Scam Identity Theft Calls to Cell Phones Tout Expiring Auto Warranty, Coming from 408-587-2116 and 623-238-6228

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[UPDATE: The scammers behind one of the biggest of these scams have been caught by the FTC. Read about it here.]

People across the country are reporting telephone calls coming from the numbers 623-238-6228 and 408-587-2116. These calls claim that your car warranty is expiring, but they are really scam artists trying to steal your personal information and identity. Other numbers generating these spam identity theft calls include 202-552-1332, 702-520-1105, 609-948-0971 and 562-289-8136.

The calls always say roughly the same thing (often leaving automated voicemail), along the lines of:

“Your car warranty is expiring. We have notified you several times by mail.”


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“Your car warranty has expired! Protect your loved ones with an extended warranty!”

Sometimes, instead of an expired warranty, they will also offer debt consolidation or refinance loans.

In any case, they are after your financial information, and your money.

These calls are illegal, probably under both the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and the Federal anti-spam law, CAN-SPAM.

You can report these calls to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) – and file a complaint with the FCC at

The Internet Patrol is completely free, and reader-supported. Your tips via CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal are appreciated! Receipts will come from ISIPP.

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77 thoughts on “Scam Identity Theft Calls to Cell Phones Tout Expiring Auto Warranty, Coming from 408-587-2116 and 623-238-6228

  1. I am the HR Director for this company and to tell you frankly we have a lot of compliance issues that we are working to correct. We are working on changing our name from Pacific Guard Warranty to Mechanical Protection Group, which we will market to our new customers therefore erasing the old name. Second, we are making progress in educating our sales and customer service people on not to run credit cards or checking accounts of our customer without their permission. This are our intiatives as ordered by chistian westbrook, frank frappier, and doug butcher.

  2. There is also a Jerk called Chris Bowman who partners with FRank DOug and christian, there are other tie ups too like Direct Protect warranty they also are associated with offshore centres

  3. Amazing. Found this site today after months of the stupid phone calls – I actually started wandering out into my sun room (we live way out int he country far from neighbors) and SCREAMING as loud and high-pitched as I could. I also decided the next time they call I am going to traumatize whoever the idiot is who works for them by cutting off in mid sentence, saying ‘hold on, someone;’s at the door’, then start yelling ‘who are you? who are you? What do you want? Oh my god! No! No! Nooooooooooo!Help me! help! somebody! God, no! Nooooooooooooooooooo!’

    LOLOLOL (yeah, I’m just that evil)

    Oh, yeah, and I love the air-horn idea. I don’t care how desperate you are for a job, you have got to be some low kind of person to work for a company like this.

    Now they are emailing me. Sheesh. SPAM SPAM SPAM.

  4. I don’t wish to get into this any further than to tell you who you are searching for.

    The individual owners of PacificGuard Warranty are:

    Frank Frappier who resides on Southern California
    Christian Westbrook – Bay Area
    Doug Butcher – Bay Area

    They will no doubt have themselves buried in other corporations that own PacificGuard. So look at the Nevada Secretary of State pages along with Delaware and any other corporate friendly state.

    If you can get to these 3 individuals personally with a lawsuit, you may get somewhere. Suing the corporation will get you nowhere, because they have insulated themselves appropriately.

    A big lawsuit against any of them personally will wake them up because they won’t want to lose their personal property or money.

    Good Luck

  5. I hadn’t heard of this until recently and well… what are you suppose to do if you have purchased one of these “extended warranties”? I’ve been searching all morning but every article is only addressing the fact that they exist. What are you suppose to do -if you have purchased one – to get it canceled and not be charged for the cancelation? After calling the “Warranty Company” and canceling do I have to also call the company that they financed it through?

  6. Got a call from a new number 800-169-8786… they called me twice today. Both times I talked AT them until they hung up. :)

  7. Just plug these annoying little pest phone numbers in Have fun :)

  8. Company’s name: Extended Auto Warranty
    Address: 1868 N. University Dr. Ste. 304 , Plantation, FL Zip: 33322

    corporate – 954-423-3700

    ^^^that is the number to their corporate office, call them and tell them you are going to file harassment charges on them if they do not remove your phone number from their list. It’s the only solution….

