11-year Old Takes on WB with SaveOurLooneyTunes Website

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  •  11-year Old Takes on WB with SaveOurLooneyTunes Website

Now here is an enterprising young man – a boy after my own heart.

Thomas Adams, just 11 years old, is appalled at what the WB (Warner Brothers) is doing to his beloved Looney Tunes. That the Looney Tunes are beloved to Thomas Adams at such a tender age says something about the staying power of these Tunes, who have been around for decades, doesn’t it?

So, Adams created a website, SaveOurLooneyTunes.com.

But from what does young Thomas want his Looney Tunes to be saved? What has him so appalled?

It seems that WB is planning a new generation of Tunes, called “Loonatics”. They are ostensibly descendants of the original Looney Tunes, with super powers, and fighting Bad Guys. But it’s clear to even the casual observer that they are in fact the old Tunes, made over. Slightly. Each of the new Loonatics looks a great deal like their Looney ancestor, albeit more stylized and baaaaad. There’s Ace Bunny, Danger Duck, Rev Runner, Spaz B. Wilde, and Tech E. Coyote (it should be fairly obvious which Loonatic is based on which beloved Looney Tune).


Just how baaaad are these Derivatics? According to folks at Wikipedia, Spaz, based on the Tasmanian Devil, is a “grunting muscle-bound construction destructor causing tornadoes of all kinds with a super strength every villain fears”. And Tech E. Coyote “constructs vehicles and conducts surveillance, and also has powers of regeneration that render him invincible.”

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 11-year Old Takes on WB with SaveOurLooneyTunes Website


Young Thomas is so concerned that these new ‘tics are going to replace the Looney Tunes we all know and love, not in hearts and minds, but in where the WB network pours its marketing and advertising dollars, so that the old Looneys fade away, that he has not only created a website to put a spotlight on his concerns, but has an online petition, which thousands have already signed.

What is Adams hoping to accomplish? The petition form on his website reads:

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“By submitting this form, you are asking Warner Brothers to reconsider their plans to change our beloved classic cartoon characters into the dark, futuristic action figures currently planned for the cartoon series, “LOONATICS.”
We urge Warner Brothers to create entirely new characters for the series rather than “ruining” the classic characters. We know they are saying that these are descendants of the classic characters, but it doesn’t really look that way. Some “classics” just shouldn’t be tampered with.”

Whether Thomas makes his goal or not, he’s already accomplished one thing: impressing a lot of people with his gumption and clever use of the web (sure, he had help, but his interviews have made clear this is his concern, and his initiative).

If you want to sign the petition, or just see what all the fuss is about, visit Thomas’ website at SaveOurLooneyTunes.com.

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 11-year Old Takes on WB with SaveOurLooneyTunes Website

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  •  11-year Old Takes on WB with SaveOurLooneyTunes Website

3 Replies to “11-year Old Takes on WB with SaveOurLooneyTunes Website”

  1. I say if WB rolls out the new (yet keeps the old), then it’s OK by me. Besides, re-working old WB characters can and have yielded great results. For instance, Cartoon Network’s “Duck Dodgers in the 24 and one half Century” series is hilarious and fresh!!! Just my $.02…

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