Updated for 2012! Hotmail Outage as Server Goes Down, Users Unable to Access Email

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If you are reading this, it’s probably because Hotmail has gone down – yet again – as countless Hotmail.com customers find themselves unable to access their email due. It’s interesting to note that as we update this article yet again, that we are just two days shy of the seventh anniversary of this article! Read on!

When we first started covering Hotmail going down, and as a result Hotmail’s customers being unable to get to their email, it was February of 2005. Now, as of this update – 7 years later – it’s still a regular occurrence.

What prompted this update? This – these are the search terms leading to The Internet Patrol today (wow!)


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So yes, Hotmail is down for at least a substantial portion of their users.

According to a CNET report, back in 2005, a Microsoft customer service representative confirmed the outage, and blamed it on a faulty server, but refused to discuss the exact nature of the problem, or to indicate how many customers’ email accounts were implicated.

Back then, while it was not known how many of Hotmail’s 187million customers were affected, it is known that customers using both the basic free Hotmail service, and customers who pay for beefed up storage, were unable to access their Hotmail accounts.

Said Dwight Foster, a California Hotmail customer who pays for extra storage, “For a company the size of Microsoft, which bills themselves as a progressive, consumer-friendly organization, they’re really taking a long time to fix this,” adding “I’m about to blow a gasket.”

Which might be preferable to Microsoft than the alternative, which is that he take his business to one of the other webmail providers who are nipping at Microsoft’s heels, most notably Google’s Gmail, which offers a gig of storage for free.

In fact, Gmail is a particular pain point for Microsoft’s Hotmail, as according to a report by email analysis firm Return Path, more people switching to Gmail are switching from Hotmail than from any other webmail source – fully twice as many as are switching from Yahoo.

In 2007, we added a new article following another massive server outage. (Read about the 2007 widespread Hotmail outage here.)

Now, in 2010, desparate Hotmail users who are unable to access their email due to a Hotmail server outage come to our site so reguarly that it just makes more sense to update this article, rather than to try to write a new one each time.

Which really invites the question: why are y’all still using a service that leads to your reading this article?

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541 thoughts on “Updated for 2012! Hotmail Outage as Server Goes Down, Users Unable to Access Email

  1. outlook.com – IT’s happening here too… It’s all over answers.microsoft.com!

    Worse still Mail in Windows 8 does not support POP3! Not at all – period! Therefore you have to link your POP3 accounts to your Outlook account to get them in the Win8 Mail program.

    But if Outlook can’t even sync the mail you have no choice but to install a different mail client.

    With Windows 8 beign just out the starting blocks, and Microsoft putting virtually everything in to the cloud, this is a major failing.

    They would gain more support and positive feedback if they could be open, honest and blog the progress to keep the lowly user informed.

    I installed Windows 8 for my father recently and the only way to get his Live Mail over to Windows 8 was to use the outlook.com migration wizard!

    No we are stuck with virtually no way to receive new mail.

    This needs some serious attention!

  2. same beliefs about latest comment on hotmail.. am positive they have had HUGE hacking, too scared to tell public and MILLIONS have been affected. My hotmail now down for 6 days and counting, NO HELP NO SUPPORT and constant pretence by msn there is NO issue.. never again msn NEVER EVER AGAIN only gmail and apple PLUS have converted allmy family and friends.. why? cos this is typical of msn typical

  3. It’s down the MOMENT I need it. I don’t even use this and I just happen to have 1 email that requires it and it down. W0W.

  4. I have only noticed the last two weeks HOTMAIL is getting ridiculous to connect too in 10 plus years I have not had this bad an issue, even our commercial accounts with work have been effected. Yet according to MSN there is no “outage”. I question my internet connection but my gmail connects fine. This is upsetting since my main account is msn. Also I noticed a large patch upgrade and was hoping that whatever the problems would be fixed with that but they obviously weren’t. I have a feeling they are under attack and are failing to let the public know about the issues. I’m sure we will be seeing another large update package soon. :/

  5. For many months, have had serious problems with AT&T/Yahoo. Too slow or not available. When I contact AT&T support, first thing I am told: get rid of Internet Explorer and change to Mozilla – what’s this about? Is there a reasonable cost ISP out there?

  6. Lol, okay so the comment posted by me was my friends but wow was not expecting that reply.

    So again I was commenting about the person complaining hotmail was down. All I said was and this was the main part of my comment “have a contingency” but yeah you brought up me being a student and for your information my reality is awesome I’m graduating this year gonna get a job as an engineer and everything. I never said you had a problem with money or banks I just implied that if you or whoever had the comment about complaining about hotmail could get their password reset it would be easily done by going to the bank if the bank has an physical branch. If not by phone for internet banks. So yeah also about your listing degrees here thing that I don’t get I’m probably younger then you I may get more degrees who knows.

    Anyways don’t take that comment seriously lol checks sorry I don’t use them and yeah “contingency” Mr. Ihavalotofdegrees.

  7. Girls, girls – you’re both pretty. Take it private please, or we will have to start moderating you.

  8. Shit is always real fucktard!
    I don’t have a problem with banks, passwords or any combination of the former.
    Your reality cheque bounced!

  9. Listen I just wanted to tell you something that any “mature” person would do. If its such a problem for you to have your bank password, info, etc why don’t you just go into the bank and sort it out or can you not walk (yeah shit just got real)

  10. Dear Universally Challenged,
    I read the entire page…….
    My original intent was to cajole myself into chiding you due to your absolute disregard for punctuation and subsequent ruination of the English language, but I actually thought better of it and simply went for a light hearted approach which appears to have been absolutely wasted on you!
    Fortunately for me I have a strong tolerance towards the immature student as I was once one of the very same the only difference being I never had to fork out thousands of pounds for the privilege. Countless degrees later I’m free to live my life without fear of debt and/or repayments.
    Systems Analyst, Mechanical- Engineer, Classical Pianist, Computer Programmer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  11. Actually yes I do have a bank account but did you even read the rest of my comment other then student and bank account? the comment was focused on having contingencies, so before you go saying students don’t have a bank account literally read my comment before quoting part of it for what seems to be just a troll reply.

  12. It looks entirely deliberate and somewhat random behaviour. Looks like another attempt to get the code off my provider so I can use Thunderbird again as this looks like an even bigger waste of time by the day now. Oh and as for going to the new Outlook…if you think you have good PR get back to college you are a disgrace to international business.

  13. Come on, real Students don’t have bank accounts!

    Quote: C’mon guys aren’t you smarter than this? i’m just a student at university but contingencies are part of my daily life.

    Comment by Mark — 10/11/2012 @ 7:00 pm

  14. Hotmail is TF (first word is “totally”). It will eventually open but looks bizarre; text and boxes all over the place, shading I’ve never seen before in blocks here and there. Impossible to use or read the e-mails it says have arrived. If they sent a text to my mobile advising me of outage/solution time it would help. No way would I entrust my files to Skydrive!

  15. I’m sorry but if you were with a real bank you could just GO to the bank and get your password recovered that way relying on hotmail which i don’t believe is down to get it is seemingly idiotic, how about writing it down somewhere so you don’t forget it? I also don’t get why it’s still down for you guys it was only down for me for about 4-5 hours not weeks or anything like that. STOP complaining about outages it happens thats why you have contingencies a plan b for this sort of problem. C’mon guys aren’t you smarter than this? i’m just a student at university but contingencies are part of my daily life.

  16. I love how my bank account password recovery email… is on my hotmail… Looks like the thief gets the rest of the week on my email account…..

    Thats right, I cant recover my account till I can access my account that says I cant log in.

    Bills need to be paid. #shitoutofluck

  17. I can NOT get into my hotmail account at all. It has been down for nearly a week now. I have tried every combination I can think off and haven’t a clue what do to about it. Has anyone got any suggestions? Probably not by reading the posts above. very frustrating and time wasting!!! GRRRRRR

  18. My hotmail has been down for 2 hours yet all the “is it running” sites say that it is not down. Also what is weird is that my husband can log into his hotmail account but I cannot. Frustrating!!!

  19. I haven’t been able to get onto hotmail since 4:30 yesterday afternoon. One of the other “is it up or down” sites swears hotmail is up. I’m getting other sites just fine.

  20. You guys are over-rationalizing a couple of hiccups in a server, so what if it goes down a couple times a year, my road has a power cut every few years its not that bad. This problem would have big attention on it so they should be working on it and getting it fixed asap, oh and about losing you work for 10 years how about a contingency i.e maybe backing it up on a flash drive, harddrive or external. IF you think the program/website will ever in the slightest go down have a contingency at least. (Reason why I make a copy of my homework and put it on my usb and email it to myself).

  21. My hotmail just sits there, watching as I swear at it. I can see what emails I have, I just can’t read any of them. Someone fix this before I go crazy!! D:

  22. Me, my boss (who lives across the state), and my good friend (who lives across) the country have been having probs with msn live messenger freezing up when loading.. I have only been able to load it via opening hotmail. >_>

  23. My comments after being shut from my ex- oscardelabarrera@hotmail.com acct., and very frustrating experience trying to prove to Microsoft it was me the one that “owned” my Hotmail acct. of 10yrs.They invited me instead to open a new acct…


  24. The longest running thread on this subject, starting 05Sep2012, was at:


    That’s now been disabled so that no more replies can be posted. I was among those who switched from Hotmail to the new Outlook, without much more luck addressing a problem that went on for five days. Eventually, on an occasion I logged in sucessfully to a good inbox, I opted to revert to Hotmail. Meanwhile, moderators and others kept posting an https fix on the above and other similar threads, but step 5 in the fix only worked in Hotmail. In Outlook, it was a deadend missing the click location in subsequent steps. I phoned toll-free numbers twice, and the first respondent claimed there was no problem on Hotmail’s end. He suggested taking over my computer remotely, but it didn’t end up happening because I’m antiquated electronically, don’t have a cell or cordless, and there’s 15 feet between the computer and the landline. So I don’t know whether the takeover, if it had happened, similarly would have included a pitch to sell me something. The second respondent the next day conceded there was in fact a system problem. Ultimately I established a new Yahoo! e-mail account and will go with that and gmail if the Hotmail and/or Outlook problems recur.

  25. Hotmail / MSN has these outages on purpose is what I’m guessing. My elderly mother’s email went down due to the outage but when she called customer support to find out what was happening, they did NOT tell her it was because of the outage. Instead they accessed her computer and after seeing what her email looked like, said that it was due to a virus she had.They said for 200$ they could scan the computer and get rid of the virus that was supposedly only affecting her email and nothing else on her computer. She said that she has antivirus and that it says she has no viruses, but they continued to tell her THEY can only fix it and if she didn’t all of her banking information and anything else would be stolen by hijackers. However, we would have to pay a large fee. So of course, my mother is scared to death and calls me crying and then we start this huge search trying to find out what is happening. I called about five different support lines ALL of which are located in a different country and barely speak english. I just keep hearing, “OH YES MAM WE CAN SCAN YOU COMPUTER FOR 60$ FEE. BUY THE PACKAGE. WE CAN’T HELP YOU OTHERWISE.” You know, what they are trained to say in any situation. But not ONE of them said anything about the outage. Of course, I’m not a little elderly woman who would give into them so I hang-up on each one after they refuse to let me speak with their superior.
    So finally my mother says, “Maybe I should pay for a different email service..”
    …wait wait, you pay for email mom??? where is your bill for it??
    so on the bill there is a completely different number for customer support. And EUREKA I finally get on the phone with someone who speaks english. They pull up my mother’s info after i told them what was going on and I prepared myself to say, BUT IM NOT PAYING FOR YOUR ANTIVIRUS.. but he simply says, I’m sorry mam there are many servers being affected by the outage we are currently experiencing…

    so thats all this is?

    yes mam we appoligize..

    no virus?


    no hijackers


    O.O thankyou have a nice day.

    next day:email is back on..