  9. I have been getting calls for weeks from these people.

    Driving me insane. I talked to “Jerry” today, even though his accent was so thick I couldn’t understand him clearly.

    I told him to remove my number and that the phone he was calling was owned by the US govt (which is true but USPS not nothing cool) and that I would report the company to the FCC if they called back.

    They have called me from:


  10. These guys have been calling me the last couple of weeks on both my cell and my office phone. Today, I got a call that was the exact same auto message with the same options to press 1 etc., except now they’ve moved onto trying to “lower your credit card rate”. Once again, I pressed one to talk to them and asked which of my credit cards they were associated with, they said they represent x amount of companies. I asked them which of my credit cards they were talking about. They then hung up on me again. I’ve started blocking each of the numbers they call from on my cell phone, but by the list of numbers on this site, I’m afraid it will never go away. Filed FCC complaints also.

  11. After receiving a call from Direct Warranty Services, located in St. Peters, Missouri, a quick background check of the company soon revealed that a few scoundrels work there too. Some of the names that appeared were Kurt Schlogl, Len Woolfenden, Brian Copilevitz, Darrin Thomas, and Mindy Schnyder.
    Besides being named in various lawsuits for their business dealings, some were named for being convicted of DUI, assault, armed robbery, and child molestation. What a bunch of great people to entrust your auto warranty with.

  12. I’ve been getting them too. The number calling my corporate business cell phone too.
    (404) 537-0427

  13. Been getting calls on my cell phone from these idiots. My vehicle is 10 years old and was a used vehicle when I bought it! Never had longer than a 30 day warranty. Really ticked me off when the call came in at almost 1 AM!!!

    These are the numbers that appeared in the Caller ID;
    508-993-6098 on 5/6/09 at 5:55 pm
    845-558-1687 on 5/7/09 at 12:51 am
    724-994-1407 on 5/8/09 at 9:40 am
    781-936-4241 on 5/14/09 at 4:34 pm
    262-513-8290 on 5/14/09 at 5:16 pm

    I have reported them to the website.

  14. Just got one of these calls and pressed 1. Was on the phone about 30 mins listening to their song and dance. I told him my name was “Lillian Meunster” (haha – idiot didn’t even get it), made sure to take an extra long time making all my decisions, and then when he finally asked me for payment I said I don’t have a credit card, I pay all my bills with $ orders. He said “By law” they couldn’t accept a $ order. I was like “Wow, ya’ll sound real offical. I’d feel terrible if ya’ll broke the law or somethin fer me.” Then he said if I didn’t decide and pay today, my records would be removed and I’d never get this offer again. Oh no! So I was like “So you mean I won’t get them phone calls from ya’ll where ya have to push 1 to talk to somebody?” He said “That’s correct”. And I was like “Well shooooot! I git about 5 or 6 calls a day from ya’ll, and you’re tellin’ me I won’t get ANY of them calls no more? I just won’t know what to do with mah-self!” Finally the dolt caught on and was like “I’m sorry we won’t be able to help you today ma’am”.


  15. Scam calls are now originating from this phone # 704 456-1307

    Calls to this number returned dead.

  16. I just got one of these calls today. No number showed on the caller ID. The recorded voice said the bit about my warrenty expiring, and then said press 1 to speak to a rep.

    I pressed 1 and was transferred. The woman immediatly asked for my make, model and serial number.

