0x800a0007 Windows Update Error

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“0x800a0007 Windows update error.” An update error is just what you don’t want to see on your Windows machine, be it the 0x800a0007 Windows update error, or any other update error.

The 0x800a0007 Windows update error, however, seems to have pinched quite a few people, and continues to do so even though it peaked earlier this summer. Fortunately, its main causes are fairly innocuous, and also fairly readily fixed.

The majority of 0x800a0007 Windows update errors were caused by the Windows update service not properly being able to handle systems where the primary designated language was not English. Microsoft has supposedly fixed this, but if you run into a 0x800a0007 Windows update error, and you have selected a language other than English as your primary language, try switching your preference until the machine is updated.

The second biggest problem leading to a 0x800a0007 Windows update error is if your date and/or time on your computer are not set correctly. Apparently if the disparity is great enough, your efforts to update will time out. Correct your time and date.

Finally, if your primary system language is English, and your computer is set to the right date and time, but the 0x800a0007 Windows update error persists, check to make sure that you have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) enabled in Internet Explorer, and that, if you are using a proxy server, you have HTTP 1.1 enabled.

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