About Firefox ‘Subscribe to This Page’ and ‘Live Bookmarks’ Options

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The last several versions of Firefox have included a “Subscribe to This Page” feature (live bookmarks or living bookmarks are related to this). Here’s what it means.

When you go to a website or web page using Firefox, if you go to bookmark it, you are presented with these options:

firefox bookmarks


Note that ‘Subscribe to This Page’ is greyed out.

However, if the page you are on offers an RSS feed, you will be offered the Subscribe to This Page option:

firefox subscribe to this page

In other words, what the Subscribe to This Page option really is is just another way of saying “subscribe to this page’s or website’s RSS feed”.

If you click on the Subscribe to This Page option, you are taken to the page’s RSS feed, which then gives you a menu from which to choose your RSS reader.

And Live Bookmarks” is simply Mozilla Firefox’ own RSS reader. The idea is that instead of bookmarking a static page, you are “bookmarking” the site’s RSS feed, so that the living bookmark is dymanic, providing you with listings of new information at that site, updated in near real-time.

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firefox live bookmarks

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About Firefox ‘Subscribe to This Page’ and ‘Live Bookmarks’ Options

When you choose to subscribe to a page using Live Bookmarks, you are given the choice of where to put that live bookmark – i.e. in an existing Firefox bookmarks folder, or on the bookmarks toolbar.

subscribe now using live bookmarks

live bookmarks toolbar

Internet Patrol Live Bookmark on Toolbar
live bookmark on toolbar

Again, the difference between a live bookmark and a static bookmark is that when you click on the live bookmark, you are presented with a list the newest articles or posts.

internet patrol live bookmarks

And that’s all there is to it!

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About Firefox ‘Subscribe to This Page’ and ‘Live Bookmarks’ Options

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