    I didn’t give her a chance to finish. In a VERY LOUD voice I informed her that I DID not have a warrenty and that I knew that their call was a bunch of bullhooey!
    Then hung up and felt a little better. :)

  17. I too have been receiving these calls for a couple months now. I received a call back number (925-771-2501)and spoke with a lovely lady named Pamela who hung up in my face when I asked her to remove me from the calling list. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, another lovely individual by the name of Scott. As soon as he answered the phone he was using his I’m Not Happy Voice (I imagine that he is used to these superviser calls). He immediate reaction to my call was anger. He starts to spew a script asking for my name and phone number. I gave him my number but did not want to give my name. He then became even more agitated and stated that I shouldn’t call him if I want to be removed from the list and that I should choose option 2 to be removed from the list. I tried to tell Mr. Personality that that does not work and that I have tried that several times already. And that when I do choose option 2 and inform the operator that I do not want to be contacted anymore I get hung up on. He continued to yell into the phone saying that I did not know how to follow simple directions and Ironically Scott told me not to call there anymore and threatned to hang up on me. I did file a complaint with the FCC (form)
    In the meantime I am with you guys. If they continue to call me I will call them right back and waste their time and be rude and hang up on them. Be sure to ask for my friends Scott and Pamela.

  18. We are getting the calls on our cell phone from these numbers:

    They say auto warranty – When we ask what company they just hang up. So if we don’t answer it leaves a voicemail which wasted my time deleting… been going on for about 3 months.

  19. 202-527-6024

    Those are also numbers that I’ve gotten regarding the scam.

  20. These people have been calling me for months know, I decided to screw with them and wasted about 20 minutes of their time! About 20 minutes later, I get a bogus call from “Nashville Police Department” (Private Number of Course), I laughed at him when he said “I was harassing “Warrenty Specialists”, anyways, now, today I am getting calls from across the country from people just like you wanting me to put them on the do not call list!!! Everyone I have talked to so far has said that they got my number from the “Scammers” and that my number is supposed to be Corporate headquarters!

    Do NOT give these people any info, and don’t try a reverse prank call unless you want to be “Corporate HQ”… and they get very busy!! I had over 30 calls in less than an hour….




  24. uh oh. i got bamboozled! i bought one and cancelled. however, they’re still tryin to make me pay. they’re threatening to send me to collections. can they do that? someone please help. tell me what can i do?

  25. I finally got these people to stop calling me after I filed several complaints with the FCC.

  26. 1: Buy an Air Horn. (skip this step if you already own one)
    2: Use a very hushed voice and sound interested, try to whisper if you can (you want them to turn up the volume).
    3: Walk outside.
    4: Tell them you are looking for your credit card (very quietly).
    5: Blast the phone with your air horn
    7: Smile.
    6: Hang up your phone.

  27. I have been getting calls about these warranties every day for the last few days. I don’t even own a car. The phone #s are always “private caller.” Its getting so annoying I don’t answer the phone unless checking the numbers. I see I am not the only one with this “problem” The phone companies should be held accountable, too. They are enabling these scammers.

  28. I just received a call from a (810) 742-6219 number…. He asked for my name and make of the vehicle…. I gave him a name and make, but I told him the vehicle wasn’t in my name. But, prior to my telling him ‘the vehicle wasn’t in my name…. He said, “I’m gonna transfer you.”

    But, like I said…. He hung up. I’m a tad concerned, although I didn’t give up my SSN nor bank or credit card numbers.

  29. They key is to target the telecommunication corporations that own the numbers.

  30. I am currently seeing what carriers own the numbers everyone has reported. If we can get actual carrier who owns the numbers we can start to fight back.

    more to come…

  31. Ok. Folks.. Let’s fight back. Let’s start calling these telemarketers and annoy the hell out them. If they have to waste time on the phone all the time, while not making sales, it will actually hurt them.

  32. Been getting the same call quite frequently on my cell from different numbers… let’s see…
    And that’s who’s called me for February. I also have another scam – someone trying to sell me a vacation package. I don’t answer my phone anymore unless I recognize the caller.

  33. I’ve been getting calls for over a year now from this company. We just got new phones and they have started again on the new numbers. Unfortunately I only have the newest # – recently they called me from 877-728-9891, but I know the number has been different before. I just used the 678 # listed above and asked a person to remove me, but I get the feeling they’ll still call, we’ll see – but I wanted to post the # since I hadn’t seen it here yet.
    Coincidentally, there is also another cell scam that I had to resolve today, unauthorized text charge for 9.99 on my phone bill. You get some texts out of the blue saying “Thank you for subscribing” when you didn’t. They then somehow charge you without your permission.I suggest to everyone that they have any “Premium Texting” blocked from their phone by the cell company just in case. Sounds like kind of the same thing.
    These Warranty calls are driving me crazy, I hope they pay for what they’re doing, I know several people who have received the same calls, and I’m sure that some people are being seriously taken advantage of. I’ll post new IDs if they call again. BTW – Does anyone know how they’re getting our numbers?

