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The primary purpose of this site is to promote association, friendship; and legal, nonsexual, consensual touch (hugging, cuddling, etc) between men and prepubescent girls. I don't practice or advocate sexual touching of such girls.

Local info

One of the best resources for upcoming LG events are local newspapers
Including the smaller community and town papers. The print copies are superior because they often have event ads and blurbs that do not appear in online versions of the papers. I've noticed that general daily and weekly papers are better sources for children's events than entertainment/alternative papers like The Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Bellingham Weekly, etc -- which are more focused on adult entertainment.

Upcoming festivals in WA
Start with 2nd or 3rd page for upcoming events in the next several days.

NWSource upcoming fairs / festivals list
Also check Community and Seasonal under the browse events search on the left, then click Date to put list in chronological order.
Click on current date to reset event list.

Bellingham community calendars

Tacoma-area events

Olympia - South Sound events calendar
Bottom of page.

Kitsap events calendar

Find Family Fun in Vancouver

Lists of Events around Vancouver

The Wonderful Washington Events Guide
This is a worthwhile resource and I recommend it, but there are a significant number of major LG events omitted (sometimes because event organizers didn't respond to the guide's questionnaires or phone calls). The 2006 edition is called The Wonderful Washington State Events Guide. I've seen it at Fred Meyer.

Discover Washington With Kids
I don't have this book, but it looks promising. Price is $16.95.

Public libraries
Most libraries have special areas, programs, and events for children--and sometimes you can get quite close to LGs there (they've sat next to me at Internet terminals). Libraries also have free flyers, papers, and posted announcements that list local places and events where LGs may be present.

Elementary schools
It might seem provocative to be hanging around elementary school playgrounds these days, but I've been surprised at how close you can get to some and how long you can loiter there without being noticed (or at least questioned). The best ones are those with businesses or other legitimate adult activity across the street or adjacent to the school--but don't step on the school property unless there is some event occuring where it sounds like the general public is welcome (such as the holiday concert I attended in December). If the kids aren't out on the playground, the next recess will probably be in less than 2 hours!

Wreck Beach, Vancouver
This is the only free nude beach I'm aware of in the region (WA only has nudist colonies that charge steep membership fees). An e-mail correspondent said that there are sometimes nude children here, and also recommended the reasonably-priced Vancouver-area nude indoor pool swims (under "EVENTS" in the link).

Halloween trick or treat
This is the one day of the year when the LGs might come to your place. I've noticed that some homes use orange lights (which stand out better than lit pumpkins and other decorations) to indicate that they're Halloween-friendly.

WA laws pertaining to sexual contact with prepubescent girls
*Communication with minor for immoral purposes (0-1 year, $0-$5,000)
Child molestation in the first degree (0-life, $0-$50,000)
Rape of a child in the first degree (0-life, $0-$50,000)
Luring (0-5 years, $0-$10,000)
*Immoral purposes isn't defined in the case law holds that it refers to sexual misconduct and "communicates" includes conduct as well as words.

Canadian laws pertaining to sexual contact with prepubescent girls
(sections 151 and 152, punishable by 0-10 years or 0-6 months and $0-$2000).
US men who have sexual contact with such girls in Canada can also be prosecuted by the US federal government.

Weather forecasts
Seattle - Tacoma - Everett - Bremerton - Shelton - Monroe
   Bellingham - Mount Vernon - Oak Harbor - Port Townsend - Lynden
Vancouver - Surrey
Aberdeen - Ocean Shores

My evening wood-smoke forecasts

Radio traffic/road reports
Seattle, western WA: 710 AM (traffic on the 3's)
Tacoma: *1180 AM
Everett: *1380 AM
Bellingham: *790 AM
Olympia: *1240 AM
Mount Vernon: *1430 AM
Canadian border, Vancouver - Surrey: 980 AM (traffic on the 4's)
*These stations tend to have traffic information only during weekday commute times.

Radio Disney: 1250 AM

Spanish radio stations
99.3 FM, Elma - Tacoma - Seattle
1210 AM, Auburn - Federal Way - Tacoma
1360 AM, Tacoma
1680 AM, Seattle
*91.7 FM, Mount Vernon
*Part-time Spanish.

FM radio stations list

Street atlases
King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties
Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam, Mason, Thurston, Grays Harbor, and Lewis counties
Island, Skagit, Whatcom, and San Juan counties
Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley, Victoria

WA ferry schedules
Port Angeles - Victoria ferry

Cheapest gas finder

Save Our $30 Tabs!
I don't like Eyman's flat-rate style of tax reductions, but I will support his efforts as long as the Democrats in Olympia do nothing about the outrageously unfair tax structure in this state (the most regressive in the nation).