    So thats all it was, I just wonder how many people those customer support lines on the MSN contact list took advantage of this outage.
    guess they finally got enough guppies to pay for their antivirus and fees to fix something that was on THEIR end.

  26. This is the third day that I can’t check my hotmail messages. When I log on, the page looks weird and shifted and I can’t get into any emails. I now have over 60 emails that I can’t check. Grrrr….Gmail, here I come!

  27. My hotmail has been off and on letting me login. Downside, it wont let me into my inbox and acts like only half the page is loading….IE, Chrome, Fire Fox, it doesnt matter.

  28. Over the last few days I have been able to logon to Hotmail, but the mail messages are not in the regular format and and are difficult, if not impossible, to open. Sure hope they fix it soon!

  29. I was required to submit my email address — an account at hotmail.com of course — in order to make this post. I don’t have access to that account anymore, as of this moment, which is ironically why I am here right now posting this very message. Even though I have encountered no major problems with hotmail.com, its security or otherwise, since I had opened the account a number of years ago, access to my account has seemingly been restricted. But here’s the full story…

    For at least the last two weeks I’ve been prompted by hotmail.com to submit personal information, specifically a cellphone number, every single time I’d go to log-in, not once but every single time over and over again. This request by hotmail.com (or microsoft?) for additional personal information, on top of the initial requirements for opening an account, was promoted as a security precaution; that is, in case my account was hacked, if they had my cellphone number, hotmail.com would be able to verify that it was indeed my account. Let me assure that in the four years since I had first opened the account, I have had no issues at all with the security of the account — to my knowledge, I have never been hacked nor temporarily hijacked — therefore, not convinced of the necessity to voluntarily provide such information to hotmail.com, I was initially reluctant and ultimately unwilling to comply by submitting my cellphone number. I was able to by-pass this process by leaving the areas blank and pressing the ‘Save’ button, which would redirect me to my inbox. Out of the blue and all of a sudden, however, hotmail.com supposedly detected that somebody else had gained access to my account. And again, nonetheless, they’re asking for more information; not only my cellphone number but credit card information, names of folders, an answer to my security question, and the list goes on.

    I just started searching the web to see if anybody else has encountered these issues and this was the first page I’ve checked out that’s apprently somewhat relevant. Anyhow, the point of me being here and sharing this story is that I want to make it very clear that at this very moment I am highly skeptical that what hotmail.com claims to be the case, is in fact what’s actually going on. I can’t be absolutely certain but it’s of my personal opinion that hotmail.com is relentlessly attempting to gather information on its userbase, and, also, I was curious to know if anybody else had encountered similar issues as of recently…?

    THANKS! I hope that made sense :)

  30. I tried again this morning and this is the same old crap that I get from MS.

    We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided. Microsoft takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously, and we are committed to protecting the personal information of customers. We have taken the additional step of blocking your account briochewarios@hotmail.com until we can verify you as the account owner. This will prevent any further use of the account, and protect you from any possible malicious activity.

    Please submit a new account verification form
    At this point, your best option is to submit a new form with as much accurate information as you can gather. The more information you can include in the form, the better the chance you’ll have of regaining access to your account. We’ve included a few tips below to help you fill out the form as completely as possible.

  31. Same thing here. Hotmail not working for the past 5 days. I followed the requirement to have my account reinstated by giving MS answers to secret questions and blah blah blah but they fail to respond to me even though they send me an email telling me that in 24 hours or before, I would get news from them.

  32. Hi everybody,
    I have Problems login in to my hotmail account since a few days. Its not possible. I have the following code on my login page:

    and there are “example-texts” in the fields where I use to type my username and password and I cant overwrite them. Everything I try to get in contact with support fails because I can not login. Its like the account was never there. Its frustrating. Somebody with some Help for me ????
    Best regards, marco

  33. This is totally amazing! I am accessing hotmail through Outlook on my laptop; Outlook has the folder and sub-folder features I use (which gmail doesn’t allow), and it has a great contact and calendar organizer.
    Ironically, I can access my Hotmail through hotmail.com, just not through Outlook. Might be time to give gmail a try, alas… They have calendars and contact managers too, and when I do get a smart phone, it will work great with Android. Not that I love having all my data in “the cloud”, but it seems to be the way things are going…

  34. I like that Hotmail gives me access ‘anywhere’ but it is very unreliable. My account keeps getting hacked and sending out ridiculous emails that I never sent in the first place. And then today, I can’t got on at all because the service is down.

  35. I see the last comment was posted 6/26/2012 on problems with Hotmail. I too have been having problems with my Hotmail account. Well, the first time several months ago I was receiving replies with my email address as me sending out random emails that didn’t make any sense. I changed my password and added a security question. Now last week I couldn’t log in to my account, it stated my password was incorrect. This time I had to confirm that my email address was mine. So I had to open a Gmail account for my job and to receive a conformation email from Hotmail. I did that and got back a link to reset my password. But when I got back in to my Hotmail email account the outer main part of the Hotmail page is in Arabic or some Middle Eastern language. The email window is in English. I’m afraid to open any emails as I think my account has been hacked. I also noticed the server it’s coming from is in Canada. I hate that I might have to close my Hotmail account move to Gmail. I do need a reliable email account for my job and I’m tired of messing around with Hotmail.

  36. My Hotmail account has been giving me garbage since last Thursday. Keeps giving me a message stating “this service is not currently available”. Absolutely rediculous and unacceptable. When I sign in through the website it says I have 0 messages in my inbox! There is no telling how many I have missed due to this! Furious!

  37. I have same problem with my hotmail account. I was told that my account was hacked. Now MS want to suppy their security software and charge me for a fee to get back my mail account! Do you think I have right to ask MS to get back my information from the mailbox?

  38. Hotmail still down (unable to read, delete, sort, open other folders, etc after aft least 3 days), but according to its own status page, “Hotmail is running normally.” What does that mean?

  39. Hotmail is letting me in and showing my inbox list of new messages, but it won’t let me click on any of them to read them! So frustrating – anyone else have this problem please?

  40. I can’t access my emails in Hotmail.com. I need to read my messages so badly..

    I am Very frustrated and very UPSET right now!!!

    even MSN.com is down today May 20, 2012. GOSH!!! SHOULD TRUST THIS hotmail.com

  41. I’m in Indiana. My daughter said she sent me e-mail last night, but it didn’t arrive. I’m also expecting e-mail from my health insurance provider. Odd thing is that I can send e-mail from hotmail, but when I send a message from another account to the hotmail account it doesn’t show up in the inbox. Anyone else experiencing this?

  42. Some issues about hotmail. Private hotmail can be used by people to send spam. To get caught by a email fisher you need to register on a email fishing site (or a site that has been hacked for the solely purpose that get email adressess). If you step back in time you might remember when strange things started. If you have a homepage where your email is shown, you will get spam by amongst others, people with money offer or the biggest winnings ever. If you can’t reach your page you might have a virus. Superantivirus spyware is free and do not conflict with any other program in your computer. Recently downloaded virus tools may confict with login pages if the level is set too high. You may have got a virus. Look into your computers day and date, if the day and date won’t match hotmail server, hotmail will not let you in. Your friends may play a prank on you. Don’t leave your password unattended. If you are a victim of hackers. Try change your password every day. Like… TINAJAN1, day two…TINAJAN2 or simiular. Easy for you, hard for even a computer to catch… If you are wondering if SERVER is down, write on google “hotmail server down”… the answers are based on your location. There are many “ping-backs” that will tell you if the server is down. :-)

  43. I’ve been using Windows live mail for about 30 days with the craziest results. Mail that I know I deleted comes back, mail I did not delete gets deleted, I organized my “important” folder and the next time i went in all this spam crap was there. None of the accounts I’ve set up work right, only the gmail account, and having 1 email is pointless. What’s wrong with window’s live????

  44. Surprisingly, I was just able to run the recovery page and after receiving a phone text number code, reset my password and log on to my hotmail account–like it never happened. I did get a lame email from hotmail about 18 hours after my initial tech support call telling me to use the Account Password Recovery page, completely ignoring the fact that the reason I called in the first place was that the page had a runtime error.

  45. Mine is up and working again today, from Ireland! Regarding the hacking problem (I had that two weeks ago), there are ways to hurry this and plenty of advice on the web, you have to complete a form that you can link to from the bottom of the ‘sign on’ page. The form asks all your details, etc. and if you’ve another email address listed, and they’ll send you a new code. If you do not have another email address listed then visit answers.microsoft.com, using another hotmail account and sign in stating details of your hacked account and asking what’s happening. They will speed the process along and answer in 1-2 days.

  46. For myk3h, jim, and anyone else who posted similarly to myself. Try this link. This should bypass the server error issue. https://account.live.com/acsr
    You can’t wait for microsoft/hotmail to help … this is only option once they block you.

  47. I had the same issue as jim who posted @ 5:06 pm(hacked live id). I also just changed my password as well, but no dice. I’m still blocked from all things windows live id enabled. I get same error when attempting to follow their “few quick steps” … arrgghh

  48. Same as others here recently–I started out the day trying to log on to hotmail as usual but got a message saying that my email account had been hacked (which it probably was) and that the account was now blocked. I’ve gone to the page with instructions on how to unblock the account several times throughout the day but each time when I click on the continue button I get a runtime error. I called MS hotmail tech support early and they said someone will call or email me within 24 hours or less with a solution which, after 12 hours is beginning to seem unlikely.

  49. Ok…Somehow someone got my password from the net and spamed my friends. I changed my password but when I go to my account it still tells me my account is blocked and when I press it brings me to a webpage of theirs that gives me ‘Server Error in ‘/security’ Application’ and I’m screwed.

  50. keeps saying someone hacked my account. and when i go to security thing it gives me a run time error. anyone else getting this problem?

  51. Trying all day to access my emails and blank page with emails received visible but cannot open any emails, so annoying!!!

  52. Phew – thought it was just me/my computer…(also in Ireland. Looks like it really is time to leave Hotmail… This isn’t good enough. It’s been dodgy for a while now but today takes the biscuit…

  53. Hi James Oakey, are you based in Ireland by any chance, as I note you said msn.ie? I am in Ireland and I wonder if it is an Irish problem, at the moment? Maybe they’re clearing up servers around the globe (mind you, not that I have a clue.

  54. I have been un-able to access my email today also. I can see my mail nut when I click on it to open it will not open and msn.ie and msn.co.uk looks like its offline.I wish msn would update us to this problem.i have four emails registered with hotmail for my business but after this I will have to review things.Customer service is non-existent and online support.Is this an isolated problem or how many people have been affected today by this.

  55. Well still no further forward. I cannot acccess the online support sites as they all look ‘offline’ as does my hotmail acccount that I can still access. I’ve tried calling billing, as I pay and they can do nothing either – tell me to go to online support sites that I cannot access (as they’re offline!) What is going on, they even said it was my own ISP – who I phoned, even though I can still access all other sites, and they had no problems. Does this problem fix itself, HM denied that their servers are down!

  56. Not sure what a URI is, however I have been unable to access hotmail at all today, also the answers.microsoft.com is not working properly – the hotmail page looks offline, i can see unread emails but not open or send new emails.