  34. oh and did I mention I’m in Canada so why would an American company give me a warranty on a Canadian Car that I dont have?

  35. Just like the rest myself and everyone I know are getting these calls from Cali and Nevada.
    They finally left me a voicemail and said it was the final notice and to my surprise there hasnt been a call since that was 3 days ago who knows it may have stopped it may not.
    I can surely say that if they do call me again I will not be so friendly with them.

  36. Don’t bother wasting time notifying the FCC or BBB. These callers are scamsters; they know that what they are doing is illegal. As soon as they build up a bad enough complaint record, they just change the company name and phone number. There’s no legitimate business located anywhere for law enforcement to come after. Same as the scam faxes coming from “Corporate Travel Department” offering travel deals.

    Just ignore.

  37. i got a call from my car’s “warrenty specialists” too on my cell phone (scary) but it came from 555-555-5555?

  38. Received another call the other day, this time from 800-649-1856. The lady claimed to have already spoken with me about my “warranty”, total BS, I asked the company name & location, this time I was told that they were DS Direct located in Missouri. Why can’t these people be stopped??????

  39. Telemarketing is great!….. For me to poop on!

    Yes, I constantly get the 702-520 calls… but I somewhat enjoy it…

    I’ve been dealing with phone terrorists since the early 90’s. All started with daily multiple calls from a company in FL called Group One Long Distance. This was when long distance carriers were rampantly trying to sell everyone their 10 cents a min plan. A flurry of about 10 calls from them one after another from various employees making all kinds of strange noises from kissing to oinking AFTER I had royally po’ed one of them off is when my taste for vengence began.

    After this happened, at a local garage sale I happened upon something that made me say ‘hey, this is just what I need’…

    For 50 cents I bought one of those orangish colored ‘laughing boxes’ that takes a d cell battery like the ones inside the drawstring bags I remember from my youth. I still have it and boy have I used alot of batteries…

    Then one day I purchased a new 5$ phone at walgreens and noticed a strange noise it made sometimes as I hung up…

    Hmmmm… I picked up the reciever and cupped my hands one over the ear and other over the mouth so my cupped palms faced each other and then ‘squuuueeeeelllll’ some really loud feedback squeel that I could manipulate by slowly moving both hands around… HA HA HA a NEW thing to try… and it works… Sometimes they push their touch-tone buttons in response to try and irritate me back… You can hear it over the squeel… but the squeel is much louder… I just imagine them with their headphones on when I do it… Try it on your phone… some will some won’t… my sister’s cordless will do it too… FUN FUN FUN

    Been doing it for years and years now thousands of times… IF ONLY EVERYONE WOULD START DOING THIS… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Oh, yeah… tell your friends!

  40. I have been receiving calls every day along with most of my associates where I work. I’ve got our attorneys involved as well as contacted Dateline NBC to help advise citizens of this annoying scam. Everyone should try and get as much information such as:
    The people calling are just the telemarketers, not the actual warranty company. So, if they call, push the button prompted as if you are interested, in order to get someone on the phone.

    1. tell them that you’re interested in their warranty offer

    2. They’ll ask you for the make and model of your car. Just make something up.

    3. Then tell them bec of all of the problems going on with the economy and the AIG bailout, you need to know who the underlying warranty company is (i.e. the one actually providing the warranty)… Your goal is to get the NAME of that warranty company and their WEBSITE address.

    4. don’t purchase anything obviously. Just tell them you’ll think about it and will call them back.
    Let’s get these bastards!

  41. As of 9/16/2008, 1-866-571-7977 is the number listed on the mailer and their agent, Richard said his direct line is 1-866-571-7974.