Skippers fast-seafood restaurants
Beat the overpriced food at fairs and festivals by eating before you arrive. Skippers is a good alternative to the ubiquitous burger places (you can get quite full on $10 there).

News & Analysis

Updated Mar 20

Links in white require a registration form or fee be submitted before they will work.

Snohomish County child-sex criminal justice system insider says excessive punishments are counterproductive
This is one of the most sensible commentaries I've seen in The Everett Herald and other local papers during this winter of the sex offender in Olympia. It's even more compelling because of who it's coming from (France has a weekly column, and I've never detected that he is any fan of pedophiles). In contrast, The Herald's Olympia watcher Jerry Cornfield seems to be more of a cheerleader for the questionable increase in child-sex penalties passed this year.

Sexual Fascism in Progressive America (Scapegoats and Shunning)
Regardless of whether one thinks that sexual contact between adults and *children should be tolerated under some circumstances (I remain essentially neutral on the subject), there is plenty in this to anger anyone who really believes in truth, justice, and the free association of individuals in our so-called "free" country (based on what's happened in recent decades, I'd say that a more appropriate title would be Sexual Fascism in Regressive America). It's illustrative of how far this sex offender nonsense has gone that one of the biggest news stories this week in Seattle was of a 23-year-old female basketball coach who had a sexual affair with a 16-year-old female student. The age of consent in WA is 16, so the relationship would have been legal if the woman hadn't been the student's coach. The way the media have hyped this up, you'd think that there was actually a victim and perpetrator in this case. As most of us attracted to minors know (or should know), O'Rielly-Williams did herself no favor by confessing to the police. This can't be said strongly enough: if you've done something of possible illegality, don't make the cops' job easier by confessing or talking to them at all! Your rights to remain silent and refuse to consent to searches are some of the last remaining impediments to the US becoming an illicit sex/drug -obsessed total police state.
*I'm referring to prepubescent children. 14 to 17-year-olds are not children, no matter how often the state says they are.

Man who killed Bellingham sex offenders gets 44 years
Of course he would have gotten the needle or the noose if he had killed 2 children, but I'm satisfied that this sentence sends a message to others who might think it's open season on sex offenders in WA, and vigilantism will be officially tolerated if not applauded.

WA lawmakers spend millions on more prison space to house expected increase in sex offender population
Democratic Representative Hans Dunshee: "As long as there are elections, there are going to be politicians tough on crime. Whether we're making society safer or not, I don't know, but we're sure throwing a lot of people in jail."
Yes, and it's no surprise which party in Olympia is the driving force behind the war on sex offenders. After Governor Gregoire signs these measures into law, WA will have one of the most draconian child-sex punishments on the planet: a 25-year mandatory minimum (an incredible penalty for what could just be consensual, nonviolent, painless touching by a first-time offender). As an example of how far legislators and the major media in this state have gone in demonizing sex offenders (more for their own pecuniary interests than the good of society), consider that Gary Glitter (see next story below) could be out of prison in Vietnam after serving one year. If he had been convicted in WA for fooling around with prepubescent girls after the new laws take effect shortly, he wouldn't get out until 2031. Brace yourself, WA taxpayers: the millions approved this year for more prison space and criminal enforcement are a drop in the bucket compared to what is to come as the state's sex offender gulag expands in the next decades.

'70s pop star Gary Glitter gets 3 years for engaging in "lewd acts" with girls in Vietnam
"I haven't done anything! I'm innocent! It's a conspiracy!"
I haven't seen any news items detailing exactly what he allegedly did, but I'm assuming it was some sort of vaginal or anal touching to merit years in prison. Given the publicity this disputed case received, Vietnam will probably not be a favored GL destination for a long time (even with GL'ers like myself who stay within the laws we're aware of). Glitter is now arguably the most famous girl-oriented pedophile of our time: his "ped-ography" also includes a UK jail sentence for child porn, a UK acquittal for sex with underage females, and an expulsion from Cambodia (a notorious child-sex destination).

Seattle Center Fun Forest carnival seeing sad times
"Under a gray sky Saturday afternoon, dozens of adults and children seemed to enjoy the rides at the base of the Space Needle. Holly and Shaun Lackey and their three children were visiting from Astoria, Ore. 'It's perfect for the younger ones,' said Shaun Lackey, as his son Shaun, 5, and daughter Tessa, 2, waved from Snow Convoy cars circling a small track."
Warning to the Seattle Times: Seattle City Attorney Tom Carr might sue you for printing an article that spoke ill of one of the city's "valuable brands and trademarks" -- or perhaps because you mentioned there are children there--which is what seems to have spurred him to threaten me and my webhost with a lawsuit under the Federal Trademark Dilution Act. Then again, maybe Carr and his crew have finally discovered the parts in the Act that exempt Noncommercial use of a mark and All forms of news reporting and news commentary. If not, they're (c)(4)(B) and (c)(4)(C). I'm noncommercial because I don't make any money off this website (indeed, I lose hundreds of dollars a year in hosting and domain fees), and I consider myself a news reporter and commentator for the local girl-love community.

