419 MadLibs – Scam-O-Matic, the Original Scam Creation Tool

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Every once in a while you have to just laugh at the 419 scammers who abound on the Internet. Ok, maybe twice in a while, as we all just had a good laugh looking at the pictures at the 419 Eater website.

Anyways, a colleague, after reading about the 419 Eater site, sent us the link to another scam slamming site, “Urgent & Confidential: Dean Cameron’s Nigerian Spam Scam Scam” web site, at SpamScamScam.com.

Dean, it seems, has not only honed the art of baiting scammers, but has in fact turned his art into … well … art. Not surprising, really, as Dean is an accomplished and oft-employed actor – you may best remember him from Summer School, Ski School, or Rockula. No? Well, maybe not – then take my word for it. He’s also appeared on Will & Grace, and in Mad About You.

In any event, Dean Cameron has put together a live multi-media show based on his own experiences in baiting a 419 scammer, in which he “assumed the identity of a sexually confused Florida millionaire, whose only companions are his houseboy and cats, and began a 9 month correspondence with the scammer,” explains the web site. The show is based on the actual correspondence between Dean and his scammer, all of which is available on Cameron’s website.

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But the thing to which I most want to direct your attention is actually Dean’s Scam-o-Matic 419 scam letter generator. It’s a Mad Libs-style form – it asks you for nouns (a bunch of them), adjectives, and numbers, and then when you press “submit” it spits out a 419 letter to rival the best – only much funnier.

In fact, generally, this is a very funny site, by a very funny man.

Except for his guacamole, which is decidedly unfunny. I mean, who puts sour cream in their guacamole? Yuck!

You can play with Dean’s Scam-o-Matic here.

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3 thoughts on “419 MadLibs – Scam-O-Matic, the Original Scam Creation Tool

  1. please be careful with this chinesse scammer www.elenew.com and their sellers [email protected] ,[email protected] they scammed me 400 00dlls they never send 5 laptops thanks and please to every body never send money in advance by western union or any way !!!never Do it!!

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