Adult Friend Finders, and Penthouse Accounts Among Massive Hack and Data Leak

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Those of you who breathed a sigh of relief over the hacking of the Ashley Madison adult cheaters site because instead you are on one of the Friend Finder sex hookup sites, such as Adult Friend Finder ( – guess what? It turns out that last month Friend Finder Networks, parent company of Adult Friend Finder and other associated sites such as,,, and – totaling over 412 million accounts – was hacked, exposing email addresses, passwords, and IP addresses – everything your spouse or significant other needs to nail you nailing someone else.

According to reports in, among others, the Guardian and Wired, the leaked data also includes the date of the user’s last visit, membership status, and even browser information.


Adult Friend Finder alone has 339 million accounts.

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Adult Friend Finders, and Penthouse Accounts Among Massive Hack and Data Leak

The story was first broken by the website Leaked Source, under the banner ‘[Page no longer available – we have linked to the version instead]‘. According to Leaked Source, says the Wired article, much of the hacked and stolen data was not encrypted, and that which was encrypted was easily broken.

Said Friend Finder Networks vice president and senior counsel, Diana Ballou, in a statement for ZD Net, “FriendFinder has received a number of reports regarding potential security vulnerabilities from a variety of sources. While a number of these claims proved to be false extortion attempts, we did identify and fix a vulnerability that was related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability.”

In addition, because despite having been sold off from Friend Finder’s Network back in February, 7 million Penthouse accounts were inexplicably still also on the Friend Finder’s Network network, CEO Kelly Holland told ZDNET that “We are aware of the data hack and we are waiting on FriendFinder to give us a detailed account of the scope of the breach and their remedial actions in regard to our data.”

This serves as just one more example of the fact that if you are going to do something that you want to keep completely private, don’t do it on the Internet. Because on the Internet there is almost no such thing as actual privacy, only privacy that hasn’t been breached yet.

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Adult Friend Finders, and Penthouse Accounts Among Massive Hack and Data Leak

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