Everett Herald photos of LGs lifts spirits of letter-writer
The pic she's referring to. Of course I agree: LGs (and children in general) are one of the best natural anti-depressants. If Batcheldor thinks looking at pics of kids is uplifting, she should attend some of the events I review--where one can be surrounded by a multitude of frolicking children for hours. But be warned--it is a high that can get very addicting!

Everett letter-writer seems to call for penile castration of sex offenders
Speaking of cutting, I've heard no mention of male circumcision during this year's sex-offender attack-fest in Olympia. I guess it's OK to forcibly mutilate a boy's penis for life (usually with no anesthesia), but should you lovingly touch that penis, it's off to prison for 25 years. Look for the Republicans in Olympia to introduce penile castration for sex offenders next year. Then the Democrats will say "too harsh--we should only cut off their testicles". Then the Republicans will counter with "OK, but we get to shove their testicles down their throats". The Democrats will agree, and it becomes law.

Reward now at $10,000 for help in finding missing Lakewood 10 F
I saw a video of her on the TV news several weeks ago, and she's cuter than she appears in the FBI poster. Very sad.

Details of a busted Seattle schoolteacher's LG "harem"

58 M gets close to LGs through tutoring at Marysville elementary school
I've thought about trying to get into a program like this (including volunteering for Girl Scouts), but I believe they are on high alert for pedophiles and have screening processes to weed out all but the cream of applicants. Plus, I'd probably be out of there the first time I tried to hug a LG. An e-mail correspondent recommended "mentoring" programs (I think Big Brothers/Sisters have them) where you get to pick up the child and take them on outings on a one-on-one basis, but he also said that they usually pair the adult with a child of the same sex.

Grays Harbor County man could get 26½ years for sex with 6 F

10 Fs bust 23 M who tried to lure them in Kitsap County

How a Snohomish County pedophile got close to children (last 2 paragraphs)

International cities where unsupervised girls can be found on the streets

Buenos Aires
I saw a number of panhandling LGs (usually associated with other kids or adults) on and around Florida and Lavalle (the downtown pedestrian mall) in 2005. I talked with and cuddled several without any problems from the cops.

STEGL pic: Panhandling LG in Buenos Aires (holding pudding I bought for her and coins I gave her)

The following cities were recommended by e-mail correspondents. I haven't visited them.

Tijuana (fly to San Diego)
Tijuana air quality.

Ciudad Juárez (fly to El Paso)
El Paso air quality.

Ciudad de México (Mexico City)
Air quality.

US Protect Act
Under section 105 of the
Cases to date.
*Illicit sexual conduct means engaging in the following acts with someone under 16 when there is no payment or other coercion involved, or with someone under 18 when there is.
(A) Contact between the penis and the vulva or the penis and the anus, and for purposes of this subparagraph contact involving the penis occurs upon penetration, however slight;
(B) contact between the mouth and the penis, the mouth and the vulva, or the mouth and the anus;
(C) the penetration, however slight, of the anal or genital opening of another by a hand or finger or by any object, with an intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, or arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person; or
(D) the intentional touching, not through the clothing, of the genitalia of another person with an intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, or arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person.

Other girl-love resources

Neptune Link pedophile directory
This seems to be pedophile-central on the Internet, and I thank them for adding my link on the Miscellaneous links page. They correctly describe my site as a WA LG events list, and that's primarily what it's evolved into since I started a GL page as a sideline of my (now mothballed) regional street prostitution guide about a year ago. I'm not aware of another site quite like mine, and I may have created a new niche out of necessity because unlike many GL'ers, I have no easy access to LGs through relatives, friends, or work -- so the events and venues I review are my only way to get close to them. Hopefully as my site becomes more established on the Internet it will benefit more local GL'ers (I've only heard from a handful via e-mail), help dispel some of the hysteria about girl-oriented pedos (that we're out to molest or abduct LGs at every opportunity), and spread the good news of nonsexual GL to men who may not have considered it a legitimate lifestyle.
Opera browser users: the Neptune home page doesn't work on Opera 7 at least, so you'll have to switch to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Visions of Alice board
This appears to be the premier GL board at this time, following the destruction of TKGL by a sustained cyber attack.