  57. I continued searching for answers and ended up in support.google – this message asked me to check that the date and time on my computer was set correct. Now my date had been set back 18 dasy? I corrected it and hotmail worked! This doesn’t tell me what actually happened but it solved the problem! With various problems… If your content is blocked try to reach the security page from here https://account.live.com/password/reset

  58. i Tried Login Today To My email But I keep See THIS: That password is incorrect. Try again.

    I Tried Click On Can’t access your account?

    And What I See It This !!:

    We can’t find that page
    Make sure the web address is correct, or try using a different link to get to the page you want. More information


  59. I took my login address, the whole string which ends up in a blank page on my browser-and deleated letter by letter until it gave a result. I googled it everytime and this gave me two links.I don’t know how my mailstring got attached to the game website Destroytheweb.net. I Googled this and found Netdisaster – Thestroy the web? Anyone know about the game? Further it promotes a add-on for Mozilla (Which I downloaded and uninstalled two days ago, to check my own website codings). I checked hotmail page sourse that says my browser has no flash installed – this is wrong. My browser has flash. I have runned my virusprogram and no malware found.

  60. The link below in swedish says Windows has technical problems!


  61. After spending ALL DAY trying to rectify the hotmail mess — reconfige, firewalls, delete, upload, change password, on and on I was SO ‘happy’ to find your article. I was going insane! I also have Gmail which I will be moving to. Hotmail has been CRAP for years now and Windows Live/MSN/whatever???!!! thanx for the info! PLS POST ANY COMMENTS ON ksmarie57@gmail.com.

  62. This is getting really old. I can’t open any of my hotmail messages from my PC or laptop; I get a weird “X” or an “item” icon when I try to do so. Sometimes logging in and logging back out works, but not always. I actually pay an annual fee for hotmail…maybe I need to rethink this.

  63. Hotmail wont even load the login page – occuring for the past two days – this is an absolute joke!!

  64. Unable to log into any live.com services (from Southampton UK) on April 1, 2012. Either show me a page unavailable or gives me this error: Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:
    This site may be experiencing a problem.
    The site may not be a member of Windows Live ID.
    You can:

    You can sign in or sign up at other Windows Live ID sites and services, or try again later at this site.

  65. London, UK, 18:00 – cannot sign into hotmail at all. Very frustrating, have already switched to Gmail but there are one or two things I haven’t got round to switching over to my new email address. Think I will be switching them pretty soon…

  66. The proper address was there but all I got was a blank page. REPEATEDLY. So I googled “hotmail”. There is a link there that brought me to a login page and then I had no problems. It was http://login.live.com/?id=2

  67. Thought my computer was going wrong when I couldn’t get into my inbox, write a new e-mail or do anything in my hotmail account today. After finding your info via google (where would I be without google?!) I am at least relieved that it’s nothing to do with me but now more frustrated to find this is an ongoing problem (I’m new to the internet). I shall now seriously consider changing to yahoo or gmail.

  68. Hotmail.com, live.com and login.live.com all down right now in Southampton, UK at 11AM. Really annoying, is it too much to ask to check my e-mail? Microsoft please do your testing or server changes in the early hours of the morning not at primetime on a work day.

  69. I could access 1 of my my hotmail accounts this morning, sent 1 message I think it went, it’s in my sent folder. Since then no access, it’s been 2 hours now.
    Don’t really want the hassle of changing the hotmail accounts to gmail – is it more reliable?

  70. can not access hotmail as it keeps going back to the Google search fed up with this as it has been unstable for a week…..

  71. Hotmail has a problem, I can log into my account just fine, I can see the messages I have but I can’t read them. In fact I can’t do anything, I can’t delete them I can’t change folders, I can’t write new ones, I can’t even get to my linked account. It’s really bad.

  72. Hotmail seems to be having another issue with the web-based messenger, which I use on my phone. It keeps redirecting to the home.live.com when I go to messenger.live.com on mobile. It happens on all the emails I try.

  73. Hotmail is unstable again, Let’s forward every mail to a gmail account. Fast, easy and stable.

  74. Hotmail sucks. It is frustratingly slow. For whatever reason i,e. servers down, terrorists using it etc. I really do not have to be saddled with Yankee problems. I am back to my trusted local service provider.

  75. Useless service! I am gonna have to create my own reliable online free email minus the big brother.

  76. IN India i think the outages are caused by monitoring because seditious elements have been using it as a message board.They leave messages in Drafts.It takes 5 minutes to get a simple reply such as submitting your password.I call it flat lining.Its as if the ISP has gone dead suddenly.

  77. As of this AM hot mail will not load. It has been 4+ hours now. I live in California. Any solutions?

  78. I have been having problems signing into hotmail via Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer & Google Chrome. All three cannot get past the continue icon but did have an issue seeing msn uk homepage which seems to have been rectified. I have tried resetting all three browsers back to their defaults but it still does not fix the problem, however my mobile can still use hotmail with no issues at all. This was driving me insane but I’m happy to see that the problem was not just on my computer, let’s hope Microsoft sort this asap!

  79. 02-14-2012 hotmail down for log in under mozilla firefox, could access contacts and profile but no mail access. Showed 23 new mails but no mail access.

    I then used the mobile server url:

    to log in via pc per comment by ayoub kaanich — 11/8/2011 @ 12:32 pm

    Formating was for mobile device but could read the emails needed. This worked for my issue.


  80. Ive been trying to access my hotmail emails for months, someone mentioned it could be firefox, so i tryed to access in IE & bingo im straight in everytime!

  81. I can’t access my hotmail from any computer. I can access my hotmail from my iPhone. Keep getting error that is unavailable from IE, Mozilla, Safari browsers. It has been two days already.

  82. Been getting this error all day today…

    This site may be experiencing a problem
    The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network

    You can:

    You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Windows Live Network, or try again later at this site.

  83. Whats up with hotmail? Still can’t get in and it is now 2012 and the 4th day of January

  84. How long will it take to fix this? I’m on the verge of closing my hotmail account and finding something more reliable. It’s been 6 days and I still can’t access my hotmail account.

  85. grr, so annoying.. i can log in to hotmail and delete messages/move their folder but can’t switch which folder i’m in or open emails when i log in using my laptop.. i can though when i use my phone. glad to see other people are having the same problem though as i was starting to think i had a virus or something!! had it for about a week now!! sort it out.

  86. Google can’t be trusted.
    Hotmail can’t be opened.
    Yahoo is slow and full of spams.
    What the hell & f***ing email account should one trust…???

  87. I understand that the server is down for some reson. The real question is why and how soon will the problem be fixed. I can’t seem to find either an acknowlegment of the problem or an official hotmail statement.

  88. Thanks, using the link
    really allows me to access my emails.
    Thanks to ayoub kaanich for providing the link

  89. I have not been able to log into my hotmail via my laptop for almost 24 hours now. My emails are still coming in to my blackberry.

  90. Elzee – I have same problem for last two days. Nothing works when I try to click on the screen. Zip. I can still get hotmail on my BB. Anyone out there can help? CYC

  91. It’s 15 Dec in asia and I’m unable to open any messages in my inbox. I’ve tried using all 4 browsers (IE, firefox, safari and chrome), but nothing works. I can login fine, but I can’t open any of my new or old messages. I’ve tried on two accounts, one being a windows live account and one that’s not, but both accounts face the same problem. Is anyone else having this issue?

  92. Well, been 2 days since things are bad again. I have a spare gmail account but for speed’s sake just redirect everything to hotmail, now I was thinking about reversing that but that got me thinking, what happens if you direct gmail to hotmail and hotmail to gmail? Do you get infinate copies of the same e-mails and bug down the internet or how do they solve that loop (limit redirection to only once?)

    Our Ref: UN-0XX2/987/2011
    Dear Sir/Madam,


    The British Prime Minister in conjunction with EUROPEAN UNION, WORLD BANK, UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION do hereby give this irrevocable approval order with Release Code: GNC/3480/02/00 in your favor for your Inheritance/contract
    entitlement/award winning payment with the UNITED NATIONS to your nominated bank account.

    Now your new Payment, United nation Approval No; UN5685P, White House Approved No: WH44CV, Reference No.-35460021, Allocation No: 674632 Password No: 339331, Pin Code No: 55674 and your Certificate of Merit Payment No: 103, Released Code No:
    Appeared in the next on the list of our outstanding beneficiary to received payment at the second quarter of the year.

    SO contact: MR. PETER JEFFERSON on his contact Direct email:
    eterjefferson107@gmail.com or by Phone: +447024098873 for
    immediate release of your contract/inheritance/Award Winning claim Be
    informed that you are not allowed to correspond with any other person or
    office anymore, You are required to send below Information for your

    1) YOUR FULL NAME:……..
    5) BANK NAMES………
    6) BANK ADDRESS………
    8) SWIFT CODE…….



    Best regards


  94. there are a couple of tricks(that may work) to see your mail when the server is down
    it’s simple: try to write the URL with a different way, in my case the regular server hotmail.com was not working in my pc
    so I did use the mobile server url

    in the same regular pc browser.
    I hope this may be helpful

  95. Have had problems with hotmail for the last 6wks, really slow, when I can get into it, freezes continually, so typing in is a nitemare, will not let me delete anything at all, so in box is now massive. been a fan of hotmail since 1998 but will be moving on I’m afraid – absolute rubbish.

  96. Error contacting server on one of my hotmail accounts for several months. can rarely access via web or Windows Live Mail

    I am dropping Hotmail for ever. Decline in quality for years now.

  97. I tried to log in to hotmail using my iPad. It said server error. I tried using my Macbook and it said my account has been blocked due to spamming. Awaiting email to revive my account. Is the server down in Singapore?

  98. 10/21/11 First problems with the STUPID POP folder nand now click on any mail and it doesn’t open and can not manage folders at all. This happening to anyone else?

  99. If(or when)you can open your Hotmail account, click on Options (top right). Select ‘More options’, and then you’ll see a line for forwarding e-mail to one other account. Good luck!

  100. hotmail issues with access last 4-5 days here in australia…seriously effecting my work.

  101. i closed my Hotmail account because of spam the spam filter says it blocks internet sites but the program doesn’t work i went to complain about it and found others that tried blocking .com also could not getting spam from one site that has millions of Hotmail accounts they probably stole! It’s a useless e mail server they do not block individual sites like they say I did all the checks to the extent i deleted all my contacts in case one of them where the spam and it still did not add the site to block it! Good residence Hotmail your worthless sold out to the elitist Nazi sick system
    my rant

  102. I have three msn.com email accounts. My main account which I have had for years has been unavailable since Oct. 5, 2011. I can access the other two. Seems odd that I can get to some msn.com accounts but not the primary one.

  103. I’ve found that if you put an s in the address bar once it tells you that Internet Explorer cannot open the page, it works. e.g. https://… but then you can’t open attachments

  104. OMG! Hotmail & Microsoft totally suck. Arrggghhhhh….I have not been able to access my Hotmail account since Friday 23 September 2011 & it is now Thursday 29th September – ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. The few times I have managed to sign in I am unable to open or send any emails????? How the hell can Microsoft allow this to happen? Oh yeh, I did manage to change my password but it made zero difference. I tried to join in the Help Forums on the Microsoft help pages that Hotmail directs you to & I am not able to join there either??? Also Internet Explorer is giving me some grief on other websites too, I am so SICK of this now. It has been going on for ONE WHOLE WEEK, could somebody pleasssssssse help me as I am at a loss );
    Much appreciated.

