Adult Industry Says Won’t Create Video Downloads for Video iPod – Much

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No porncast video downloads will be forthcoming for the video iPod, say experts from the adult industry, due to fear of public outrage and, probably more importantly, the government stepping in.

L.R. Clinton Fayling, president of Brickhouse Mobile, explained “We can’t blindly walk into this. We want to be conservative in investigating the opportunity of the iPod, to see how we can make money, what are the specifications, and what kind of safeguards are in place.” During an interview with Wired Magazine, Fayling also pointed out the problem with pitching adult content, which is prohibited to youths, for a device which is marketed to youths, adding “There’s already a public perception that we (in the industry) are preying on youth. Without safeguards you open yourself up to more scrutiny from government and parents’ groups.”

That said, however, there are already plenty of adult free video downloads making their way to the video iPod, and some of it specifically aimed at the new device. For example, over at, they have free video downloads suitable for the video iPod which are “shot from the male porn star’s point of view,” (their website claims that these videos are for “educational purposes”, really).

And the Suicide Girls website has a whole free video download section devoted to the video iPod. In their iPod section, they offer “Free 3 minute sexy videos of the lovely SuicideGirls set to music and showing off their pin-up appeal,” and exhort you to “Show your friends, your mom, the girl next to you on the bus…”

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Explained Missy Suicide, the Suicide Girls’ co-founder, “We are excited by this technology…”

As will be your viewers, Missy, as will be your viewers.

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One thought on “Adult Industry Says Won’t Create Video Downloads for Video iPod – Much

  1. Jokes on them. There is now several VERY popular porncasts on the web, many have been on since the dawn of the video ipod. What really got it started was the introduction of other devices such as the Playstation PSP. Funny how time flies.

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