Girl Chat

GL-tolerant webhost.

MSN Search
This is the easiest of the big search engines to get into. I submitted my new URL, and was back in it in a matter of days.
Nudist video and DVD site that includes pics of LGs (some of them increase in size when clicked on) in legal poses (from a US perspective, that means not lasciviously exhibiting their genitals or pubic area). In the 9 years I've been viewing the Internet, all such pics that I've seen have been apparently of girls in Russia, Eastern Europe, and (to a lesser extent) Western Europe. Sites that feature pics of nudists on US territory seem to avoid posting photos that include children--though it's my understanding that they're not illegal under US law.

The GL quiz
Here's a quick quiz to determine if you're a girl-lover: Decide which female you'd rather spend the night with. Left to right they're Aria Wallace (8), Hilary Duff (17), and Heather Locklear (44). For me there was no hesitation: Aria! Move your cursor over the flower on her chest to make the loose petals spin. Of course I wouldn't be having sexual contact with her, but we could still kiss, cuddle, and sleep together with our pajamas on. Aria's site. I love this LG and her cute little glasses!

Cute-girl TV and film

Video: Build-A-Bear Workshop TV spots
These commercials are delightful! My favorite LG is the second (in pink) in Heart Montage, and my second fave is the blonde in Allison and Annie. They have special parties at these places (with food), so it might be worth checking out if you're passing by. Build-A-Bear locations in WA.

Hi-5 on Discovery Kids
At the beginning and end of this show the cameras flash to children who are watching five young adults on a stage, and you can briefly see cute LGs dancing, clapping, etc. The program actually starts 5 minutes later than the scheduled times in the above link.

Barney and Friends
I've seen some cute-ish LGs on this show starring an oversized muppet. Airs several times a day on KCTS.

Jenna Boyd (10) in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003)
I like David Spade's T-shirt! I've only seen this flim dubbed into Spanish (while riding on a bus in the Patagonia region of Argentina) -- but who needs dialogue or plot when you've got such cuteness!? Jenna is 12 now, so she's just beyond my age of attraction (which I currently peg at 4 to 11), but here are some more photos of her where she looks a bit younger: 4.

Jodie Sweetin on Full House
This is arguably one the most subversive series produced by broadcast television because there were originally only 3 men and 3 prepubescent girls in the house. That situation began to deteriorate when Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) was introduced as Jesse's (John Stamos) love interest (Tanner vs. Gibbler, Oct '88), and completely ended when she moved in as his wife (Fuller House, Feb '91). The trend toward conformist nuclear-family normalcy continued when she gave birth to twin boys (Happy Birthday, Babies, Nov '91) -- at which time the pussy-whipping of Stamos' character was complete, and he had become almost unwatchable. I don't watch the episodes later than May '93 because Jodie is beyond my age of attraction, and I never thought the Olsen twins were that hot. Airs most days on A rare, pre- Full House pic of Jodie.

Mackenzie Rosman on 7th Heaven
I love this girl's dark skin (she has Cherokee Indian ancestry) and big brown eyes. She also has a beautiful smile that isn't displayed enough in this mostly humorless hour drama of an uptight Christian family. Her hair is curly for the first few seasons, and then becomes straight: I'm guessing that she isn't naturally curly because most Native Americans are not, and her curly hair always looks stiff and permed (maybe they wanted to make her look blacker or more Shirley Temple-ish). Mack is one of those girls who looks younger than she really is, but I don't watch the episodes later than May '01 because she is beyond 11½ and technically no longer a LG. Airs weekdays on Episode guide.

Techniques to enhance the sense of touch & intensify feelings of love

Mescaline cacti
Enhances enjoyment of touch, food, music, scenery, colors, and more. Intensifies feelings of love. No booze-like hangover. Nonaddictive. Synergistic with marijuana.

River Source Botanicals mescaline cacti seeds and cuttings
Scroll down to Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus peruvianus, and Trichocereus bridgesii.

Approximately 20-gram packets ($25) of dried "Peruvian Torch" / Trichocereus peruvianus can be bought over-the-counter at Urban Shaman Entheobotanicals, Vancouver

Mescaline cacti cultivation guide

WA laws
(1)(2c): 0-5 years, $1000-$10,000
Double the penalties under these conditions.
I'm not aware of any prosecutions for possession of the Trichocereus genus under state law, but it is theoretically possible based on the same reasoning that the state uses (and the courts have upheld) to criminalize psilocybin mushrooms: that the mushroom is a "material" that contains an outlawed hallucinogenic substance. Discussion of the murky legal status of non-peyote mescaline-containing cacti in the US.