  105. Dear fellow Hotmail users and clients,
    i actually paid for usage and then was told it was free!a couple of years ago.My service has been excellent and now like you cannot access my hotmail page.But my passwords are accepted.Hope it all is returned but remember 2012 something will happen, is this the precursor to alien,terrestrial invasion?Yegods.Thanks Peter.

  106. hiya i can sign into hotmail but, when i go to check my emails page comes up blank

  107. yeah thay say all this stuff BUT WHEN IT GOING TO WORK AGAINif ever shell we go to another mail organisation mmmm whenit affects bussiness it not good

  108. I get emails but can’t open the, delete them or move them to junk. how can I fix this. I won’t be able to open your email if you send me one

  109. Over the last 2 weeks my access to my Hotmail email has been sporadic. Can’t do this….too much liability!!!! WTH!?!?!

  110. I have been unable to access my hotmail account for the last 4 days. What is wrong with it!!!!!!

  111. Amazingly enough,,,Skype, which is now owned by MSN is also unavailable for skype to skype calling. Skype to cell phone or landline still works,,,don’t worry, lol.

  112. Has anyone started a class action against “hotmail” yet? What about the legal documents that were never delivered by email, which courts recognize as legally valid documents?

  113. Ken,

    That’s where the first “experiencing difficulties” page sends you. Notice the last line – “If you still can’t sign in to your account after 4 hours, please post your issue along with your account name in the Hotmail Sign In Issues forum.” I, and numerous others, posted complaints there… and what did we get? A boilerplate email directing us to ….that page!

  114. At least notify people when you are down. Instead ran a whole new malware to find out just now that you are down. Good going assholes, bet your laughing your asses off. I only hope this crap comes back at ya!

  115. MSN >>>>>>>>>>>> to many ads, to much activity on my hard drive when connected to them. the home page is so full of Crap it takes forever to load,junk mail reduction is more of a parlor-trick than anything.so why am I still using their service ? I dunno couse it was the first email I ever had since around 97 so I am just a creature of habbit.
    well I am so fed up with them I just may KiCK this one !

  116. What the hell I need this for my job seach it’s important, how amiturish of you hotmail

  117. I’ve already lost 2 days work because of Hotmail going down as I get work sent to me via my account. I’m really despairing. Thinking we should collectively sue Microsoft. 187m + days of work would add up to a pretty sum One that might make them actually SORT THIS PROBLEM OUT!

  118. 3 days after my last posting, and a return to service of hotmail y’day, this afternoon I can open my account, but not any mails. Hopeless! Anyone else?



    “Dear Account User

    We are sending alert to all Windows Live account users for safety. We are c=
    urrently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center. We are deleting=
    all unused accounts to create more space for new accounts. To prevent your=
    account from closing=2C you will have to update it below so we will know t=
    hat it’s a presently used account. To do this=2C You have to click on your =
    reply button to reply back to this message and then you fill the informatio=
    n below.

    Full Name: ……………….
    User Name:………………….
    Date of Birth: ………………..
    Country or Territory:……………


    We’ll keep making Windows Live the best email service around.”

  120. Once again, I’m on this site because I’ve had 5 days of increasing trouble accessing hotmail, until today it’s finally collapsed. Not good enough, as everyone else has said, especially as a one man business. Time to activate the standby yahoo account and start a gmail one.

  121. I am getting RID of hotmail and never looking back RIP Hotmail terrible just fucking terrible .. even windows sucks … will buy an APPLE COMPUTER NEXT

  122. this is damm go to hell msn u are having caring peoples contacts and u people are playing there u better solve this before i will kick msn out from ma way dammmmm

  123. It appears that the whole Microsoft mainframe went down, as I am unable to access not only hotmail, but windows.microsoft.com or even just microsoft.com.

  124. hotmail has been down for eleven hours now. All I get is – “It looks like there’s a problem with Windows Live Hotmail right now. We’re working hard to fix it, but it may take a little while longer. If you’d like to find out more about this problem, read our support article. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  125. I am only having a send problem on my iPad but can send from my computer just fine. Does this make sense?

  126. this is ridiculous no explanation nothing, thanks a lot hotmail, i have another email add through netscape had it for 13 yrs, not once have i ever had a problem, not one, had hotmail for about 1 yr my email has been hacked twice and now this, hotmail you are the worst i’m dropping this email add and going elsewhere.

  127. What is going on why is my hotmail not working, this is extremely frustrating no one to contact unless you pay $50 or more.

  128. this was helpful, as i was unaware hotmail went down 2 days ago, however i try to login to my account now and it says to many unsuccessful logins and i am locked out? why?

  129. If you need to access your account, try it from another computer. It works for me. I use gmail for my important things, hotmail is for junk mail.

  130. There are 2 computers in this household. It’s been over 2 days that I could not access my hotmail account. I finally tried to access my account with the 2nd computer and it works from that one, and still doesn’t from this one.

  131. How do I get my messages from my hotmail account and all of the addresses stored there.

  132. whats strange is i cant log in to the webUI but im using thunderbird and i am able to retreve mail taht way?

  133. It is hard to tell if this is a hacker related incident or if all these error messages including the account is blocked all related to the server being down !!

  134. The level of customer service is indeed pathetic. I agree with you there. I am going through the batting messages back and forth on the account password recovery and i hate it. If the account is indeed down like so many others,then maybe I should just wait till the service is back up. I keep getting the error messaged ” Account is blocked” due to several attempts to incorrectly enter password !

  135. I am ‘glad’ to see Im not the only one having this horrible problem. I have wasted so many hours today trying to get a fix for this problem. My hotmail account of the last 12 years has been blocked due to incorrectly entering password many times. I used the dam thing last night. I have gone through the Windows Live Support Centre and its so pathetic with this snail pace reply and then you give them all the info and they cant verify its your account. I have so many important contacts and info in my hotmail account. I just hope some time I can retrieve it all and then shut down that dam thing after all . I have never had a problem using hotmail or windows live. I do really enjoy using their products but this is not acceptable. Some people have been waiting for days or weeks, I just hope mine isnt too long. Hope it works out for everyone who is experiencing the similar problem ! Cheers

  136. I am having the same problem as everyone else, can’t access
    e-mail or get contact list or website. Called Microsoft, they told me that they do not support Windows XP any longer
    and that I would have to pay $59.00 to retrieve my e-mail
    contacts from the closed account. What’s Up With That???

  137. I cant access hotmail via computer but can access via mobile phone broadband. Weird

  138. It’s been 11 frustrating days trying to get into my Hotmail account. First they wouldn’t accept my password, then they couldn’t verify my identity, then they did verify my info and gave instructions to reset my password. Then they closed my account! Of course I am switching to gmail but I still need to get into Hotmail to get my contacts and info I have saved and need. This is the short and sweet version!
    I have spent hours trying to get through to those knotheads and wasting my time with useless instructions and emails that you can’t reply to.

  139. hello sir,
    my email id is sachchidanand89@hotmail.com
    in this id create some problem in befoure 10 days,my email id is open but me email is not open,and no take any action.
    so plese help me this id — jhasachchidanand@yahoo.in
    Mo — +91-9545215667

  140. hi angela i got hat reply first time i added on the reset link that it is my account and thought of anything eg msg in certain folders who there off msg that i recive from where i also tryed remembering more adresses in my adress book i went on fb to get adress off people i couldnt rember and evrtime i got a new one addeded it on that page evetualy my account was returned good kuck

  141. Yeah, I just filed for a password reset for one of my emails and they keep saying that the information that I’ve been giving them is incorrect. It’s seriously been bugging the hell out of me as clearly I know for a fact that the info that I’ve been providing them is correct. I hope to god that they get this issue fixed soon as I’ve got pretty much everything being sent to my email.

  142. finaly got reply from hotmail support
    We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post. Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible.

  143. Wow, just came back to check the hotmail,,,,new issue. None of my safe senders are safe,,,,gotta click to see content. That’s new as of 6 hours ago!

  144. a got msg hotmail been blocked possibly hacked to send spam i filled recovery form in days ago still nothing i changed password hotmail impossible get response u think in todays day n age a company like microsoft would be more secure and helpfull we do evrthing we can to protect r pc yet this problem seenms to stem back to microsoft thousands of peole going through this there quick take r money for there pruducts put its them putting us at risk its a joke get ur finger out

  145. I’ve had the same hotmail account for maybe 5 years, and not of a sudden I can’t logg in anymore. I made up to 5 new hotmail accounts and they all don’t work !! I’m furious right now for already 2 days because it’s also important for my work.
    I tried to fill in the list they wanted from me, everything exactly correct. And later I get an e-mail on my other account that I am NOT the rightfull owner. FUCK OFF.

  146. I also had problems for days and not able to access my hotmail. I switched to Yahoo and meanwhile I discovered by simply turning off my Windows XP firewall for one minute, all the problems disappeared.

  147. THANK YOU Editor for the note,,,I’ve been fighting the internet to get my hotmail for months,,,every day it gets worse…usually I spend an hour or day more than I should just to read emails. I’m off to my server’s email system now, thank you dear sir or madame for the validation, and thank you all the rest of the posters here for helping me decide to spend the time and effort to migrate away from hotmail!


  148. The problem must be with Firefox as I can access my hotmail account with Internet Explorer but not my newly downloaded Firefox 5.0!

  149. Getting really sick of these outages but I’m so used to Hotmail at this stage (been using it for 10+ years) that anything else will seem totally alien to me! May just have to jump in the deep end, though. Comment about businesses being wary of emailing Hotmail customers is very worrying for me!

  150. Yes thank you it was very helpful to me. I thought it was just my account. Hope they get this fixed soon

  151. Well thank god I also have a GMail account even though I hate that they read my emails for advertising, i hate google instant and I hate that they hold on to your search querys longer then anyone else. However if I didn’t have a GMAIL account yesterday I would have been screwed. It was kinda funny using my windows7 phone to access my Gmail account.

  152. Today: 06/19/2011 Hotmail Is still down. I hope they figure It shortly as I have unread emails Inside. I hope also that my previous saved emails dont get deleted. They go back 11 years, Important to me. MSN, come on guys :((

  153. My hotmail is frozen. I can get in but cannot open, delete or move the mail. All the category folders are open and cannot close and I cannot move the page. It’s frozen. 6/17/2011

  154. grrrrrrr why why why, hotmail and FF work perfectly on my husbands PC, but not on mine grrrrrrrrr

  155. There isn’t any announcement anywhere, no updates, nothing. One minute the email is working the next it gone, it’s been 3 days? what’s up???????

  156. This is ridiculous, I’m able to access Hotmail from my blackberry (I can receive e-mails and send them) because I have linked the two together. But I can’t freaking access it from my computer, I get this message:

    XML Parsing Error: syntax error
    Line Number 1, Column 1:

    Microsoft fix this, it’s a freaking line of code. Even I can fix this problem!!!

  157. And I thought it was just me having problems with Hotmail intill I stumbled across all these messages.. grrrr, I have also gmail accounts but have already been hacked with those also.. So now I cannot access Hotmail or gmail.. not a happy puppy at all !!

  158. Been trying to get into my Hotmail acct. for 2 days. I get an error message and then am told to input cell-phone for a “code.” Don’t want to do that so try resetting password like they say. That doesn’t work either.

  159. Hotmail is down:

    Internal Server Error – Read

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Reference #3.1c96e753.1307737685.16010012

    Piece of crap.

  160. The customer service rep I spoke to on Thursday June 9, 2011 avoided the subject as to why hotmail is down. I have not had access to anything that would make my windows phone a “windows” phone since Sunday June 5, 2011. It is sad, just the way Micorsoft does business. Why are they so secretive? It makes them look very bad. Android…here I come.