  42. I have also received calls from this company,claimed to be Warranty Services of America. The phone number was 954-782-9687.
    I tried calling it back,but couldn’t. Next time they called, I pressed 1 to talk with a “customer service person” named “Pamela”, who also claimed to be a Supervisor and she would remove my number from the list. My opinion? B.S!!
    She also claimed they are in Phoenix Arizona,but my attempts to find it failed,and in fact was told by someone that they’re in Pompano Beach, Fla. When I tried calling 411, they didn’t have a listing, of course. Why would they want to recieve bothersome phone calls?? Good luck,and please,please call your local Attorney General to report this atrocity and violation of our privacy.

  43. The called me from +50622473602 saying my warranty would be reclassified because I had failed to return any of their attempted contacts – which never happened. Said they were from Warranty Services International used by all major car companies. Because of my questions and insistence that they weren’t legitimate, they hung up on me. Don’t get caught by them!

  44. The numbers above really do get you to the “waranty specilists”. Everyone should call them and just say “hi”.

  45. I’ve gotten the Auto Warranty call three times now. I acted interested, then I hung up while they were transferring me. They called back, and their real number registered on my caller ID. I called that number and was able to get connected back to the guy I had been talking to.
    The real number is 925-771-2501

  46. I have the number that works to call the warranty specialist.
    Just call them and bug them. I call at least 4 times a day.


    the number works

  47. I have been getting calls & mail from these people for quite some time. When they called a few months ago I said I didn’t have a warranty on my car ever & to take me off of their list. Well, this morning I received another call, they new my name, I said I have never had a warranty on any of my vehicles why would I need an “extended one”, then I asked them to verify what car they have listed & he hung up on me. So I called the # on my caller ID back, when you call there is a recording that says the company name is “National Auto Warranty & Dealer Services”, it took about 4 calls to get to a live person & when I asked her if i was calling the above company, she said no but then acted like she wanted to help. She said she didn’t know why I would have been called since I am not listed in their system. Definately sounds like a scam. The phone number I have is 800-724-9586.

  48. I have been on the do not call list since May, and I got a call from them once Friday morning, and I told them to never call me again, and take me off their list, then I got a call again the same day, later that night, and got the name of the company. I looked up the name of company and of course it’s not listed. Then They called me again today and I played along and got a number, name, and location. But then, when i called them back, it was a disconnected number. I called the FTC and unfortunatly they can’t do anything until I get some real contact information from these people. Does anybody have a real number or address??? So i can get these A$$holes to stop calling me?

  49. Alot of people are confusing Dealer Services or National Auto Warranty Services in Wentzville, MO with other companies. They do NOT dial outbound to their customers. The best way to figure out who is calling you is to do something like this:

    1. Answer the call and play along, act interested.

    2. The first person you talk to is likely just screening calls, so agree to speak with a specialist or sales person

    3. Go through the sales pitch and tell them you need to call them back with your credit card

    4. Get the callback number and post it here, I’ll check back over the next few days. I can check as to who the phone number belongs to and verify it with the utility company.

  50. Getting those same calls from number 304-324-8040. The number is an ISDN number with fake caller ID information, so it can’t be called.

    Did this twice on two separate occasions.

    Voice: “This is the last reminder that the warranty on your car is about to expire. To speak to a customer service rep, press 1. To remove your name from the list, press 2.�

    Pressed 1 and gave them some fake but credible information.

    First time I did this, the person who answered transfered me to “The Warranty Division�, where I spoke to an agent named Joseph, claiming to be from Auto One Warranty Specialist (1-800-930-2794 ext 337). When I confronted him on the fact that these were robocalls to a mobile number with fake caller ID information (three violations of FCC and FTC rules), he hung up on me.

    Second time I did this, I got transfered to a guy named Regal, who also hung up.

    I called the 800 number and pressed the “existing customer� option. Got passed onto a customer service rep who claimed that all of their marketing is done via mail, nothing by the phone. He claimed ignorance, but confirmed that this was “The Warranty Division� at “Auto One Warranty Specialists� at 310 Commerce Street in Irvine, CA. He confirmed that the second guy “Regal� was a real employee and that “Joseph� was a real employee.