Canadian laws
*Note that the Lophophora (AKA peyote) genus is excluded, and therefore apparently legal.

Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms
Enhances enjoyment of touch, food, music, scenery, colors, and more. Intensifies feelings of love. No booze-like hangover. Nonaddictive. Synergistic with marijuana.

Sporeworks psilocybin mushroom spores
Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe tampanensis, and Psilocybe atlantis produce a subterranean growth called sclerotia that contains psilocybin and is easier to cultivate than mushrooms.

Pacific Exotic Spora
Sells Psilocybe tampanensis spores.


WA laws
(1)(2c): 0-5 years, $1000-$10,000
*Double the penalties under these conditions.

Canadian laws

Enhances enjoyment of touch, food, music, and more. No booze-like hangover. Nonaddictive. Synergistic with psilocybin mushrooms and mescaline cacti.

Marijuana Law

Marijuana-flavored candy

WA laws
1-90 days, $250-$1000
Possession over 40 grams: 0-5 years, $1000-$10,000
(1)(2c): 0-5 years, $1000-$10,000
*Double the penalties under these conditions.

Canadian laws

Floatation tanks
Not as powerful as the above plants and fungi, but enhances the sense of touch to some extent. Potentiates the effect of the above plants and fungi for a week or two after a session (floating high distracts from the desired sensory deprivation effect). I find that these tanks produce a level of relaxation and stress reduction that is not achievable by other means, and improve my sleep for at least a few weeks. A lot of the tanks sell time in one hour sessions, but I don't consider that long enough to reach the deepest level of relaxation and get the full effects, and I recommend at least 1½ hours.

Another list
Some of the WA and BC tank locations on the above lists are closed permanently, some temporarily. The following tanks are the only ones open in the region at this time to my knowledge:

Exclusive Floatation Center (Surrey, BC)
This tank is smaller than most I've used, so there is more frequent ping-ponging off the sides (especially if you're tall and broad-shouldered) -- but the rate is the cheapest I've ever encountered ($25 US or Canadian for as long as you want to stay in). The tank sits in a locked "float shed" (with shower) behind the house, and after I became a regular customer they let me stay out there as long as I wanted and lock up after I was done. There hasn't been enough water in the tank the last two times I've used it (my butt was touching the bottom), so I've had to add more (from the shower, which goes cold after 10 minutes) -- and it took many hours to warm back up to a comfortable temperature (I prefer it at least 93 F). If a lot of water needs to be added, the tank may also need more epsom salt to counteract the reduction of buoyancy from adding more water (your head shouldn't be so submerged that the water is close to your eyes). The water level should just be touching the word "Today" on the gauge on the left interior of the tank. I haven't noticed a significant difference in heating power when the thermostat (on the left back exterior of the tank) is on 27 or 38 (Celsius, I assume). The tank's owner (Ron) is out of the country a large percentage of the year, so you'll be dealing with his elderly mom most of the time--and she doesn't seem to understand the tank as well as I do. Another problem is that the float shed is only warmed by a by a small portable heater that is inadequate on cold nights (I don't recommend this place when the outdoor temperature is below 4 or 5 C). White Rock weather.

Brian Bales' tank (Bellevue)
This is apparently the only tank open to the public in the Seattle area at this time (it's located in Bales' house in southeast Bellevue, not at his yoga studio), but I don't recommend it because the owner insists on watching the (nude) customer enter the tank, exit the tank, and towel off (at least if you're male). I asked Brian whether I could wear a swimsuit into the tank for more privacy, and he essentially said no. He charged me more for a for a 2-hour session ($95, if I recall) than the $80 his website indicates.

The Book of Floating
The definitive book on floatation tanks--first published in 1984, reprinted by Gateways in 2003.

