14 Year Old Girl and Mom Sue MySpace for $30million for Date Gone Wrong

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Update! The lawsuit against MySpace has been dismissed by a Federal judge!

A 14 year old girl and her mother are suing MySpace for $30million for a date gone wrong.

According to the lawsuit, the Texas girl was misled by Pete Solis, a 19 year old on MySpace, who claimed that he was a high school senior (although it’s not impossible that a high school senior could be 19). After exchanging email addresses and telephone numbers, and talking for a month or so, they went on a date. The 14 year old and her mother now claims that Solis “sexually assaulted” her during that date.

$30million worth.

They claim that MySpace didn’t have enough protections in place.

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Now, here is where it gets interesting – Pete Solis is now counter-suing, claiming that she lied in her MySpace profile, claiming that she was 15.

Those familiar with MySpace know that if you sign up and are 14 or under, you are given a private profile, which can’t be found or viewed by anyone unless they already know you and are already added to your friends list, or they have your email address or MySpace i.d. In other words, it’s not a public profile.

But by claiming to be 15, this girl would bypass those protections and get a public profile.

This will be an interesting case to watch from a legal and Internet law perspective.

If you are interested, you can read my personal observations on the 14 year old suing MySpace over her date with Pete Solis here.

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14 thoughts on “14 Year Old Girl and Mom Sue MySpace for $30million for Date Gone Wrong

  1. this case is garbage ! her mother should not allow a 14 year old to be meeting men over the internet or even browsing the internet without being watched ! im not even sure were the hell her mother was when the child was even asking for permission to go on the date . the child seems like a fast little girl and her mother needs to stop allowing her so much freedom . yeah sure the guy is wrong as well but the situation would have never occured if the child was being closely monitored . they threw the case out FANTASTIC ! :-)

  2. Hello There!!!
    Okay, well for starters this whole thing is iNsAnItY!!!This is so stupid there is no reason that the mother should be sueing MySpace® !!!!!!

    It is the girls fault for lying about her age and not setting her profile private, also for trusting ANYoNe on MySpace that she didn’t know for sure!!! She is STUPID for getting to know that boy on the internet and giving him her number!!And meeting I’m mean Come On,What the Heck is that about!!!!

    So…..her mom should have at least known what she was doing but that goes too far when she went out with him!!!So WHY IS SHE SUEING MySpace!!!!
    Instead of sueing MySpace she should Ground her daughter.

    Okay, but it is still wrong for that guy to tak advantage of a 14 year old girl (even if she was his age it is still wrong for him to sexually abuse anyone he didn’t even know!!!!)

    So this case is a stumper, Yes:the guy should get punished somehow:the girl should be ashamed cuz she did cause it in the first place….No:MySapce should NOT pay the mom 30 million dollars that cRaZy!!!!!!(she should sue herself for letting it all occur!

    So that all I have to say, it is not MySpaces fault I have a MySpace tooo, MySpace did make anyone do anything!!Go MySpace!!
    So Bye Bye:) :))) <3 TJ

    Don’t even get me started about the mother

  3. Intersting comments and interesting store. This whole thing if wrong on so many levels. Girl is wrong for lying on myspace; girl is wrong for going out with someone so much older; mother is wrong for not policing daughter on myspace, in dating at 14, and in dating older man. Mother’s parenting skills sadly lacking, mother’s lawsuit is without merit; cant blame Myspace for her lack of supervision of her daughter. The 19 yr old is guilty of stupidity in dating such a young girl, stupid for not checking ID for age no matter what she said, because her Myspace said 15. He is guilty of having sex with a minor, consenting or not. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time. I for one am glad the court threw it out… The court should charge the mother with a frivoulous lawsuit.

  4. Ok dude seriously
    Stop blaming myspace for this shit
    I have one and I’ve never been in that kinda trouble

    Look its noones fault but urs
    u shudnt be chatting with a guy who’s that much older then u anyways
    Myspace didn’t tell u to add this guy or for him to add u it gave u the option of it
    Myspace didn’t tell u to meet up with a 19 year old man even tho ur 14

    Think about what u do…myspace is simply an option of u having and it doesn’t force u to do anything u don’t want to

    And this is coming from a 14 year old dude named jaden hit me up on myspace! :]

  5. This is crap I don’t think that the man should go to jail for a long time becuase this LIL gurl should not have been on myspace in the first place cuz I’m 17 and my momma didn’t want me to get on myspace so I say that it comes back down to her momma cuz she should have been watchin wat her daughter was doing cuz my momma got parental contols on my computer and remember that I’m 17 and the system sends a email to my mommas email eveytime I go to a diffrent website and if its not appropriate the it blocks it and I can’t get on so they shouldnt be suin nobody cuz they only doing it to get some money cuz this lil girl probably have lied many more times to many other guys but this wat she get for trying to be older and grown up and her momma just need to pay more attention to wat her daughter do instead of how much she can get from myspace for her child lying amd how in the world did the lil girl get to go on the date witout her knowing where she was goin cuz my momma would have asked me every question in the book befo I go ANYWHERE so her momma just doing this for some money that’s all I got to say. MYSPACE ANINT DO NOTHING CUZ THEY WEBSITE SAY THAT THEY R NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MEETINGS OR EXCHANGING OF NUMBERS SO FIND SOME BODY ELSE TO GET MONEY FROM. SORRY HONEY NOT MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!

  6. well i just graduated this year and this says that it is impossible for a 19 year old student to be a senior in highschool. well i was a 19 year old senior so they need to get their story straight

  7. Ok now i must agree the dismissal for this… 13 million dollars? Let the government handle myspaces situations if you’re going to be that greedy I woul’dve gone for have a million.. or even a quarter of a million that’s proposterous


  8. stories like this piss me off. its not myspace’s responsiblility to moniter all the communications that goes on between people. people like this need to get a life, take responsibility for their own actions, and stop trying to sue big name companies just to get their goddamn name in print.

  9. Sue,sue, sue, seems that is all some people think about, yeah where was mother when daughter was doing all this on the internet, and daughter should have known better.

  10. It just seems interesting that two of the elements this case hinges on are her claiming to be older, and more particularly, him claiming to be younger.

    Part of keeping kids safe online is depending on them to be honest and depending on predators to be honest. And when was the last time either group was known to be honest?

  11. Oh puhleeeeeze! Suing myspace because of this??? It would be like suing the manufacterer of my car if I got drunk & crashed it into someone. I don’t see how they could even sue each other. I don’t think that it’s illegal to lie or misrepresent something unless you’re in court (perjury), signing a legal document, or transacting business.

  12. what kind of mother allows a 14-year old girl to go out on a date with a stranger, much less a 19-year old boy?

  13. did her mother even know that she was having these conversations with this guy did she know what her daughter does on the internet? , yeah the guy is wrong and should go to jail but, the mom should have been monitoring what her daughter is doing on the net everyone knows about all the janky stuff that goes on over the internet. i dont think that my space has that much control unless now you have to mail in an id to verify a persons age, if enough stuff happens they will probably be forced to close my space down.

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