  161. This is ridiculous, I’ve had hotmail for many years without noticeable issues. Then a few weeks ago I started getting hacked. I was allowed to change my password and log back on and then the next day I’m told my account is locked because someone tried too many invalid logins…Seriously? I’m locked out because of too many invalid logins? On top of that they apparently can’t validate my account information (probably because I used fake name, etc.) But I cleared all that up….I’m just bummed because I’ve lost access to emails, it’s my main account and jobs that may have been lined up are now lost…FUCK YOU HOTMAIL!

  162. It is 3:00pm 06-06-2011 and nothing has changed with hotmail. This is just plain stupid stupid stupid. I read that 2 ot of 3 people living hotmail is going to G-mail. I signed up for G-mail plus the 2 step password using your cell phone. When you log on to G-mail your cell will ring in about 5 sec. with a code so you can enter it as your second password and you are off and running. COOOOOOLLLLL so what do you think about that Hotmail or I should say Coldmail………………….Turkeys

  163. As you can read I had to go with G-mail to get back to Hotmail to tell them that I was who I said I was.It has been three (3) days and nothing yet. (why am I the bad guy and not the hacker)???? Use your big bad programs to go after the hacker and put them in jail with rocks to play with. We all would be much better off it someone would just pull the triger and let you big bad program go into the hackers computer. And use an eye for an eye. Make sure the hackers computer is smoking and then hand them rocks so they can go pound rocks the rest of their life.

  164. June 2, 2011 I am having the same issue with Hotmail. I have been with hotmail for 10 years and never had a problem until now!!!

  165. June 2nd 2011 hotmail won’t load is anyone else having this problem? its 11:17 am. East Coast.

  166. Please dont email me I cant get into my account Please post an answer on your site, when will I be able to access my Hotmail account ?

  167. Hotmail is the worst! But I have to get on it to get all my contacts off so I can put them on another carrier. I thank you for your recommendations.

  168. please fix my e-mail all my informaiton for my job searching are going their. I need to be fixed please

  169. Has MSN gone off the deep end and ignores its cutomers. I cannot contact accts. MSN, or maybe the hackers, refuse to talk to me. And I am about ready to turn it over to the state AG. If you have anything that would help me contact MSN so I can cancel my account I would appreciate it.

    Your artilce is informative and timely. Thank you.

  170. @TIREOFOUTAGES, I think is your browser, I was having the same problem but after clearing my history and updating my browser everything has been working fine.

  171. Hotmail is out today!! May 5, 2011. Has been for 2 days! Not able to access my email from any browser. I am thinking about switching to another email service, but which one is really better???

  172. I’d just like to add: VERIZON SUKS!
    No less than a 20 MIN. wait these days for cust. support only to find out an order I placed last week was never submitted. They had said the service would be working w/in 24 hrs! Another thing… they constantly allow these 3rd party billers to stick things on your bill without permission then when you complain tell you that you have to call the 3rd party biller to take it off your acct!! When ATT broke up, we had to get stuck with someone, for us, that was VERIZON … and I HATE VERIZON!!!

  173. Personally I think Gmail rules. I moved off hotmail a long time ago. It has some serious security issues and the windows cloud is lame!

  174. For email I put my “Hotmail” email name. Will “Hotmail” try to respond to it to tell me what’s wrong? I must be able to access my email before midnight tonight. Will I be able too? What is wrong?

  175. I fixed this problem by clearing recent history in FF tools>clear recent history>check cookies,cache,and active logins after doing this hotmail will be working in FF.

  176. Down is hotmail again. inacessible, is the windows live login page.
    padawans they must have, monitoring their servers.

  177. i am having the same problem, white screen in the hotmail webpage, and i need to get some emails today.

  178. As of 7:01 AM November 6 I have been trying for four hourse to access my hotmail account and all I get is a white screen. Bing is my home page so when I click on Hotmail I get a blank screen. The last time (this morning) I was able to get in, it took 5 minutes for an email to open and I kept gettin “We can’t connect to Windows Hotmail right now. So I called my service provider but they say it is Hotmail not them. I wonder if I am the only one with this problem today???????

  179. Cant acess hotmail on home pc but can via smart phone however need to follow a link but smartphone wont access the link… What’s happening Hotmail team….????!!!!

  180. Kim, Chrome didn’t work for me. Tried just now. But thanks for the suggestion. It was a lst ditch effort for me.

  181. Also, I was under the impression that this was a forum for people with hotmail accounts who wanted to be able to be in touch about hotmail outages. Where do those who are maligning characters and making ignorant remarks towards others (who have found answers that appear to work for them) come in? Don’t you have anything else to do? If you’re able to access your email and aren’t having any problems otherwise, why are you here?? I actually found the Chrome solution right here on this site. So I’m not the only one this browser has worked for. If you have downloaded Chrome to access your hotmail account and been successful, will you be brave enough to say so here?? Just a heads up as to how many have been helped…..

  182. If you have important information on your hotmail account, and you haven’t been able to access it at all, seems like you’d try just about anything to get back into your account. I really don’t know (or care) what kind of problem it is or where the problem really lies. I just know that I’ve had my hotmail account for years. I’ve got years worth of emails that are important to me in folders attached to my hotmail account. I don’t hear anyone from hotmail saying exactly what the problem is. Honestly, instead of listening to people who don’t work for hotmail and who probably also don’t know exactly what the issue is, what could it hurt to download a new browser and finally get into your account?? I can’t get into my hotmail account from any of the other browers that I was using, but I can get in via Chrome. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t work for Google and would never have downloaded their browser under any other circumstances, but I’m back in my account now…after several days of not being able to access it. Suit yourself, but don’t let some wiseacre talk you out of getting back into your account….what if it actually works for you too??

  183. It is on Hotmails end and is not caused by a browser problem as the ‘oh so clever’ Darren pointed out. And if you (daren) know it is a browser problem then why not say what that problem is?

  184. its not on hotmails end. its quite clear this is issues with your browser. all of you. soo gullible and full of stupidity its blinding you

  185. If Microsoft gave a dam about their customers, which it is apparent that they have become so big they don’t! Then they would address this problem and post some comments.

  186. For some time now, I have refused to use anything Microsoft. I use G-mail (free), Netti (free) and Yahoo (free) e-mail services with largely no problems at all; I use Linux because – even when it does play up – it doesn’t do it as often or as badly as MS Windows used to do.

    And Linux is free, too.

    Says a lot about MS, doesn’t it?

  187. Basically, if it weren’t for the fact that my university uses my hotmail address for EVERYTHING, I’d deffo switch. Also, the email we use at uni is actually a hotmail server… can’t even access it from the IT room…

  188. Download Google Chrome. I don’t know how this works, but it does. I still can’t get to Hotmail via Explorer or Firefox, but I can via Chrome. Try it…it works.

  189. Ive tried everything and anything even downloaded windows live email, cant reset p/word, cos ive had account over 10 yrs, cant merge with other emails cos of the block, im on my second week of waiting for some help, all the links etc clearly dont work, with such a big corporation youd think theyd have it sorted by now, i have important emails in the blocked account, ive left more posts than i can remember asking for help, constantly been givin crap advise, cos sod all works….SO COME ON MICROSOFT PULL YA FINGER OUT….AND DO SOMETHING NOW

  190. Hotmail is down for me today, too. It’s only been 6 hours or so, but still frustrating. G-mail is looking more and more like it’ll be my primary e-mail account!

  191. I can’t access my hotmail although I can on two other accounts. Don’t know what the problem is but they are not even coming through to my blackberry….

  192. 5 days and still cannot get into my hotmail. After receiving an e.mail to change my password, it never let me in again. I have tried so many time to change my password in an alternate address but no luck. DO you have to wait 24 hours after a knock back. Can anybody help, or has anybody got back in. I really need to get in. L : /

  193. Since last 4 days i’m unable to access my hotmail.
    even changed passwords still say my id or pwd is wrong.
    pls some one help me.

  194. problems in Spain too- we just got over the last ‘maintenance’ crisis- is this another one?

  195. I had the same problem but then I tried accessing it through google chrome web browser and voila, instant access. I really don’t like using google chrome but if you need to get in it might be worth it to at least get your messages and then switch over later

  196. This is ridiculous. I have term papers that I need my email to submit, and I have meetings that I was waiting for the date for. It’s been almost two days and I still can’t access it. I tried to access it at the university and at home, which they both have DIFFERENT ips of course. Also, tried to use a mac, or pc, mozilla, google chrome, internet explorer, safari, opera, and I still can’t access a mere email account…

  197. (Sorry, I meant to say “it’s definitely not OUR server or a provider problem.”)

  198. I haven’t been able to get into my hotmail account (or even the log-in page) for over thirty hours. All I get is an error-page when I try msn.com. (And it’s definitely not a server problem.)

  199. UGHHHH!!! I have NEVER had problems this bad with hotmail! I have been trying for over 14 hours to log in…no luck! My mother was supposed to email me her flight number… I am to pick her up at the airport tomorrow. I can’t check my email to get her flight number! I am def. leaving hotmail after this. To make matters worse, you can’t post to their forums or get tech. help without logging in- and it won’t let me log in!!!

  200. Hotmail has been down all day. I have been trying since 9:30AM. I’m getting really tired of not being able to access my email. There are too many people having the same issue that I can’t imagine it’s a provider issue. There is a website that checks whether websites are currently running or have temporarily crashed, and while I’m not sure I trust its validity 100%, they do say that hotmail is having server issues.

  201. I was able to access hotmail till 3 in the afternoon uk time… I also have a job interview and all the prep documents are in there. How long can this take.. I am about to kill someone due to this … its the second time this year… but last time the problem was for 4 hours.. now 8 hours!..

  202. working just fine for me. you guys need to check with your internet provider…used hotmail since 1999 and the worst i got was “server busy” refreshing it was the fix.

  203. I have been applying for jobs online and cannot access my email. I was suppose to get two evails from two potential jobs and I cannot even access my account. I am very upset because these two jobs require me to contact them by email only.

  204. As far as I can tell, it’s been down all day Monday Sept. 20, 2010. The poor service/lack of information/lack of communiation gives me no choice but to switch to gmail or another service.

  205. Whats going on with Hotmail??? I really need to get in and it seems tobe happening all over the place

  206. i cant bloody get in either….this is ridiculous..how long will it take to get back up!!!!! sort it out hotmail!!!

  207. Yep! “Server unavailable”… terribly annoying! What’s up with server being down?

  208. Is anyone having problems with Hotmail today? If so, have you heard anything about what the problem might be? I can access my live.com account but not my hotmail.com account. Please help.

  209. Hotmail you’re making too many UNHAPPY customers. GET IT TOGETHER it’s 2010 come on!!!

  210. I will be closing my hotmail account and need a good provider. I often have important issues that get dealt with through email on a daily basis, and for it to have faulty servers is unacepptable. I would have never signed up for a hotmail account had I known this several years ago. The only reason why I kept and used it was because of all my contacts. Now, I will open up a gmail account and inform all my contacts. Thank you.

  211. Agree totally with cs – nothing compares with Hotmail for readability and ease of use. I’ve been using it for about 12 years now, with very few hitches. But enough is enough! It’s not just the last few days, I’ve been having problems on and off for weeks now. I’m going to switch everyone to my Yahoo account but trouble is, Hotmail has always been my main account, with my full address book, so I can’t do a thing about it till I can get in and access my contacts!