Encounters with police

Busted: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

Beat the Heat: How to Handle Encounters With Law Enforcement

ACLU printable card on how to handle police encounters

Printable card on how to handle police encounters in Canada

Psychedelic drugs

The jailing of Steve Kubby
Kubby is in the Placer County Jail in Auburn, CA for possession of a psilocybin mushroom and a few peyote buttons (mescaline) in 1999. He fled to BC in 2001 to avoid punishment for that "crime", and was ordered out by the Canadians last month after a 5-year battle to stay in that country (in BC he became an extremely vocal critic of the drug war on Pot-TV, frequently smoking marijuana on the air and almost taunting the American and Canadian authorities to try to nail him). I've long had doubts about whether Kubby was for real or a self-serving publicity seeker: he and his wife have claimed for years that he needs smoked marijuana to stay alive because he has a rare adrenal cancer, and would quickly die without it -- but he has now been incarcerated for nearly a month, and is apparently OK (he has been receiving the legal THC-containing drug Marinol in jail). Another thing that doesn't make sense to me is why someone with a medical condition that causes blood pressure spikes would be into psychedelics--which are central nervous system stimulants that can significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate in some people. And now it seems that he is angling to get out of jail as quickly as possible--which contradicts his long-standing philosophy of not cooperating with the drug warriors in any way. Kubby may be a fraud, but a so-called "free" society that would incarcerate a harmless 59-year-old man because he may have ingested psilocybin and mescaline 7 years ago is a much bigger one.
Update: Kubby was released from jail on March 6 after serving 40 days, but he could get more time when he returns to court later this month for a probation violation charge for moving to Canada. He reportedly lost a significant amount of weight in jail, but a lot of people lose weight in jail because the food isn't the greatest and the servings may not be what you're used to -- so I maintain my above doubts about whether he and his wife hyped the necessity of treating his reputed illness with smoked marijuana (which has apparently garnered them monetary donations over the years for the Kubby "cause"). Again, I must point out that whatever doubts I have about Kubby's credibility and motives are dwarfed by the contempt I have for people who think it is an appropriate use of taxpayer money to incarcerate someone for personal use quantities of psilocybin and mescaline. Did the citizens of Placer County sleep any better the past 40 days because Kubby was off the streets?

Video: Ecstasy Rising
I've never tried MDMA, but its effects sound similar to LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline -- which I do have experience with. Ecstasy may ultimately prove to be more subversive than LSD, not because it's more powerful, but because it's easier to make: there has been a reported drought of LSD in the last several years, following the 2000 bust of two of the few people in the world who are contemporary masters of its underground synthesis.

The Evil War on Drugs
"The drug war is grounded in an evil premise: that people do not own their bodies, that they have no right to control what they do with their own lives and their own property, that it is appropriate to lock them in cages if they produce, distribute or consume chemicals in defiance of the state. This is a monstrosity. As long as America has the drug war, it is not a free country. Politicians who support it and expand it, knowing the evils it entails, have no business lecturing us on morality. The ideology of the war on drugs is the ideology of totalitarianism, of communism, of fascism and of slavery. In practice, it has made an utter mockery of the rule of law and the often-spouted idea that America is the freest country on earth."
This is one of best diatribes on the drug war I've ever seen, and I couldn't have said it better myself. If the US and Canada are truly free countries, then they should not be locking up, fining, or otherwise punishing people for ingesting psychedelic plants, fungi, and synthetic molecules just because the hypocritically fascist caffeine/alcohol/nicotine majority disapproves (if you think that you should be allowed to drink beer or wine but I can't eat psilocybin mushrooms or marijuana buds, that makes you a hypocritical fascist). What I do with my brain and body is my choice (not yours), and I don't exist to be a "drug-free" role model for other people's children.

Former Seattle police chief recommends legalization of magic mushrooms and LSD (3rd paragraph)
Wow, what a great opinion piece--I wish all cops were as cool as Stamper! The last I heard he's living in the San Juan Islands--which is one of the most beautiful places in the state to trip on psychedelics.

Law Enforcement Against (drug) Prohibition

Confessions Of An Amerikan LSD Eater
"The alterations of perception caused by psychedelics are not hallucinations in the strict sense of the term. Rather, they are amplifications and magnifications of perceptions and mental functions, analogous to the altered perceptions caused by looking through the lenses of a telescope or a microscope... The effect is like switching on a bright light in a dimly lit room, or like waking up from a lifelong semi-sleep, to a higher degree of wakefulness than you�ve ever known."
This was published in Gray Areas magazine in the early '90s. A Prisoner Of War Speaks Out (Gowin wrote this 4 years later--still incarcerated for LSD sales).

Liberty & LSD
"LSD* is not illegal because it endangers your sanity. LSD is illegal because it endangers Control. Worse, it makes authority seem funny. But laugh at authority in America and you will know risk. LSD is illegal primarily because it threatens the dominant American culture, the culture of Control."
*And its relatives psilocybin & mescaline.

Jonathan Ott's Proemium from his '90s book Pharmacotheon
"It is self-evident that the millions of contemporary users of proscribed [psychedelic] drugs are laughing at the laws presuming to forbid them, and that they are far from deficient in the ingenuity needed to outwit those laws. It has ever been so with laws presuming to regulate the legitimate appetites of human beings; and there is no question that such laws represent an abuse of governmental power."
This is a thorough argument for drug legalization. Pharmacotheon is a big, scholarly book on psychedelic drugs, and that is no longer in print. My only complaint with it is that Ott doesn't like the term psychedelic (which means mind-manifesting) -- apparently because it's too '60s-ish -- and instead uses entheogen (a word that he helped coin in the '70s, and which means realizing the divine within). As an atheist, I prefer psychedelic.