    Have filed a complaint with FCC at

    Basically, the following actions are illegal and you can complain to Federal Communications Comission (FCC) if they happen:
    – robocall that hangs up
    – robocall that does not answer within 15 seconds
    – robocall or telemarketing call that does not hang up on you after you hang up
    – any unsolicited call that fails to provide information on nature of the business, information of the company calling, contact information
    – any unwillingness to provide information on company’s Do Not Call policies
    – any call after you have asked someone to not call you
    – fake Caller ID information
    – no caller ID information
    – telemarketing calls to mobile devices
    – spam Faxes

    These are all illegal under FCC rules.

    If your name is on the Federal Trade Comission’s (FTC)’s Do Not Call Registry, you can complain to the FTC about a violation — this is separate from the FCC’s complaint process.

    Unsolicited telemarketing calls to a number on the FTC’s Do Not Call registry are in most cases a violation of FTC rules. That is: YOU HAVE TWO SETS OF RULES AND TWO AGENCIES THAT YOU CAN COMPLAIN TO.

    FTC will not respond to you individually, but they will go after companies for which they get a lot of complaints.
    FCC will respond to your complaints, although there is usually not much you can do.

    In some states, you can file claims in small claims court for violation of state antitelemarketing rules. Check with your state’s telco regulation.

    If you’re tired of watchdog agencies not doing what they’re supposed to, vote for leaders who believe that government is there to enforce the law and that it needs to be done.

  51. I saw a post with this info on the phone calls:

    National Auto Warranty Services
    100 Mall Parkway
    Wentzville, MO 63385

    General Sales Manager, Derek Carroll (ext 7799)
    General Manager, Eddie Struckman (ext 7706)


  52. So Ive been getting these calls from numbers ranging coast to coast, and Im so incredibly sick of it that I decided I was going to try and see how much of somebody elses time I could possibly waste, since i was just awakened at 7am by this scam. Feigning interest I managed to keep a “salesman” on the phone for over 20 minutes…. I say we all try and do this. If you get the call and have 5-10 minutes to kill, if enough people can sit and bullshit with these salesman for that long than wouldn’t it be great if they were all putting in a full days work and not selling a damn thing. I say we start a website to see who can keep a salesman on the phone the longest. Enough is enough.

  53. I made a big mistake and worked for them in Concord.After I reported to work, they told me after 1 week of training that I flunked their “verbal testing.” Working for them was awful!

  54. Herbie Knopenfelter is on the job! I give telemarketers hell over the phone! I am founder of CAT (Citizens Against Telemarketers). You may not know who I am but you all soon will. I am tired of phonecalls like this and Im given them a taste of their own medicine!

  55. Here are the phone numbers that these joerks have called my kids cell phone number from:

  56. Give these guys a call or send them an email and let them know the calls should stop.

    The Warranty Group
    Phone: 312-356-3000
    175 W. Jackson Blvd.
    Chicago IL 60604

    Tom Murray, President & COO, Resource Dealer Group
    PH: (312) 356-2351
    FX: (312) 395-9410

    Mark H. Mishler, President & CFO
    PH: (312) 356-3006
    FX: (312) 356-3007

    John England, President & COO, Resource Automotive, Inc.
    PH: (312) 356-3012
    FX: (312) 356-3013

    Patrick Donahue, President and CEO, First Extended Service Corporation
    PH: (214) 637-7223
    FX: (312) 395-9380

    David Cole, Chairman & CEO
    PH: (312) 356-3002
    FX: (312) 356-3003

  57. I got called today. And I thank god that I hesitated in releasing my information. I got them to send me an email instead. Here is the phone number they called on: 505-753-1990

  58. I get these calls too. What I don’t understand is how can they be in business for so many years.

    It means all of us are just whining in forums and blogs like these but take no serious action.

    The FCC is a black hole. It is not accountable or these guys would be long gone now or better yet they could have not been in business in the first place.

    The Do Not Call List should have a provision that a person listed on it could subpoena the Telco to find all information about spammers.

    Oh well. Spam is coming to phone. What’s new?