  212. Of course this isn’t a helpful article, idiots.
    It’s just you trying to take advantage of our problems.
    We’re trying to find out what’s happening on a particular date & you are probably serving as a publicizer for some entity by undermining the competition.
    If you actually care: Hotmail is outrageous in its lack of consumer response–It has also recently destroyed the site by narrowing the message field to a few lines, making it hideously uncomfortable to write in as you instantly lose the beginning of a sentence or thought or paragraph & have to constantly scroll up & down to keep track of what you’re producing. But this is apparently an inexplicable new trend everywhere; one that pays no heed to the purpose of any of the sites that employ it.
    However –Every other email site I’ve ever seen is an ugly, crowded, repellent mess, thus the adherence to Hotmail.

  213. I too am frustrated I have had hotmailfor over 15 years. I think it has something to do with compatibility view mode in internet explorer. I can access it from Google Chrome with no problems. Here is a list of suppported browsers from the micrfosoft live website:
    These are the supported browsers in new Hotmail:
    Internet Explorer 6.0+ on Windows
    Internet Explorer 6.x
    Internet Explorer 7.x
    Internet Explorer 8.x (Standards mode)
    Firefox 3.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
    Safari 4.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
    Chrome on Windows – latest major version.

    I have Internet Explorer 8.0 in compatibility mode and I cannot access it at all

  214. I have been anuable to open or send messages from my hotmail account for over 4 days, I am desparate to know what to do?

  215. hotmail has become the worst email service ever! even with their new update it still sucks. can’t even get my emails on my iphone. wtf!! get over it bill gates! if you can’t be ahead in the game then join in. your products are hopelessly behind the times. i give them 10 years at the most and microsoft will no longer be a player.

  216. it comes as a surprise to read all these emails about service downtime, i have been using hotmail since 1995 and i rarely have a problem with the service. The only problem i can think of is that MSN messenger sometimes doesnt delivers the messages. other than that im still a faithful user of hotmail.

    hope you all that are having problems find a better provider.

  217. I have no issues logging into my hotmail account but my wife on the exact same computer is having issues with opening emails and gets the same lame “try back in an hour”. I am going to setup a gmail account for her since it’s much more reliable.

  218. Have not had hotmail for four days now and have just signed up to gmail. The worst part is that the supposed hotmail help page is ridiculous. All the mods do is post stock answers and then say that things are fixed, despite things not being fixed. Horrible service.

  219. Got three people to quite hotmail this afternoon (in addition to me) and will work on others tomorrow. Their sorry asses have seen the last of my business but not the last of the p.r. damage that I intend to spread far and wide. Scumbags.

  220. Hotmail, your recent platform ‘change’ is as useless as Obama’s change. After nearly 10 years with hotmail, I am switching to gmail. you AND Obama can kiss my ass!!!!

  221. Got in for literally one minute to see who sent me emails and that was as long as it worked today since 7a.m. this morning. Frustration continues!

  222. Just made the switch to Gmail. I will not miss you, hotmail. You’re like a “friend” who only brought drug store toys to my birthday parties.

  223. Still down. It’s been almost 8 hours since I first tried to sign on this a.m. Wild. And amazing that they can get away with this.

  224. This sucks. I can’t even import my Hotmail contacts, etc. from Gmail. I feel paralyzed.

  225. Hotmails issues lately and ESPECIALLY today will have me changing providers after over a decade with them. This is ridiculous!

  226. Hotmail has been unavailable to me since last night (US East Coast). Getting various error messagess (e.g., “Server Busy” or “Undergoing Maintenance”, “Cannot Connect.”) This is the last straw. Have heard *nothing* from Microsoft about what is causing the problem. Have already opened GMail account.

  227. Down all morning. Impossible to do work. I’m done with hotmail as soon as I can get the word out to all my contacts about address change. Hotmail has been a horror show for the last three months.

  228. I am sick and tired of hotmail! after more than 10 years I will have to change providers! I am going for gmail.

  229. here is the error Im geting all today
    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

    Runtime Error

    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

    Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a “web.config” configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its “mode” attribute set to “Off”.

    Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the “defaultRedirect” attribute of the application’s configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

  230. I am down as well! Hotmail can you please tell us if it is there is a problem on your side!!?

  231. Aghhhh. How I long for the days of yore when, armed with a simple 56k modem, you could always log on to hotmail with no problem. Or did I dream that?

  232. Hotmail has been down for most of today; just another “improvement” that will drive more of us to other, more dependable, mailing systems Finger out Hotmail or we’ll all be giving you the finger…and moving away to pastures new!

  233. Now down 24 hours. Bummer. Given Microsoft’s ‘girth’ it is hard to understand why they haven’t at least found a work around for us poor souls. Yep, after countless years with HM, I am seriously considering moving on.

  234. mmm also had the problem, today as well, I use fire fox, so I tried IE, IE log in with no problem.

  235. Its up again! Down since thursday but now its back. RUINED my weekend with worry.

    I’m furiously trying to forward to my outlook so i’ll have copies on my machine and be able to back up.

    Problem is you have to open each email you want to forward. Can’t just check em all and say forward!

    But in Gmail, you can add the account to Gmail’s import function and it will import ALL of you live.com so at least that’s some back up – even if only online. Now I’ll try gmail’s export function if they have one and see if I can export to outlook . (can’t import from outlook – at least not my version._

    Oh, and Mozilla Thunderbird is a SWEET alternative to outlook. It is so east to use. Had no luck with Eudora. I’m really looking at all the email programs availabe to choose one I can store stuff offline with.

  236. Thanks Rae, I haven’t had any Hotmail login problems for months, I was thinking that maybe some people’s problems are on their end, not MSN’s. When the DNS flush fails then you can tell MSN you’ve tried everything. idk, it was just an idea. My Hotmail works fine now, I get all the updates to this thread.

  237. bbg –
    This in not the problem. I have three separate computers in my home and the down email account will not allow access into inbox on any of the three. Cache and cookies cleared. Flushing DNS would not be applicable since all 3 computers can’t log in. It is obviously on their end (MSN) NOT our end.

  238. Make sure you clear your cookies and cache. You may have to flush your DNS. http://www.tech-faq.com/how-to-flush-dns.html

    If this works for anyone please post here to say so.

  239. Once signed into my hotmail account, I can not open any message: either new ones or old ones,
    and can not do reply, delete, forward, …etc. either

    The screen message said:
    ” There was a problem with the Windows Live Hotmail service (a temporary network connectivity issue that has nothing to do with your computer). Please try again. ”

    It have been 4 days already.

  240. This has been happening for over a week now.

    I can get into my email but sometimes I just get a totally blank page.

    Other times when I get in, no matter what I click on, I get sent back to sign-in page.

    Sometimes my messages get sent, and sometimes not.
    Other times it works once or twice, and then I get sent back to the sign-in page.

    Sometimes in order to send a message I have to log-in 3 or 4 times.

    It sucks, but there is a message somewhere. :)

  241. My hotmail just freezes on last opened e-mail — no access whatsoever to other new ones!!!! What a FRAUD!!

  242. MS sucks!! NO PR whatsoever. You’d think they would at least post a message on their board as to WTF is going on.

  243. This is first time this has happened. I’ve had this live.com account about 5 years or so. All my important emails stored there. Now I can’t log into my inbox. I have posted 5 questions in their forum and no one even answers me. They answer other posts but no replies to mine or people with same problem as mine. Does anyone know if when this type of thing happens, they ever recover your old emails? Are they lost forever? I will NEVER rely on Live.com again. Going back to outlook or important email storage. I’m so ticked off with MS’s terrible PR on this. Why don’t they post something regarding this issue and at least tell us if they are working on it or if we’re screwed or what!!?

  244. I’m in the UK and have had problems signing in since early this morning. First day off in weeks and now I can’t even play my Xbox. Damn hotmail.

  245. I finally got so fed up with hotmail going down and just flat out acting posessed all the time….I switched to gmail yesterday (hotmail has been down for the last two days no)I would like to go on there and get the rest of my info and close my account, but, can’t even do that! Whoever runs hotmail is a sorry bunch of hooligans if you ask me!!!!! Good luck everyone-do yourself a big favor and just switch email carriers…. :)

  246. “Im 73 years old I seem to have lost my email list that used to be on the left of the screen it had in and out box can you tell me how I get this back”

    The same thing happened to me. No way to get it bach. I would recommend YAHOO or GMAIL — it’s free and they keep your e-mails forever!

  247. Wow…I’ve been a devoted hotmail customer well over 10 years now and haven’t had problems with the service until recently. I recently interviewed for an internship and have other internships I have applied for but cannot access my account. This is ridiculous. I can access the log in page but when I log in I get a “connection timed out”….I have already opened an account with gmail..and will use this as my primary account for now on. But I still need to check my hotmail account!

  248. Im 73 years old I seem to have lost my email list that used to be on the left of the screen it had in and out box can you tell me how I get this back

  249. down again… this time is one too much for me… as soon they “unlock” the export function for contact, i’m away from hotmail… (hotmail is back online but when I try to export, it’s says that Microsoft Live Hotmail can’t do this operation) lol they don’t want to lost me as customer!

  250. my hotmail has been out since the 13th of aug 2010 anytime i try to access my account or just log in to my msn it says ive tried to access my account to many times with an incorrect password, i wont try anything for days and i get the same massage as soon as i try to log in. anyone else have this problem if so please e mail me with some advice on what to do to regain access and to get it out of lockout status.

  251. Hotmail has been working fine for me. Worked fine this morning. Did nothing different that I don’t do every day, and no new software and hard ware, yet about 2:00 p.m. today I started getting a white screen when ever I try to Reply or Forward. Then nothing else on that screen works, and if I leave it and come bac, it’s all white. Can’t Send or do Attachments.

  252. BE CAREFUL !!! Hotmail is deceptive. My hotmail account was totally down in July 2010 for a week. Now it APPEARS to be working, but many emails are not being received. The only sensible procedure is to ditch Hotmail and use a better email provider.

  253. Don’t know why but when I re-boot the DSL modem & router Hotmail starts working again. Might have something to do with my service provider (AT&T).

  254. I recommend going in through the MSN.com website. For some strange reason, I can open Hotmail from there, but not if I try to go directly in through Hotmail.com.

  255. It seems that I, along with a select few others that I know, can’t sign into Windows Live Messenger, but others can.

  256. I usually use yahoo account. But sign up Hotmail account some days ago…..but now I can’t open up any of my mails from Inbox (neither from Sent Item, Junk etc)….I can sign in and see that mails are there but can’t read out them….what a peculiar problem….hotmail seems to be a bullshit…

  257. Since hotmail transitioned to the new version, I can not longer access it at work, plus it seems to be slower. Any one else having this issues?

  258. I mentioned my problem with Hotmail to a friend who asked if I was attempting to sign-in using their enhanced secure log-in? I was. He suggested that I not attempt getting in that way. Evidently, there is some conflict with Hotmail’s scripts and the new format when attempting to open. I did as he suggested, switched to the ‘standard’ log-in and now I can get into Hotmail again.

  259. Same as William, I can navigate to my inbox, but not open e-mails or any of the sub-folders. This is veru frustrating – I have tried optimising my IE7 and changing to Firefox, but same result. Funny thing is, my account works fine on other computers.

  260. wow…I have a job interview in a few days and can’t send a reply to confirm the date. What is happening to the type in page?

  261. Hotmail, get your act together. You should tell us the cause of the fault and a clear fix date. Simply unprofessional.