Attorney who specializes in psychedelic drug cases

Drug Law Reporter

Busted! Drug War Survival Skills

Erowid psychoactive drug library

Video: Dana Larsen's LSD trip

Video: LSD and the 60's Psychedelic Revolution
The best part of this is the last few minutes--where aging acidhead-extraordinaire Ken Kesey makes some trenchant comments about police drug goons circling his place in a small plane, looking for marijuana.

The Politics of Ecstasy
Your brain belongs to you--not the government--and you have a right to get high!

Something Weird Video
Speacializes in obscure, crazy, low-budget, girls-gone-wild, and just plain bizarre films that have probably never been broadcast on TV (and probably never will be). Includes a number of films with marijuana and psychedelic drug themes (type marijuana, marihuana, LSD, Mindbenders separately into search box).

Stop involuntary circumcisions

This is one of the best anti-circumcision sites I've seen. It's done by a guy in New Zealand--where the circumcision rate has fallen to 5%.

Vancouver anti-circumcision activist James Loewen's documentary
Available in the Sno-Isle Library System in Snohomish and Island counties.

Circumcision reduces penis size and sexual pleasure

Foreskin restoration increases penis *size and sexual pleasure
*Mostly width, but also some length in tightly-circumcised men.

Jew would rather have been branded with Star of David than circumcised
Dr. Ronald Goldman is another man of Jewish heritage who doesn't like being circumcised, and he has written books on the subject, made TV appearances, and of course has Dr. Dean Edell and Howard Stern (see below). Paul Krassner and Jon Stewart have also criticized circ' (Krassner in High Times magazine, Stewart on TV).

Howard Stern's anti-circumcision rants
"I am completely pissed off that I�m circumcised."
Stern's site.

Uncircumcised celebrities

The circumcision globe
Another case where America stands nearly alone among the more civilized nations.

U.S. male after his involuntary, unanesthetized penile reduction surgery
And I'm proud to be an American--where at least I know I'm free.

Circumcision images and video
Where are the cops, politicians, and other "public safety" zealots when this sex crime is occurring? This unnecessary sexual torture-mutilation is legal in every state and province, and performed thousands of times daily. Like Howard Stern said: "What kind of country is this?"

Whose Body, Whose Rights?

Recommended movie: Why We Fight

This film is scarier and more wide-ranging in its criticism of American militarism in the post (and pre) 9-11 world than Michael Moore's last offering (which seemed more focused on merely denying Bu$h a second term), and it's a shame that it apparently isn't going to play in middle-class suburbia (it's only showing this month at single locations in Bellingham to my knowledge). It's particularly timely given the current descent of Iraq into a long-term, low-level civil war -- which was predicted by many knowledgeable people before the invasion. Yes, Hussein is a bad man and it's nice that he is on trial and forced to account for his atrocious rule, but Why We Fight reminds us that the US was one of his biggest supporters in the '80s (there is a scene of Rumsfeld smiling with him during that period) -- and there are plenty of other scenes and comments (there is no Moore-style narration, but rather a wide range of famous commentators) that will cause viewers to question whether Saddam's removal was worth the ensuing carnage and chaos, and who really benefited from it. As one of the few people in the country who never liked Bu$h (even right after 9-11 when his approval rating was about 90%), it's satisfying for me to finally see middle America wake up and turn against his cowboy-style military adventurism. This is perhaps best symbolized in the film by a retired New York cop who lost a son in 9-11, had someone paint his son's name on a bomb used in Iraq, and is now disgusted with the obvious falsehoods used to justify the war. Why We Fight offers no easy solutions to the questions it raises, and even a hard-core cynic like myself left this film with a bleaker assessment of the future than when I went in.

Chilling Effects
Internet free-speech defenders.


Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do (The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country)

Excerpt from Dan Savage's book, Skipping Towards Gomorrah

Seattle - Vancouver street prostitution guide

American Atheists

A Brief History of Religion (cartoon)

International Dark-Sky Association
Help bring back the Milky Way and more stars, meteors, comets, and auroras to the light-polluted night sky: Use shielded, full-cutoff fixtures for outdoor lighting. Sky & Telescope's Sky at a Glance.