  59. I just got a call at my house, but I don’t have caller ID. *69 said the number was “unknown.” Anyway, it started with a recording of a woman warning me that this is the final notice and I should press 2 to speak to a representative or whatever. In an attempt to identify who was violating my DNC list membership, I pressed it. I get a guy who says, “Warranty department, how can I help you?” I ask him what company I’m speaking with. Without a word, he immediately transfers me to another guy: “Warranty department, this is Shawn. Verify the year, make and model of your vehicle please.” Again I ask which company this is. Transfered again.
    New guy: “Verify year, make and model of your vehicle please.”
    Me: “What company is this?”
    Long pause.
    “General Motors, verify year make and model of your vehicle please.”
    Me: “This is General Motors?”
    Transfered again.
    Back to the first guy, who says, “Warranty department, how can I help you?”
    Me: “Is this General Mo…”
    He doesn’t wait for me to finish this time.
    Then comes another one of those annoying questions from me: “Are you getting angry with me?”
    I guess they realized at this point that they weren’t going to get my money, and they hung up on me.

  60. Another phone number they are using: 916-219-8141. I repeated the latest call (an illegal prerecorded message to my cell) to the FCC using online form 1080. The message claims that they are giving me a “second and final warning” that the car warranty will expire.

  61. Please be on the look out for the international scam artist.they say. Your car warranty is almost expired please call to renew before deadline. you call and that ask what make & model your car is. you tell them and the scam begins.

  62. They just called me with a new number on the caller ID. The last digit is 6 instead of 4. I can only assume they bought a whole block of numbers from the phone company and are cycling through the numbers as they get discovered.

    As I’ve done a couple of times before, I went ahead and played along. Here is what I’ve found out from my last two calls:
    Him: I understand you are interested in extending the warranty on your vehicle.
    Me: YES, yes!

  63. 925-429-0244 Is Auto Warranty Services AKA Pacific Guard Warranty. DO NOT buy this warranty service. Trust me. I know what I am talking about! It’s a small company working under Warrantech/Consumer direct. Office located in Concord, California. Owners reside in the state of MO. They do not screen their telemarketers before employment. Those people are taking your checking accounts/creditcards. Currently there are 2 Ex-Cons working in there right now. They call themselves Senior Warranty specialists. They use a hand-made script and engage in aggressive sales. All the calls you receive are from a call center hired by them. So don’t count on those calls ever ending. There are hundreds of numbers they generate.

    Sad thing about the whole thing is a majority of the people who have signed on with them don’t realize they have been scammed till months or even years down the road. When you sign up, you either pay in full with a so-called discount or you have up to 1 year to pay it off. Your vehicle has to be in perfect shape in order for them to accept you. Some people don’t have any problems during the warranty which is usually 5 years. And when somebody does have a problem like after a year or 2 after they paid the dues, they realize they got scammed and there is nothing they can do. Some states only qualify for certain services, but they will still sell you the very same warranty even knowing you will not qualify for a certain service. They are dishonest and they live happily being that way. There some pretty interesting posts at just keyword pacific guard warranty and you will see what others are saying. I’d love to share more information, but I really don’t know who I am dealing with in here. I just hope you are not one of their victims. good luck and be safe.

  64. (207) 464-8707 another number (Feb 21 2008) with the auto warranty scam. I kept the guy on the phone with false info about my car. I acted kind of stupid and they wanted to sell me a $2530 extended warranty. He transferred me to another guy who was all ready to take my credit card info over the phone. I offered to send him a check. He wanted my bank account info for an electronic funds transfer. When I told him I was reporting him to the FCC, he hung up. (207) 464-8707 mess with them if you get a call. String them along as far as you can. Make them waste time. Don’t give them any information that is real. Tell them that you don’t have a credit card and no checking account because you had a bad experience with the bank, but you can send them a cashiers check or a money order. He’ll stutter and stumble
    but chances are you won’t get a mailing address out of him. If you do, file a report with the FCC and with the attorney general’s office of the state they called from.

  65. Mike,

    the above article says the calls are illegal, not legal- it doesnt matter if you on the DNC list or not the calls afre ILLEGAL

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