  262. I too am having problems with Hotmail. I can get into the inbox, but then a ‘script’ seems to be running which doesn’t let me navigate anywhere. I’m stuck looking at a listing of my inbox e-mails – which keep growing – but I can’t access them or the junk mail box, nor my stored messages nor compose e-mail. Is this part of their server being down? This ‘script’ seems to also freeze my any/all tabs in my IE7.

  263. I’ve been following this thread since March or April 2010 when I had trouble accessing my Hotmail accounts, both the paid-for subscription, and a free account. Since then I have had no trouble, but I’ve seen posts almost weekly from around the world, expressing frustration at Hotmail for days-long outages. Hotmail has recently undergone some changes (which I like) and maybe your outages are temporary, like mine. Perhaps the changes cause some outages when they are rolled out? I don’t know. But it seems that most people are able to regain access to Hotmail within a few days of an outage. This doesn’t help those of us who rely on Hotmail for all of our important emails!

  264. I’ve been having trouble with logging into messenger. I’m in Ontario and a friend in Newfoundland is also having a problem. However I am getting my email.

  265. Been trying to log into my two MSN email accounts ALL night and no success. I can’t even sign onto MSN Messenger. Maybe it is finally time to jump into the Gmail and G-chat bandwagon…

  266. Get Yahooo – I have it since ever – no problems… ever! :))))

    Microsoft is going out – rubish, that’s all! :(

  267. I’ve received no email for a week on my hotmail account (I have tested by sending email to it from other accounts), and my “Sent Items” folder has been emptied. Just as most Microsoft software is largely rubbish, so clearly is hotmail. Microsoft’s arrogance is intolerable. I’m switching to Gmail or Yahoo or anything other than hotmail.

  268. i have not received any mail in my inbox for almost a month my entire contact list is gone i have change my password i have tried sending myself email from my son account nothing how can this possible happen any sugesstion or help

  269. for the first time in years, I am experiencing problems with my hotmail account… the starting page won’t even show up!! As I type in “www.hotmail.com”, I automaticaly fall on a “bing” page looking for hotmail and finding nothing at all… what am I supposed to do with that?!? When I retype it, I fall on the same page again… no hotmail anymore… only this stupid “bing”… alright. Seriously thinking about changing to yahoo. Hope this problem will be solved soon or I am in deep shit.

  270. I have tried to access my hotmail account and I am locked out, when I tried to reset the password no luck as well as their tech tell me I am not providing the right info. Can anyone help I signed over ten years ago. Does anyone have any ideas…

  271. the exact copy-paste screen is this: “We’re unable to complete your request
    Windows Live ID is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later”.

  272. hotmail/windows live id, whatever they call it is down…since 6-23 or maybe 22nd too.

    On 6-23, 6-24 and 6-25 whenever I try to log on, it gives me a “windows is having problems try later”…its been a few days and more curious, their help pages all giive the same screen.

    so if I wanted to let them know hotmail is down I cannot….

  273. hotmail is what has always been on every one of my official papers that needed email, it’s where i get EVERYTHING and believe it or not just this week is the first time i’ve actually experienced the problems … i haven’t gotten a single email in a week (my inbox would have been overloaded by that time normally)

  274. I wonder if all these hotmail problems have something to do with streaming the world cup???

    Also Hotmail did mention they were going to be making some changes so it all probably has something to do with that. I was able to get on it last night but not here at work today.

    I did notice when someone else was streaming the FIFA soccer game from CBC that some websites were inaccessible. Gotta be some software conflicts.

  275. Noticed someone mentioned firefox…..hotmail was engineered to run with InternetExplorer. not to mention FireFox is a crashing piece of crap. get rid of that.

  276. Leave this email program… go with your own local provider or try Yahoo or Google…. Otherwise quit bitching because it won’t do any good. GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

  277. Holy freaking goodness! I need my hotmail cuz I need something from it for my midterm tomorrow and NOW it decides to not work?! This is the last time, if it happens one more time I’m switching to my Yahoo account. Ridiculous!

  278. My hotmail account has been essentially inaccessible for 3 days. Their message says to contact them if it has been down for more than 1 hour. Are they kidding? There is no way to get any meaningful response from them of which I am aware.

  279. Fix Hotmail or I’m moving someplace else. This is too much and too damn long!

  280. Hot mail is yet again down today since 1200 hrs……very surprising, is our security of data in a away getting compromised????

  281. Hotmail went down for me today. This is the first time I have had problems. Also IE is not running for some reason.

  282. I’m just finished uni and I’ve applied for tons of jobs. Am I seriously gonna have to call every one of them and ask if I got an interview and if so when? This sucks monkey balls. I’m based in N.Ireland and the email went down around 2am this morning. Dunno if where you’re based makes a difference.

  283. I haven’t been able to open or send emails, and have absolutely no idea when/if the problem will be fixed. It’s a total pain.

  284. As of 10:59AM June 04, from Australia, Hotmail is BACK UP. For how long is anybodies guess

  285. Been using hotmail since creation, no problems but today [June 04 ] can get to inbox but wont let me read anything. Lucky I created g-mail account just yesterday as safeguard [ Am I blessed or WHAT!!].
    Nothing important in HM but getting so much spam and crap, glad to get rid of HM, maybe now all I’ll get is legit mail.

  286. I have the paid Hotmail service. Was able to access it last night, then this morning, nothing so the server must be down. Now I’m a little nervous as to how soon I’ll get my email back. Lost in Hawaii.

  287. 4 days now since ive get trouble with hotmail, can’t get access to my msn using Safari or Firefox but i can still get my emails using Mail…??? Does someone using Mac have the same problem?

  288. My first experience with Hotmail service outage, and by far the worst. I’m so determined to make sure this nonsense doesn’t repeat itself that I’m migrating completely to Yahoo mail and Gmail. To hell with Hotmail!

  289. Hotmail has been pretty reliable for me for the last 13yrs or so but every now and then it craps out like today.

  290. im in toronto…i get this msg “Windows Live Hotmail is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes. If it’s been more than an hour, tell us you’re still waiting.”

    its been about 14 hours

  291. hotmail is down today: I login but there comes a completely blank screen (trying with both firefox and explorer)… anyone else experiencing the same?

  292. I haven’t been able to get new emails for days through Hotmail. Now what? There is nobody to answer questions. It said that it would be up ‘in an hour’.

  293. My Hotmail has been down since April 20,2010/ It was working on April 19 with no problems,turned computer on Friday April 20,and it said certificate is no longer valid. And then my Anti Virus came up with a warning. Same today May 6,2010. All my documents are in there. Sent emails to Microsoft,no response. Better see if I can use comcast as my server. Hope they fix this soon,really need these files.

  294. Hi my Hotmail has been out too! I’m in NJ, it worked the afternoon of April 19,but when I tried to email that same night,it keeps saying certificate not valid. It is now May 6th,2010 and still cannot get into my hotmail account with all my important documents I need. Used my husbands Yahoo account to email. Microsoft,nothing yet.
    Guess I better get a new account with comcast. If anyone gets an answer from Microsoft could you post it here? Thank you!

  295. Sorry I posted above this and wanted to add,I am in NJ and if anyone does get their Hotmail fix can you please leave a post. Thank you

  296. My hotmail has been MIA since Saturday–that’s officially three days, as of today. The service makes it impossible to locate any live help. This is a joke. I have a gmail account–hotmail is just for the forced sign-ups and such–but as soon as I get my access back, I’m closing that stupid account. Thanks for nothing, hotmail. You leave me cold!

  297. I never had any problems with my YAHOO mail!!! And it’s FREE!!!

    With msn/ hotmail I lost ALL MY VITAL INFO that I had in folders!!! Criminal dudes! That’s all!!!

  298. You get what you pay for. Unless you’re paying anything at all, in which case you’re getting screwed.

  299. hotmail is a major FAIL. I lose more emails than i send. More often than not i cannot access my account. I have others that are more reliable.

  300. This is sooo not coool! last nyt i was able to access my account but today its not opening! The stupid hotmail page ain’t working!

  301. Cannot access Hotmail server since today morning 4/26/2010. Microsoft is freakin playin dumb on this issue as always

  302. I posted earlier about Hotmail going down. It lasted 2 or 3 days and is now fine. I just wish they would post something on the hotmail site re: the outage and/or have customer service reps available to respond.

  303. 4/22/2010 Hotmail is out again today. Third time this week. No explanation. No way to contact. It’s interesting that you have a box that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.” How is that going to happen?

  304. Haven’t been able to access hotmail for the past 4 or 5 days, is this universal, or a problem at “my” end, states “HTTP 400 Bad Request… The webpage cannot be found” Can someone plse help as my bottled water business is suffering due to the fact that a good percentage of my clientele place their orders online…Tks so much if you can ……

  305. My MSN has been down for days. It’s aggravating. I’m shipping merchandise from Germany and any new information regarding is going to be sent to my hotmail. Well, I can’t check hotmail. MSN is blaming key port errors, when the issue has nothing to do with my personal computer. Since I’ve has internet, my preference has been MSN, but that’s starting to change with their numerous and sporadic outages. They don’t even have the decency to make an official notice about server problems.

  306. @bob, this thread exists for the sole purpose of people posting about their problems with Hotmail. You don’t have to read it.

  307. whine…bitch…complain. all you retards know what to do. you wanna belly ache about hotmail. take it ouyt with hotmail not some shitty forum. use your god damn head

  308. April 19, 2010
    It’s been down now since Thursday. This is Monday. This is costing me thousands of dollars in aggrevation alone. I’ll liable to have a coronary. This makes it look like I’m either out of business or just a lousy company who doesn’t answer emails. Since it isn’t ALL hotmail that is down, the people sending emails don’t realize we can’t even get into our email accounts to address our emails at all! This happened in Feb for 5 days and I swore I would change. RIGHT NOW I am going to get a Gmail account and begin the nightmare of transferring email addresses after 8 years with Hotmail. That is, IF I can ever get into hotmail again to get at my email addresses!!!!!!!!!! No apology, no notices, nothing. Obviously they really don’t give a “S” how much this outrageous outage hurts the public!!!!!!!!!!!!! Class Action Suit should be started!

  309. MARY WROTE: “I suggest a class action lawsuit for those of us who are paying for these accounts.”



  310. Hotmail DOWN AGAIN. In Feb 2010 it was down here in Mesa AZ for a week. Now in April it has been down thus far for 4 days. They don’t even put up a notice as to when to expect it to work again. These emails are not chats, they are IMPORTANT communications regarding people’s lives, yet Hotmail does not seem to care. Additionally they were billing me for 5 years for an account I had never used, although I had once set it up, and it took HUGE research and complaints via American Express to finally get the mystery solved. Of course, there was no refund. So, this is a paid account that I cannot access. The other free one I also cannot access. It doesn’t matter if it is through Google or IE, I cannot get by the password. It just goes blank, then “this page cannot be displayed” or “timed out”. You’d think they would have the courtesy of putting up a notice. I’ve restarted the computer, I’ve done everything on their stupid list to do, yet nothing works. HOTMAIL, always my favorite, not sinks to the bottom. I’m outraged and hysterical that I cannot access my IMPERATIVE communications. Yet, there seems nothing anyone can do, but wait and hope. I should have known 3 years ago when they erased my entire inbox and never responded to my complaint!!!!!!!!!! I should have changed right then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if it was a free account, which it isn’t, not being able to access email is costing me thousands of dollars. I suggest a class action lawsuit for those of us who are paying for these accounts.

