented to see such content.

New Stripper Virus Entices Windows Users to Break Captchas for Spammers – If Melissa Asks You to Help Her Strip, Just Say No!

In a new twist, web spammers are using images of a stripper named Melissa to dupe naive Windows users into helping them break CAPTCHAs – those “enter this text” images that websites rely on to keep spammers from posting spam on their site. Dubbed the CAPTCHA.a or Captchar.a virus, an infected Windows computer will display a picture of Melissa, who promises to remove an article of clothing for each “puzzle” that the user solves.

Boy Meets Girl, Boy Dates Girl, Boy Posts Nude Picture to MySpace, Boy Goes to Jail

Anthony Rich of Bradenton, Florida was himself no older than 17 when he met and dated his then girlfriend, who was 15. With only a two year difference, and with both teens being under 18, you might think that there was no problem. But then they broke up – and Anthony Rich – at age 17 – posted a nude picture of his 15 year old ex-girlfriend to her MySpace page. And now, two years later (and thus over the age of 18), Anthony Rich is facing 30 days in jail for child abuse and attempted child abuse.

Newsfilter is Many Things to Many People

Newsfilter is many things to many people. One person searching for information on “newsfilter” may be looking for information on Internet sites that allow users to help filter news up to the top, like Digg. Another person searching for “newsfilter” information may be looking for information on the project which is an effort to filter information posted to Usenet news based on user input, while still another may be annoyed at what calls the “tendency of posts on MetaFilter to be far too ‘newsy’,” which is referred to as – yep – you guessed it – newsfilter. These people probably do not have a lot in common – except for one thing. Each of them, when clicking on the first link they will find when searching for “newsfilter” on Google, will find not what they are looking for – but a porn site, run by Internet businessman and former heavy metal guitarist Erik Barath.

Self Professed Pedophile Jack McClellan’s Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love Website Declared Legal but Knocked Offline by Internet Ire

Self-professed pedophile Jack McClellan ran his Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love website at openly and, by all accounts from legal authorities, legally. You see, Jack McClellan has no criminal record, and as best as anyone can tell (and of course he claims) McClellan has never actually molested or illegally touched a minor. He just loves them. But his website – which we recreate here – was knocked offline by an outraged public.

Is Virtual Rape Crying Virtual Wolf?

I read an article this week about “virtual rape”. Yes, really. That would be virtual sexual assault on your virtual online character or persona. This is all coming out now because, I kid you not, someone from Second Life reported a virtual rape to the police in Brussels. And they are investigating it. Oh for pete’s sake, give me a break! How tenous a grasp on reality do these people have? And how the heck can there be “forced online sexual activity”? Isn’t that nearly an oxymoron?