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

P-I special reports on plight of Puget Sound's working poor

AM 1090 Progressive Talk

Tom Leykis
Men's rights talk show host who does mostly nonpolitical male-female relationship topics that revolve around men trying to get laid without getting ripped off by gold-digger women. Occasionally does an hour on his atheism. Seattle affiliate schedule.

The Rights of (Corporate) Man

Paladin Press
Specializes in books containing outlaw knowledge.

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island noise pollution
Jan 12, 2006, approximately 8 AM: I saw two of their planes flying supersonically in tight formation between the top of Victoria Hill (1400 ft elevation) and the bottom of the cloud layer--which I estimate was about 2000 ft (it was below the top of Mt Washington at 2698 ft), in the Stanwood - Arlington area. I rated the roar as very loud, and can't imagine that anyone in a 3 or 4 mile swath below the jets' path managed to sleep through it--even with earplugs. This is approximately 20 straight miles from the base, and less than 10 miles from Arlington Airport (a general-aviation airport). The clouds didn't look ominous (they definitely weren't thunderclouds), so I don't know why the pilots weren't flying higher in this area.

Last words from doomed commercial airliners
"The engines are flaming out--we're going down!"

Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
This amazing audio archive of Top 40 radio broadcasts is one of the first sites I found on the Internet, and still one of my favorites.

The Swingin' Years with Chuck Cecil
I started listening to this around 1980 at night from KSL in Salt Lake City, and was surprised to discover a couple of years ago that Chuck (now in his 80s) is still alive and adding new material. Airs live Saturdays 2 PM - 6 PM Pacific. XM The 40s.

The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart
I started following this chart in the late '70s on shortwave radio, and today consider it clearly superior to the US Top 100 -- which in the mid-'90s became dominated by too much down-tempo R&B, hip-hop, and humorless alt-rock for my taste. The Brits are more fond of pure pop and dance-pop -- as am I. Recommended chart book.

Friday Night Fever on 97.3 KBSG
Disco-era music 8 PM - Midnight. They also air Dick Bartley's American Gold at 7 PM Saturday and 8 PM Sunday respectively--which often have songs from the '60s and '70s that are not played by this station's local DJs. Recommended chart book: 2nd book, Top Pop Singles 1955-2002.

The controversial Muhammad cartoons are the most important free-speech issue of our time. The fanatical Muslims have told the West that we may not mock their prophet or use his image in any other way, and the vast majority of US print publications (including in the mostly non-Muslim Seattle area) acquiesced to this demand--though they portrayed their acquiescense as being sensitive and not wanting to offend, rather than the wimpish capitulation that it is. Most ran pathetic editorials with doublespeak and contorted logic, explaining that though they defended the principle of freedom of the press and the right of others to publish the cartoons, they themselves were not doing it out of respect for the local Muslim community. The Seattle Times' editorial is a typical example. The Times' David Birdwell says: "I just don't understand the point of intentionally offending a portion of our readers". Oh please: there are probably more nonviolent, non-robbing illicit drug users in the Seattle area than there are Muslims, yet you have no problem with regularly running police drug-goon propaganda that offends them. The Muslims (and Christians and Jews) deserve no more respect for their beliefs than do I. Indeed, I argue that mine are deserving of more respect because I update my beliefs over time--based on scientific discoveries, other news, and my own life experiences--rather than casting them in stone, based on the delusional writings of someone who died centuries or millennia ago. Doing a girl-love website has taught me that freedom of speech is only preserved by its risky, provocative exercise--not with theoretical, politically correct editorials that the papers around here (with the exception of The Georgia Straight--which completely ignored the controversy from what I can tell). Even though I only promote nonsexual touching of prepubescent girls and don't argue that sexual touching of such girls should be legal, I am relegated to a Canadian webhost that is one of the very few (perhaps the only?) in the world who will tolerate me (and it costs about double what a typical webhost charges). The girl-love board TKGL hasn't been functioning for over a month, and from what I understand it's because of a sustained cyber attack by people who don't believe that men who legally love LGs should have the right to express their views to the world. Last November, the Seattle City Attorney's office threatened to sue me unless I stopped using the words "girls" and "Fun Forest" (one of the city's properties) in the same sentence--though their legal justification for doing so clearly exempts news reporting and commentary. The fight against those who want to censor others whom they don't agree with is never-ending, and all of us who are threatened by censorship must stand together for maximum strength, or else we will be more easily silenced one by one. I challenge everyone who claims to believe in free speech to display the bomb-headed Muhammad cartoon this year.

The Cartoon Jihad: Free Speech in the Balance
In another example of the local media's do as I say and not as I do on this controversy, The Arlington Times published this, but didn't have the nerve to print any of the cartoons.

The Earth's honor roll of newspapers


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