  311. And I still did not get ANY RESPONSE from msn/ hotmail. Seems like MICROSOFT doesn’t care at all…

  312. For the past 2 days, I have been unable to delete or move emails into folders on hotmail. Occasionally, I can open an email. Everything is painfully slow. Anyone else?

  313. Is anyone else having trouble accessing their hotmail acct today? It was fine this morning, but not able to get it for the last 5 hours or so. Anyone?

  314. And I still did not get ANY RESPONSE from msn/ hotmail. Seems like MICROSOFT doesn’t care at all….

  315. I didn’t choose hotmail. My school made us convert to hotmail, and now I can’t get into it. WONDERful.

  316. About 10 days ago I tried to access my msn/ hotmail e-mail account only to get this:

    “Your account has been closed

    It looks like the Terms of Use may have been violated. To have our support team look into this, please click the support link below.
    Contact support”

    I contacted them(?) via link that was there to no avail. No reaction so far.

    I had my account for 12 years. I never violated any rules other then it was I who reported that someone is sending spam pretending to be from my account.

    Why don’t they verify this first??? All my info is in my e-mail’s folders. My résumé is there, my business and private contacts and more.

  317. I haven’t been able to access my hotmail or Google Mail accounts for coming up to a week now and haven’t a clue why they both stopped logging in. I use a MacBook and have tried both Safari and Firefox and had no luck at all, It seemed to just happen over night last week! Any suggestions?

  318. @darren, the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of each email, you are in full control of whether or not you receive notifications of additional comments to this thread. By the way my Hotmail is working fine now.

  319. I have had this hotmail account since ’96 when it was THE thing to have. Sometimes it kills me. I have a yahoo account that I use as my main account, now. But I still use my hotmail account quite often for my blog and other things. :-( I just want to read my mail.

    Not to mention, my school email address is based out of live.com

  320. This is ridiculous – it’s been 24 hours since I had last accessed my Hotmail and I opened my account when I was living in the US, and now I am living in Mongolia, but the server would still be in the US, correct? And this’s my main correspondence account, too.

  321. I do agree with you laugher, I really didn’t expect immediate turn around myself, I merely wanted to get my situation heard to make sure I wasn’t the only one. That said, I was please that the issue was resolved within 24hours and no emails lost sent/recieved.

    To add to the “Free” usually comes with a clause. Should the advertisers be upset that their ads, which provide the help provide free service, be upset?
    Also, not everyone uses hotmail/live/msn/live domain service for free. In fact there are services that attach to this free mail, which is another method Microsoft or any other company that offers free uses as a method to offer more by paying. Should these people be upset (if service was down in a unreasonable time ex. several days). Or what about one of my live domains which uses the Microsoft BPOS service at $10 month per user. Just some thoughts to see beyond the word “free”

  322. amazing how ppl can scream at a free service they use & abuse… hey guys: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! and if youre doing business thru a freemailer, I hate to think what business that is that can’t proivide ebough revenue to afford a paid hoster with a SLA –

  323. omg, my msn kicked me out, then I tried sending an email to my friends to tell them I was offline, and I got kicked out of hotmail, refreashed, and showed me an error page, called a friend, and they said it was down for them too, then I googled it, and found this.

    Hotmail fails, Im gona switch to my own domain email if this ever happens again.

  324. I’m having the same issues with my hotmail today…. can send e-mails, but not receiving any new ones.

  325. This is insane, I have one Hotmail account I PAY FOR, and another free one, I use both accounts all day every day, as I have done since 2002, and I am not getting ANY of my emails. MSN needs to get it together… a 24-hour outage? Ridiculous.

  326. MS Gmail has never been down? you might want to fact check that…..I used to use both, and gmail has constant outages…global ones….

  327. Yep, same problem here, can send, but can’t receive anything new – thought it was just me :)

  328. oops…”The scary part is that no one would know the difference, as the email appears to process through…”

  329. I have the same issue this morning for multiple domains I have attached/included in the windows live domains feature + a msn.com account I have for junkmail. All my clients I have put on this system have no emails going through either. The scary part is that no one would no the difference, it appears as it does go through.

  330. P.S. it’s now 10:03 AM CDT so that’s 3-1/2 hours — I’ve reported the outage at downrightnow.com also.

  331. Hotmail is down for me too. I can login, but have not gotten any new mail since 6:30 a.m. CDT today

  332. Hotmail is down again – I can’t receive but I can transmit.

    This is nuts – hotmail is my “life.” I’ve got four or five work email accounts all feeding to my hotmail. I don’t much like gmail’s format…but it’s never been down…

  333. I’m able to access my account but as Pamela stated, can’t get anything new in it. I’ve tested from several sources…

  334. I can get into my mail but I’m not receiving anything. I’ve tested sending as well to another email address and nothing is coming thru. WTF?

  335. Hotmail down again, I think. Fine early this am, but nothing since 11am GMT. Anyone else able to access it?

  336. Hotmail is down again.

    Two hours plus…

    If you click on Hotmail directly through Google it comes up with a blank page.

  337. Canada/Québec, Hotmail service DOWN !!!! It’s been lots of hours in this situation From 11:30 am to now 20:00 am EST GMT -5:00

  338. MSN chat and hotmail (nowdays windows live) service is having trouble today!!!
    I cannot connect for a lot of time! this is irritating me a lot!

  339. I’d love to never use hotmail again. but unfortunately for some reason someone at my University decided they should use windows live for the schools email server..

  340. I cannot send or receive email! I keep getting an email frm hotmail saying to sign in to .com and I’ll see a diagram box or pics of letters to copy after I sign in in order to continue sensing/receiving maiL. What is going and y can’t this be resolved?!!!!! I’m missing important mail info !!!

  341. i was able to reach the page hotmail.com once i entered my details and pressed sign in, the screen just went white is hotmail down?

  342. I logged in today. but all i have in mail section is a white screen, with all my options on the left hand side in blue text. nothing changes when i click on anything. anyone have any idea what the heck?

  343. I tried to access hotmail today to get a password verification e-mail that I need badly. I’m told that the e-mail address i entered( the one that is etched into my brain as I’ve been using it for 10 years) is wrong! Frustrating isn’t the word for it, but it does begin with f…

  344. i can’t see my mails now for a week plus and there’s no communication from hotmail.co.uk

  345. today is september 3rd 2009 : Can’t login after numerous attempts on different computers. Missing orders because of this: I also notcied that the vacation reply we setup isnt responding so heaven knows. Switching to gmail once I sort this

  346. This is August 16 and the problems as well as Microsofts silence continues.

    The new regime seems intent on destroying their customer base as rapidly as possible.

    The handwriting is on the wall, Firefox taking over the browser biz and Yahoo and Gmail taking over the email biz. I am guessing the GM style of management never learned to read.

  347. Only using my hotmail as secondary account – gmail being the main one – but of course this very day i really need an address in my hotmail. please, guys, hurry up

  348. I can’t believe this c’mon MSN!! I am a paying customer. I was recently laid off and I’m useing the address on resumes! Geesh what else can go wrong???

  349. yeah this is really a bunch of BS.. for the last 3 days I have been having problems getting to my hotmail account, and it doesn’t seem to be getting fixed very quickly.. time for a yahoo account I guess..

  350. can get into live.com – hotmail but can’t delete msgs. Forwards me to another page which says ERROR 403. Wait it out..this happened before It will resolve itself! sign on to this site if anyone gets ans. to problem OK!

  351. WOW I cant get in to my @msn.com account and for some reason I can get in to my @Live.com WTF is HAPPENING!!!!

  352. Why can’t I sign in Hotmail? it say “you don’t have an inbox yet!” what the F.

  353. cannot access hotmail. Tried so many times I am frustrated. Server down, or is it a case of emailbox theft?

  354. What is happening to hotmail. I’ve used it for year and now I have been experincing problems signing in. I have many things that are important that I need. Once I get it up I’m transferring all items to another account.

  355. Haven’t been able to access my hotmail account for more than a week now. Trying to set up my gmail account to retrieve my hotmail emails. Unfortunately, gmail sends an email to my hotmail account for verification which needs a response, so now I am stuck. I know we’re in an economic slump but this is too much. Gone over to Macs with Safari browser, much faster! Just need to clear out my hotmail account if that ever gets up and running again!!

  356. MSN.Hotmail should be BOYCOTTED if not downright sued for their flagrant disruption of people’s lives and businesses. I will not use hotmail every again. I will not go to MSN’s site again. I will not buy their products ever again. I will give them free advertising for the rest of my nnatural life. I will not surf through, browse through, read bookmark or download anything that has any resemblance to Microsoft/MSN/or Hotmail ever again. Theres only onw word for this: widespread,grandscale, BOYCOTT. Whose with me?

  357. Absolutely cheesed off with my hotmail.co.uk. I only changed about a month ago because I was fed up of the ISP and now this happens……

    How the hell am I supposed to check my emails???? I have been unable to access them for over 2 weeks now.
    Can anyone suggest a more reliable email account? Our only problem is our current ISP is through cable which limits who we can move to.

  358. this is absolutely ridiculous and is causing me so much stress msn is down for me right now, I cant even acess any msn or hotmail sites at all, I have restarted my comp numerous times as well as system restore how can I fix this it’s important

  359. We have been unable to get onto hotmail from work for the past week, sometimes we can get on in the morning other times nothing all day I cant access hotmail from home but none of the computers on the work network are working anyone have any ideas???

    all other mail providers/websites are accessible no problem

    thanks in advance


  360. ive tried to get in my account for ever to get the verification code n it wont let me in im gettin pissed

  361. Thankds hotmail. You have screwed my entire life up. Just got a call from a prospective emplyer sasying he’s been trying to reach me via my hotmail account. Who is has been ? God only knows.

  362. Can someone help me. I have been posting my resume to several recruitment firms around the world. All of a sudden Hotmail has closed my account. They have left a message when I attempt to access staing that it “Seems”I may be in violation of their TOU. What !?! Since when is it a crime to send out your resume to recruiters !!!!They encourage it for gods sake. I have applied to get my account reopened – & you guess it – nothing not even an email to my alternative address. any ideas??? Thanks.

  363. I can not get into my emails or even find a phone number to a customer servise how long will this go on.Do something!!!!

  364. I also can’t acces my Hotmail account where I expect an important e-mail. Do I have ot mention that I am paying to have extra storage? This service is pathetic


  366. nice! it’s so woth the effort to use hotmail, NOT! i won’t ever use this account or anything associated with it again!

  367. Come on…the most important time I have evr needed hotmail and I can’t get on. My brother was murdered in Ranong Thailand and I have time sensitive material in my acct etc that needs to go to the police to prevent injustice…all because of hotmail whom I have trusted for many years. Smelling BIG lawsuit if this gets botched. Please fix. Just google Dale Henry and you will know what I mean. Desperate please help!!

  368. I have been travelling abroad, it has worked on and off for the last couple of days. Material I am dealing with is very sensitive due to my brothers murder in Thailand and material needing to be sent in a timely manner to Police. The last thing I expected was hotmail to fail and ruin police investigations. Come on please!!! This is not good at all.

  369. After hotmail involuntary removed several features and forced me to upgrade to the new Live hotmail, I switched to GMAIL. I couldn’t have been happier. Gmail is twice is fast without any of the unnecessary crap that MS loves to give unwanting consumers. Plus with a firefox plugin I can use my gmail as an offsite harddrive for backups. Very handy. Hotmail blows, and they use linux for their network because MS windows sucks.

  370. Come On hotmail what you are doing? Its getting on nerves now… Well i must say no provider is trustworthy now.. they are always down with some or the other reason!!!